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Today is National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. We acknowledge that actions matter, but inaction and indifference can also be devastating.

Dr. Sandy Simpson & Dr. Suvercha Pasricha spoke to NOW Magazine about Deepa Mehta's new film Anatomy of Violence, sexual assault, and the assumption that some men are genetically disposed to this behaviour.

Can men stop raping?

New research is looking at whether plasticity - the brain's ability to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances - is a factor in autism, and what that could mean for future treatments using brain stimulation.

Exploring potential new treatment for autism

Clients from CAMH's Partial Hospital Program ventured to Tommy Thompson Park to learn more about nature, thanks to a partnership with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

The road less travelled – CAMH clients are stewards of a wildlife paradise

Commercial tobacco use among Canadians has declined to about 18 per cent, while rates in First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities are estimated to be 35 to 60 per cent.

This is a staggering gap that has CAMH researchers working to identify solutions to curb the health harms brought about by tobacco products.

Keeping it sacred: research tackles commercial tobacco impact in Aboriginal communities

Telepsychiatry at CAMH has seen tremendous growth, thanks in part to dedicated clinicians, the support of the Medical Psychiatry Alliance, and programs like ECHO Ontario.

Find out how client lives across Ontario are being improved through telepsychiatry:

Using innovative technology to increase access to mental health care

Thanks to all those who have the time to check out ThoughtSpot, the handy app for students and transition-aged youth. This crowd-sourced tool helps users locate mental health & wellness services in their area.

Learn how we're continuing to improve this useful app, and what you can expect in future updates:

CAMH Blog | 5Qs About Thought Spot Research Poster at the MPA Conference 2016

What is technology overuse, and how can it affect our day-to-day lives? How do we limit its effects? Lisa Pont, Social Worker & Educator with PGIO - Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario explains:
Thanks to CBC Docs like John Kastner's series of NCR documentaries, we're starting to see small shifts in how mental illness is discussed and portrayed in the media. But is it enough? How can we continue to challenge the current prejudiced views of mental illness?

CAMH Blog | Movies, Media and Mental Illness: Changing the conversation

Thank you to all who showed interest in art submissions for our upcoming redevelopment. Read on to find out about the process, and to learn about next steps:

Phase 1C art submissions draw major interest from local artists

“The romantic notion that if you’re creative you’re ‘crazy’ is quite simply wrong,” says U of T & CAMH's Dr. David Goldblooom.

What can we learn from Kanye's latest struggles? And how can we ensure others don't fall prey to armchair diagnosis and making light of mental illness?

What we can learn from Kanye West’s ongoing public struggles

Learn about marijuana use and youth, and how it's important to understand the underlying factors that drive youth to turn to recreational drug use.
On his flight back from the recent Opioid Summit in Ottawa, Dr. Peter Selby reflects on the government's approach to the opioid crisis in Canada: that they're on board with everyone, heading in the right direction.

CAMH Blog | Federal Government On Board for Opioid Crisis

Dr. Peter Selby reminds us of the importance of pain management and pain treatment, as we continue to deal with the rising levels of opioid misuse and overdose.

Doctors' Notes: Stopping opioid use completely will only cause more problems | Toronto Star

Several separate studies looked at the effect of exercise on depression – and according to findings, there is a correlation. Physical activity, especially if it is moderately strenuous, has a positive effect on mental health.

What types of activities positively impact your mood?

How Exercise Might Keep Depression at Bay

Is it possible to become addicted to technology? And if so, what can we do to curb tech overuse? PGIO - Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario social worker Lisa Pont discusses tech use:

CAMH Blog | Balancing Tech Use

You can monitor alcohol consumption using the free Saying When App, available now on Android and iOS:

PSSP works with primary care to help people say “when” to alcohol

From struggling through the throes of alcohol addiction, to a life of love and stability, learn how CAMH's Aboriginal Services helped a client discover her identity and spirituality.

CAMH: How Flo got her groove back

Researchers at CAMH are studying behavioural and brain responses to alcohol to try to predict future risk of alcohol problems.

Learn more about addiction during National Addictions Awareness Week, happening all this week.

Finding clues to prevent alcohol problems