New from The Body Book... Why it's so easy to get stuck and what to do about it... ox
Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit. via The Body Book [ Link ]

35 Thoughtful Ways To Be Kind To Your Mind, Body and Soul This Valentine's Day
Spread the love, kindness & romance this Valentine's Day with downloadable valentines from The Body Book

Feel-Good Valentine’s Day Note Cards
Finding - and Becoming - Your Light in the Darkness [ Link ] via The Body Book by Dawn McCoy:

"I’ve seen my share of darkness in my life, and every time I’ve chosen to “find my light,” my world instantly gets brighter. And, I don’t mean the best light for a selfie. Or a candle. Or, a highlighter for your face.� I mean the light that will fill up your soul like nothing – and, no one...
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Shouldn’t we be congratulated for all that we’ve accomplished over the decades instead of being asked to pretend that they didn’t happen?

Ain't Nothing But A Number: Cameron Diaz On Longevity + The Years You've Spent Becoming
New from The Body Book... why "follow your bliss" can be terrible advice...
It's officially December -- that time of year when energies can be at high highs and, in a matter of seconds, quickly drop down to low lows. The Body Book asked spiritual empowerment coach & healer Kelsey J Patel to share some of her top tips for staying zen and managing stress during the holidays. [ Link ] How do YOU manage stress this time of year?

Managing Stress & Staying Zen During the Holidays
I voted today for the country I want to live in... a country where there is equality, inclusion, acceptance and freedom that EVERY American deserves... Please go out and vote for the America you want to live in..
Cannot wait! Tickets available here: [ Link ]
Healing Essentials for Modern Self-Care

Healing Essentials for Modern Self-Care
New interview from The Body Book's Amanda Kriebel with Olympian and Professional Snowboarder Elena Hight: "Courage is a funny thing, I believe it truly is built upon fear. Being able to face your fears and realize that you can come out on the other side of them creates courage." [ Link ]
Repost @__nitch David Lynch // "Every single thing in the world that was made by anyone started with an idea. So to catch one that is powerful enough to fall in love with, it is one of the most beautiful experiences. It's like being jolted with electricity and knowledge at the same time."
He was such a light.. Incandescent...Luminous... Brilliant...My heart feels so much joy just from the thought of him.. He was truly a special soul... Thank you, Mr. Wilder for sharing your light with us all..
#repost: @_nitch Nina Simone // "I'll tell you what freedom is to me: no fear."
I took a trip over to @welocol in Watts the other day and was so inspired by the food the people and the overall spirit of what @ridingshotgunla and his awesome team have dreamt up. If you're in LA and you want to be nourished and treated to top-notch hospitality, head over to Locol in Watts. And make sure you grab one of these sweatshirts to let people know that your'e a Locol...✨☄⭐ #watts
P O I N T *O F * V I E W ???? "Life comes with sharp curves, and every journey has a few missed turns along the way. But there are also scenic overlooks, where the horizon suddenly opens up, and you can admire the view and appreciate the hard work it took to get there." ~ Cameron Diaz, #longevitybook
Thank you for sharing the knowledge Rebecca Rollolazo! #knowledgeispower #loveyouramazingbody

Book Clubbing: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz - Rebecca Rollolazo
One of my favorite things about being married, is how much pride I take in my husband @benjaminmadden... He makes me proud everyday.. One day it might be how generous and giving, another how gentle and thoughtful. Or when he is fiercely protective of the people he loves and cares about... And everyday single day I am so incredibly proud of his integrity as a human being.. But TODAY what I'm...
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Look what I found just now to remind us all that the life force is strong and to strive for peace however you can.
Enjoy this essay by @girlintheafternoon at @thebodybook and head into the weekend with the intention to be connected to, appreciative of and practice kindness towards your body. #agingisliving ????