Introducing CAMH's new Office of Family Engagement
CAMH's Suits Me Fine Boutique is reopening in a fresh, new space on our Queen Street Site.
Did you know that as many as half of those with Down syndrome will experience a mental health problem at some point in their life? On World Down Syndrome Day, Dr. Yona Lunsky reminds us of the importance of addressing the mental health needs of people with developmental disabilities, as she speaks with members of Rare Theatre.

Setting the stage for discussions around Down syndrome and mental illness
We hosted our first hackathon during Brain Awareness Week as a way to bring together bright minds to find innovative solutions for complex issues in neuroscience. Learn more:

CAMH Hackathon cracks the code on brain science data
Check out our latest edition of our Connexions eNewsletter, as we spring forward into 2017!

Spring Forward in Mental Health | March 2017 CAMH Connexions newsletter
Delve deep into the world's most complex organ during #BrainAwarenessWeek and find out how innovative CAMH research on the brain's structure and chemistry can benefit those with mental illness.

Brain Awareness Week
Just in time for March Break, NYAC - National Youth Advisory Committee member & mental health advocate Alicia blogs about the positive side of gaming. And like many games, it's important to see the bigger picture.

CAMH Blog | Video Games: Seeing all the pixels
“The nursing station is a pretty busy place, but I like the high energy. It keeps me on my toes.
Before this I was a neuroscience researcher and a camp director, and I wanted to combine my interest in clinical mental health support with my passion for supportive relationships and how they can have an impact on people. In the emergency department, I’m working with individuals in distress. So...
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“I have always wanted to help other people. I had some struggles of my own growing up and learned early on how important help from others can be.
It’s rewarding to see some of the people I work with reach their goal of quitting or reducing how much they smoke. And to be able to teach other health care practitioners in Canada about tobacco cessation is another great part about my job....
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“My specialty as a social worker is barriers to employment and education. My colleagues and I form partnerships within the community to help address clients’ concerns regarding income, housing, employment and education. We sit in with different clinical teams to find out what particular stressors their clients are facing, and connect them with the resources we have available. We also host...
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"A graduate of our program gave me this painting he did, which depicts he and his mother walking along the shore in South Sudan. And I keep it in my office as a reminder of his success and the transformation that he made with DTC [Drug Treatment Court Program]. He’s busy back at school studying architectural design at George Brown College, so it’s nice to be able to keep a piece of him close...
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Check out this new video by Ontario Tobacco Research Unit on e-cigarettes, featuring Dr. Robert Schwartz:
“I’m what’s called an ‘Indigenous-centered social worker.’ I have western clinical training, but I incorporate different aspects of Aboriginal culture and spirituality into my work with clients. In group sessions we’ll sing and drum, do a smudge and pass an eagle’s feather as we share. Some clients use CAMH’s sweat lodge that we have on site. We embrace the client’s Aboriginal culture, help...
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“Growing up I went through some tough times; I wasn’t all that different from some of the youth that I work with today. I got into some trouble and my mom encouraged me to see someone for help, and that really changed things, which is part of the reason why I chose to be a social worker.
A lot of people ask me: ‘how do you not bring the job home with you?’ And the truth is, it’s impossible...
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“In the outpatient setting, I’m working with clients to help them transition back into the community. I recently worked with someone to get him moved into a new apartment. We met while he was still an inpatient, and you know, it was so rewarding to see how proud he was moving into his own place. After 20 years as an inpatient, there he is offering me a glass of water, worrying if I have a...
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To honour Social Work Week in Ontario, we'll be featuring different CAMH social workers each day in @humansofny-inspired posts. Read first-hand how CAMH social workers are making a difference in the lives of people with mental illness and addictions issues, and what motivates them to do the work that they do.

To the more than 200 social workers at CAMH, and 17,000 across the province: thank you!
Meet Marie - just one of many clients who, through perseverance, resilience and the support of CAMH clinicians is working through her own journey through recovery.

“She’s a warrior” – meet a CAMH client and her peer support worker
While the process of going tobacco-free in 2014 was initially met with some resistance, research is showing that the long-term effects are positive.

Becoming tobacco-free is feasible, boosts safety in a mental health hospital, CAMH study finds
While video games are a fun, engaging, challenging activity for many youth, they can have a huge impact on the lives of some – about 13% of youth report problematic gaming according to our recent OSDUHS survey. Read about why one youth made the difficult decision to quit gaming:

16-hour video game binges almost ruined Calgary teen’s life | Toronto Star