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In the second part of Natilly's research into reading strategies in young learner pair work, she offers further insights into why she believes that literacy is not only a skill, but a social practice. She also suggests ways for teachers to help develop pupil's scaffolding strategies in class: bit.ly/2jEzIBK

The Development of Young Learners' Reading Skills - Part 2

Last year, Natilly McCartney undertook a research project looking at the reading strategies adopted by young learners during paired tasks. Find out what she found: [ Ow.ly Link ]

The Development of Young Learners’ Reading Skills - Part 1

Back at school and looking for inspiration for your next exam preparation lesson? Fear not - every month we will be sharing brand new lesson plans on our Practice Makes Perfect site!

Each plan includes part of an official practice test and shows how you can exploit the material to maximum effect. Browse the free lesson plans here: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Practice Makes Perfect

It's our final Guess What! challenge! We're back with Gabrielle, who is describing a very popular place to hang out on a Friday night... Can you guess what it is?

You can find more videos like this and upload your own over on our Guess What! guessing game site: bit.ly/WhatCoulditBe
So far we've described the London Eye, punting and the Mathematical Bridge... can you guess what other iconic British building we're describing today?

You can play this guessing game with your pupils too by visiting bit.ly/WhatCoulditBe. You can even download extra classroom resources and participation certificates when you upload your own videos!
Our guessing game continues! This time we stay in Cambridge where Gabrielle is describing one of the city's famous landmarks... can you guess what it is?

Play along with your pupils by visiting: bit.ly/WhatCoulditBe
Today, we're continuing our game of 'What could it be?' with Lauren from the team! Can you guess what favourite Cambridge activity she is describing?

Don't forget, you can play along with your pupils too: bit.ly/WhatCoulditBe
With only one week until the social team take a festive break, we decided to take to the streets of Cambridge and London to play a week-long game of 'What could it be?'! Play along as we post a video each day of one of the team giving clues for famous British items, places or people!

Don't forget, you can also play this game with your young learners by visiting the Guess What! guessing game...
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Is Christmas getting more commercial? With 'hangover' now appearing in the top 50 words associated with the season, maybe it's not just shopping that people are doing excessively. Discover what else has changed in the way we talk about the festive season: bit.ly/2hWBLA5

Santa or shopping - is the way we talk about Christmas changing?

With the festive season in full swing here in the UK, here are a few classroom resources to help you bring the celebrations into a young learners classroom! The activities even include a worksheet for creating your own Christmas crackers: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Classroom activities for young learners at Christmas

Earlier this week, ELT expert Colin Sage presented ideas for introducing grammar practice into the young learner classroom. Catch up now: bit.ly/2gldIhV

Super Grammar: Making practice perfect for young learners

How do you teach grammar to primary pupils? In next week's webinar, Colin Sage argues the case for breaking up grammar practice into sub-stages and provides practical suggestions for how to bring these sub-stages to life in the young learner classroom. Register here: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Super grammar: Making practice perfect for young learners

Congratulations to the Guess What! team for their nomination at this year's ESU English Language Awards! They've been shortlisted for the Resources for Young Learners category.

Want to know what went into creating the course? Catch-up on our behind the series over on the blog: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Preparing students for the IELTS tests? Catch up on the latest installment of Allen Davenport's series on using authentic practice tests in the classroom. In this webinar, he focuses on Listening practice: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Using authentic practice tests in the IELTS classroom #3: Listening

Who swears more, men or women? And do swearing preferences change over time? Language researcher Robbie Love delves into the Spoken British National Corpus to find out: bit.ly/2g46CLo

Women now use the f-word as much as men

Do you teach teenagers? Make sure to catch up on last week's webinar with Ben Goldstien, who presented practical activities to help you develop your students into global citizens: bit.ly/2fx111P

Don't forget, Allen Davenport will be joining us tomorrow morning to present a webinar on preparing for the IELTS Listening section. Find out more here: bit.ly/2fcXXoR

The Globalised Classroom - helping teenage learners become global citizens

Join Allen Davenport on Thursday 17 December as he continues to explore how teachers can use authentic practice material for effective exam preparation. This webinar in particular will focus on the IELTS listening section, providing techniques and practical activities for the classroom. Sign up here: bit.ly/2fcXXoR

Using authentic practice tests in IELTS classrooms - Listening

Were your students following along with the English-speaking media on election day? The Cambridge Dictionary team have compiled a list of the top words people were searching for in our online dictionary during the US election. Why not use this wordlist to encourage a discussion in your next class? [ Ow.ly Link ]

The US election in 24 hours of words

Have you seen this new free writing practice tool from Cambridge English? Write&Improve helps learners of English to practise their grammar, vocabulary and spelling skills with instant automated feedback. You can test it out for yourself at: writeandimprove.com

Cambridge English Write & Improve

Missed Craig Thaine's webinar on avoiding learner information overload last month? Catch up over on the blog to see the whole recording, as well as a summary of the key points made: bit.ly/2fg1kw3

Manageable Learning in Practice: Clarifying New Language