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Have you used this idiom before?
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These words sound similar but have very different meanings. Can you think of any words or sets of words with prefixes that confuse you? What are they?
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Here are the answers to our fill-in-the-blank quiz on flower gardening. Did you guess them correctly? A few of the blanks have more than one correct answer. :)
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12/02/2016 at 14:44. Facebook
Do you like to garden? What is your favorite type of flower?
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When you have to do something but don’t really want to do it, you might be tempted to drag your feet. What are some examples of situations when you’ve dragged your feet?
Is lawn bowling popular in your country?
If so, what name does it go by? :)
Most of us have probably felt wired at some point. OO
The answer to yesterday’s vocabulary questions is C. To be ashamed means to be embarrassed or guilty because of something you did. That puppy sure looks like he knows he did something bad!
Which of the following pictures shows a puppy who looks ashamed? We’ll post the correct choice tomorrow!
How did you do? For some of the blanks, more than one word might work.

1) for
2) did/do
3) grounds
4) before
5) because/since
Can you fill in the blanks with words that make sense? Try it out, and we’ll give you the answers tomorrow!
Have you ever been confused about how to use these two words? Even native speakers of English sometimes mix up the meanings.
Have you heard of this idiom before? Go ahead and tell us, we’re all ears!
Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz. How did you do? :)

A range of professionals offer services to help people repair and maintain their homes. Service-based jobs usually require on-the-job experience and specialized training to master. :)
Were you able to correctly fill in the blanks to yesterday’s quiz? What vegetables would you want to use in this recipe? :)
When you’re short on time but want to cook a delicious, healthy meal, how about making a stir fry?
We recently posted about the idiom "get a clue". Today's idiom "have no clue" is also commonly used in the United States. Have you used either of these idioms before? :)
Here are the correct answers from yesterday’s quiz. How’d you do? Do gerunds ever give you trouble?