Camden Market
Camden Market
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You may not have noticed...????

But MrPiadina has moved! Don't worry, you won't have to go far to get your #flatbread fix! They've moved just a little further into Camden Lock Place, next to the Interchange office: [ Link ]
You may not have noticed But MrPiadina has moved Dont worry you
Camden Market
Camden Market
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Happy #WorldGothDay everyone.....

Avoiding the sun? There are plenty of place to take shelter in #CamdenMarket, find some shade and protect your pale skin.
Happy WorldGothDay everyone Avoiding the sun There are plenty of place to
Katie Stones
Camden Market
Camden Market
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So Young So Good? It's pretty simple...

Selling sleek, #modern #jewellery, check out this independent designer in the #EastYard...[ Link ]
So Young So Good Its pretty simple Selling sleek modern jewellery check
Dave Oh Spiller
Camden Market
Camden Market
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Ever wondered how #tubestations got their names?

We've put together a list of the 6 closest stations to #CamdenMarket and learnt all about their #history. (There's some seriously good #pubquiz facts in there) [ Link ]
Ever wondered how tubestations got their names
Philippe Puvilland
Christina Larsson
Katrina Brownjohn
Camden Market
Camden Market
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No animals were harmed in the making of this Facebook post....????

Check out Brianna Jackfruitson's favourite #vegan joints for #NationalVegetarianWeek: [ Link ]
No animals were harmed in the making of this Facebook post????
Ann Robbins
Camden Market
Camden Market
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Support your local #youngpeople...

And head down to #CamdenMarket tomorrow and check out the Apprentice-style challenge as the teams hit the market in the hopes of making a profit! Find out more: [ Link ]
Support your local youngpeople And head down to CamdenMarket tomorrow and check
Camden Market
Camden Market
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Have you taken a spin on The Cheese Wheel london yet? ????????

Get freshly cooked #pasta, dunked in a huge wheel of #cheese with a variety of different toppings now: [ Link ]
Jasmin Jay
Zoe Amanda Loughney
Karina Ajayi
Camden Market
Camden Market
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For all of your #antique needs...

Check out Fleming's in the #NorthYard for decorative items, collectibles, furniture and classics from bygone eras. What owner Mark Fleming doesn't know about #collectibles... well there isn't much! [ Link ]
For all of your antique needs Check out Flemings in the NorthYard
Camden Market
Camden Market
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Time for a #history lesson....โ€

Here are 12 things you may not have known about #CamdenMarket: [ Link ]
Time for a history lesson Here are 12 things you may not
Oliver Fortkord
Ben Moro
Sue Denison
Camden Market
Camden Market
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Like #pizza? Join the club....

....and get your 8th slice of damn fine pizza absolutely free at Voodoo Ray's: [ Link ]
Like pizza Join the club and get your 8th slice of damn
Tanya Louise M
Camden Market
Camden Market
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12/50 (plus three in the top ten!) ain't bad... ????

Check out Time Out London's top 50 #streetfood eats and then come to KERB Camden Market to sample them yourself! [ Link ]
1250 plus three in the top ten ain't bad ????
Camden Market
Camden Market
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Showcasing KERB Camden Market and #CamdenMarket traders in all their glory! ????????????

Thanks Lovefood!
Janita TigerCub Petal
Sandy Sweetpea Shutt
Marie Durkin
If you need some #MondayMotivation to get that problem solved...

Pop down to get advice from a stranger and talk out your worries! Here today and Wednesday, 1pm-2:30pm: [ Link ]
If you need some MondayMotivation to get that problem solved
Another great #glutenfree option! ????

Nojล's precision-rolled crepes are just a #pretty on the inside as they are on the outside! Find them today: [ Link ]
Lucy Sharpe
William Sancaster
Katherine Smith
The best #brownie in (#Camden) town....

And what's more? SECakery offer a delicious #GlutenFree #Nutella version! Read their tips on how to turn it into a delicious, summery dessert here: [ Link ]
The best brownie in Camden town And whats more SECakery offer a
Cynthia Van Vliet
Inbal Lola Kugler
For #coeliacawarenessweek...

Check out Gluten Free B's #instagram takeover, exploring #CamdenMarket's #glutenfree options!
For coeliacawarenessweek Check out Gluten Free Bs instagram takeover exploring C
#FridayFacts about the #CamdenMarket #typeface ????

It was inspired by the iconic #CamdenLock rail bridge, hand-painted in 1989 by #streetartist John Bulley. It also won two awards earlier this year! Find out more here: [ Link ]
FridayFacts about the CamdenMarket typeface ????
Jiten Jivraj Vadher
Not just a pretty (#watch) face! โŒš

Meet The Camden Watch Company's new edition of the No.24, named after the No. 24 #bus route, #London's oldest unchanged route that runs directly through #CamdenTown: [ Link ]
Not just a pretty watch face Meet The Camden Watch Companys new
Danielle Long
Sophy Hayward
Binki Thompson
#FOMO on Camden Rocks Festival?

#CamdenMarket will be hosting the The Kraken Rum Sounds Acoustic Stage which is free and open to all (not just to ticket holders) so come get your #music fix: [ Link ]
FOMO on Camden Rocks Festival CamdenMarket will be hosting the The Kraken
Andrea Rodney
Danielly Risson