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Christmas greetings from Camilla! Thank you for reading, for your kind words and for all your love and support. You make it all worthwhile. <3

Merry Christmas from Camilla

#Mordochmandeldoft is published in Spain today! Here in Sweden it's not quite as snowy as the cover photo right now, but regardless the weather the book is a perfect holiday read. Thanks to all wonderful readers in Spain who are loving the Fjällbacka-series, enjoy Tormenta de nieve y aroma de almendras!
Super-Charlie 1 is published in Iceland today! He is such a heartwarming little hero, hope he will bring you and your little ones much joy!
Amazing news about the paperback edition of "The Ice Child" getting on the UK Top 20 Chart in it's first week of sales! You can also find the book on Amazon's Top 100 Chart, where it's being promoted as a Kindle Monthly Deal title. Thank you to all the passionate UK readers out there for making it happen!

The Ice Child (Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck, Book 9)

Nu finns Super-Charlie och den försvunna tomten äntligen ute! TACK till alla barn och föräldrar som har delat er respons kring Super-Charlie under åren och gjort honom till den karaktär som han är idag. #supercharlie

Super-Charlie och den försvunna tomten

The Italian cover for Il domatore di leoni (Lejontämjaren/The Ice Child) looks fantastic! The book has now been out in Italy for a few weeks, have you had a chance to read yet? What did you think? Happy Friday everyone!
Another wonderful review of The Lost Boy, published by The Book Reporter! [ Bookreporter.com Link ]

The Lost Boy | Bookreporter.com

Thank you Library Journal for a wonderful review of The Lost Boy! It made my day:D
Don't miss Google’s September Deals promotion for The Lost Boy. Have a great day everyone!

[ Google.com Link ]

The Lost Boy (Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck, Book 7) - Books on Google Play

Jag är mamma till fyra barn och min största skräck är att de skulle drabbas av cancer. Det bästa sättet att hantera en mardröm är att göra något åt den.

Överlevnaden i barncancer ligger på i genomsnitt 80 procent men vi kan inte nöja oss med det. Med gemensamma krafter kan vi se till att både diagnostisering och vård blir bättre. Vi kan bättre.

Under barncancermånaden september startar jag...
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Insamling för alla små hjältar med Camilla Läckberg och Super-Charlie | Barncancerfonden

What an incredible day yesterday was at CrimeTime ❤ Now getting ready for my interview with amazing Christoffer Carlsson! Will I see you there?
Wonderful to meet wonderful Peter Robinson at Crimetime Gotland Big fan!
Visiting Crimetime Gotland today? Camilla would love the chance to see you there!
Thank you Sofia for sharing this picture from your stay in Paris! #TheIceChild
So happy that The Lost Boy is mentioned on the list of Most Anticipated Books of Fall by Publishers Weekly! [ Publishersweekly.com Link ]

The Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2016

How many books in the Fjällbacka-series have you read so far? Here's a perfect opportunity to catch up with "The Preacher"! The second novel in Camilla's world famous series has been selected for the Kindle Summer Sale until the 31st of august! Get yourself a copy before summer's over!
Den sjunde och sista delen i nedräkningen till morgondagens framförande av "Kärleken är vi" i Pride Park! Vi får träffa de två fina paren Frida och Kristina samt Shanna och Enrica. Se alla 7 delar på Stockholm Prides Facebook. Vi ses imorgon klockan 18.30!