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01/13/2017 at 14:42. Facebook
The correct answer to yesterday’s picture vocabulary question is “b”.

A baffled person is a confused person. You might recognize when someone is baffled by the body language they use--for example, shrugging their shoulders (like the man in choice "b") or scratching their heads.
CaMLA Global
01/12/2017 at 16:26. Facebook
Take a look at these four photos. Who looks baffled to you? Try writing a new sentence using "baffled" or "baffle" below. :)
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01/10/2017 at 14:56. Facebook
Can you think of any other meanings of the word “groove,” or other words related to it? Sometimes the word “groove” is used as a slang term meaning “to dance” or “to enjoy”. :)
Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings.
Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz. Did you do well? How good are you at English? ;)
Hi FB friends! Here’s a quiz for you to try. How well do you know the difference between well and good? Write your answers below and we’ll post the correct ones tomorrow. :)
Here’s the answer to yesterday’s advanced vocabulary question. How’d you do? Try using rancorous in a sentence of your own. :)
Here’s an advanced vocabulary question for you. What do you think the answer is? Do you recognize all of these words? Respond with your guess and we’ll let you know tomorrow if you’re right.
These are two words you certainly wouldn’t want to mix up, especially if you’re at a restaurant trying to order something sweet after dinner.

Try writing a new sentence using either desert or dessert below.
Did you guess this one correctly? Could you change the sentence to make some of the other options fit grammatically?
Leave us a comment with your best guess! Then check back tomorrow.
When is the last time you realized you should cut a person some slack?
Here are the answers from yesterday’s word scramble. Are you craving something sweet right now? :)
Mmm, desserts! What's your favorite?
Here are the correct responses to yesterday’s quiz about conjunctions. Did any of these sentences confuse you? Do you find that conjunctions are difficult to use?
How well do you know your conjunctions? Try this quiz and see the correct responses tomorrow!
Did you know that “peace out” can also be used to mean “goodbye”? :)
The answer to yesterday’s question is “b”. Did you guess correctly?
The word “scorching” is an adjective. If something is scorching, it means it is very hot. Out of all the photos above, you would probably describe the desert as being a very hot place. The place with the snow would certainly be considered the opposite of scorched!

Some people prefer a hot environment, whereas others prefer...
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Here’s a picture vocabulary question for you to ponder. Look at the four photos, and comment with the place you think best matches the word.

Which of the following locations would you call scorching?
Is this a new word for you? If not, where have you heard or read it before? :)