Camo & Krooked
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We are streaming live from the FM4 Studio!
Camo & Krooked
01/15/2017 at 16:05. Facebook
2017 to us means 10 years of Camo & Krooked!!

Our forthcoming 4th album “Mosaik” is almost finished and we are very happy with how our music has evolved over the last decade:)

We THANK YOU for your ongoing support and wish you a happy new year <3
When you show your cat the new tunes for the first time:D
We are live on Fm4 now! Stream here :)
Vice/Noisey made a nice documentary about the Austrian D&B scene and us:)

Full video: [ Link ]

Next Vienna show: FM4 Geburtstagsfest on the 21/1/2017
Music video: [ Link ]
Exclusive Premiere by Red Bull 20 before 17:
"Black Or White" feat. Tasha Baxter is a further piece of our MOSAIK, coming in 2017! :)

Video by Filmspektakel
We are taking over this year’s NU FORMS FESTIVAL and PHASE 1 (the first half of the line-up) is already looking tasty! :)

Like + comment to win 2x2 VIP packages <3
If I Could / Ember out 11th November!
Broken pieces come together, creating something beautiful.
We are proud to be part of the #spendelicht charity campaign:)

By donating you don't only help kids in need, but you'll also be able to send a message to us, which we will reply to with a personalized video.
Whether it's a question, wish or greeting request, we look forward to hearing from you via
Amazing video for “If I Could”, shot in our home country Austria <3


[ Link ]
If I Could / Ember out 11th November!

We have got quite a bit of exciting news for you guys.
We created our very own label MOSAIK MUSIK!
With the help of RAM and BMG we finally had the chance to launch an imprint, which will give us the chance to entirely fulfill our own vision without being bound to any preconseptions, and present our music the way we want it to be.
It has been such an exciting journey so far, thanks...
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Premiere of our new tune "Ember" + more album 4 info:)
Really enjoyed playing our new music to a selected audience of fans and media partners at our RedBull Listening Session. What a special night:)