Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
02/23/2017 at 17:55. Facebook
So excited to announce that I'm officially a #HaloAthlete! I've been using Halo Sport by @haloneuroscience in my training for a few months now and it's been a total game-changer for me. I've seen some great results — especially in the more complex movements like snatching.

They're offering $150 off for a limited time when you use code CAMILLE150. Link in bio.
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
02/23/2017 at 01:42. Facebook
Weekly challenge! Try to beat us as tandem push-up!! We got 25! Reebok Reebok Women tag me and #bemorehuman so I can see your video
What if I fall?
'⭐ Oh,but my darling...
'⭐ What if you fly??
'⭐ : @ltevebaugh
#lovethis #givesyouwings #somethineyoujusthavetocloseyoureyes #hope #havecourage #andgo #cutewristsleeve @rehband
Some gymnastic swing dip to start the morning... find some drill like this one in my o line program... you can sign up at
Great to be part of such an epic day of record breaking with @Reebok and @guinnessworldrecords! What record would you break if you had the chance? #Nano7 ... my proudest moment was getting the record for most tandem push up with my husband
Trying to hide from that accessory work today like... #herenomore #imtirednow #legsaredead
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Best recovery tool! I use it everyday to activate my muscle and recover form my workouts
Everyone love discount code so here you go @xendurance
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Finally here!! Tomorrow is our gymnastic and powerlifting day!! We have a couple spot left!!
Develop and learn tools and drills to get better in gymnastic and powerlifting with me and Jesse burdick
When you have a good day of training tag your better half that understand this hahaha!! #marriedlife #ifidogood #heshappy #causeillbehappy #restofthedaywillbefun @haloneuroscience
: @dtcflo2
Well this just happened!!! Everyone meet Max.leblanc-bazinet-lipson
Join us for a powerlifting and gymnastic training day February 4th at crossfit roots! Link to sign up: [ Link ] @jesseburdick #perfectvalentinepresent
5 rounds
90sec ski erg for calories
60sec max strict muscle-up
2min rest(recovery on the erg)
Fun time! Lots of pulling... goal was to hit the same numbers across Cj Martin Chris Hinshaw
Love the new @roguefitness sandbag that we had the chance to use at @thewodapalooza ... so much fun to train with new toys #abs #and #powerpouch #onlywaytogo #gottohaveboth #jacked #damngirl #lol #hashtag
A full house is a happy one! Love seeing everyone putting some hard work in
February 4th
Crossfit roots (boulder Colorado)
Gymnastics and powerlifting
For coach and athlete (every level)

[ Link ]

CLB Jacked Unicorn/PowerWod Training Day
Little recap from wodapalooza thanks Folklore Media Lab for the nice video!
Want to sharpen your gymnastic and strength skill? Learn from me and @jesseburdick?
Only 50 spots available
Come join us for a training day February 4th @crossfitroots ... link to sign-up for the event [ Link ]