CAMH Research is looking for participants aged 19 or older who currently regularly use methamphetamine for a study using brain imaging. Click the link below for more information:

CAMH Blog | Studying Substance Use using Brain Imaging Techniques
Learn how mental health professionals like Psychologists are supporting our First Responders in their highly stressful jobs:

CAMH Blog | Who Responds to First Responders?
Today is your last chance to for early bird registration for CAMH Foundation's One Brave Night! Find out more below:

1 day left to qualify for the #OneBraveNight Early Bird prize!
Findings from a CAMH-led genetic study may improve treatment for older adults with depression:

Treatment discovery in late-life depression
Today is #PinkShirtDay - where we recognize the negative effects of bullying and raise awareness of its impact on mental health. NYAC - National Youth Advisory Committee member Maree blogs about her experiences, and raises concerns that many people believe it's only an issue in schools.

CAMH Blog | Bullying ends in school... or does it?
With Family Day right around the corner, Dr. Vivien Lee talks about the importance of Family Day as a way to reconnect and solidify those relationships – family or not – that help strengthen and support you in your mental health.

CAMH Blog | Reflections on Family Day
After 20 years of searching, Shelley finally found the right treatment through CAMH's Temerty Centre for Therapeutic Brain Intervention.

Shelley’s seeing the light with rTMS therapy
Researchers at CAMH & partner institutions are looking towards technology - not pills - to address Alzheimer's dementia by enhancing brain plasticity.

Doctors’ Notes: Toronto researchers turn to high-tech help to prevent dementia | Toronto Star
Many refugees have to be resilient to undergo so much hardship and persevere – but they're not immune to mental illness. Our New Beginnings clinic provides services to any refugee who lives in the GTA and has arrived in Canada within the past two years, and is referred by their general practitioner.

CAMH: Refugees find hope and care at CAMH mental health clinic
How can you stay grounded at a time when there's a lot of negative news, so-called "alternative" news, fake news, and growing uncertainty about politics, journalism and the media? Dr. Donna Ferguson shares some tips on how you can stay informed while managing your stress levels:

CAMH Blog | How to stay informed while maintaining a healthy mind
Excellent news announcement from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care this week, ensuring more investment into mental health funding and expanding access to include evidence-based therapies like CBT.

Ontario Providing Faster Access to Mental Health Services for Thousands of People
Calling all Psychologists!

This month is Psychology month, and to celebrate the great work of our Psychologists, Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) is running a short video contest. Tag and share with them a short video on why Psychology matters to you. The winner will receive free admission to the OPA Conference.
Two Toronto Public Library branches (Brentwood & Malvern branches) are piloting a project that allows the public to use light therapy lamps to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. Learn more about this unique program:

Light Therapy Lamps : Using the Library : Toronto Public Library
Dr. Sandy Simpson shares an insightful reflection on the personal nature of his work in forensic mental health, as he visits clients in custody.

CAMH Blog | Tuesday Afternoon
On February 13, join Dr. Catherine Zahn for an evening of discussion around mental health. More info:

Evening Event with Dr. Catherine Zahn, President and CEO of CAMH - Empire Club of Canada
The profile of a warrior – both in service of our country and in life. We spoke with Natacha Dupuis, two-time winner at the Invictus Games, about mental health, PTSD, and the road to recovery.

Healing the invisible scars
Who are the Lost Boys of this generation, and how can we help the young men whose lives have been radically affected by mental illness, substance use, technology addiction and isolation?

Lost Boys documentary

Lost Boys is a documentary that focuses on the unique mental health challenges of young men. We hear the stories of Brian, Mike, Tallan and Nolan as well as ...

In case you missed it, the Bell Let's Talk page on our site features a slew of stories we shared during that day. Check it out here:

CAMH: Bell Let's Talk Day 2017
What is Peer Support, and what role does it play in recovery?

CAMH: “Let’s listen” -- a CAMH Peer Support Worker describes his role
Is technology designed to get us addicted? Is it possible to get addicted to the internet? Great discussions about the nature of technology and problematic use with Dr. Bruce Ballon on The Agenda with Steve Paikin.

Mental Health in the Digital World