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Camp and Caravan SA
12/07/2016 at 15:02. Facebook
Besides a good squirt, roll or spray of your trusty mosquito repellent, these nifty tricks can also help keep the bites at bay:

• Citronella candles don’t only create ambience at the camp table, they’re also an effective natural repellent.
• A few drops of lavender oil on your tent will leave it smelling sweet while repelling mosquitoes.
• Mosquitoes often strike when the braai stand comes...
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Camp and Caravan SA
yesterday at 08:19. Facebook
We love camping, how 'bout you? You can win a weekend away in one of Campworld’s Airbnb caravans!

To enter, visit [ Campworld.co.za Link ] and fill in your details. Competition closes 28 February 2017. Ts & Cs apply [ Bit.ly Link ]
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12/05/2016 at 08:54. Facebook
How to make a classic G&T – and then take it to the next level.
Camp and Caravan SA
12/02/2016 at 10:51. Facebook
Have you tried adding biltong to dishes that require meat, such as a salad or pasta?

The rich flavour enhances simple dishes without having to stress about freezing or keeping it fresh. More space in the fridge/cooler box for another beer. Your thoughts?
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12/02/2016 at 05:51. Facebook
Spotted a zebra with a festive attitude on our pages recently?

Say hello to Stripes and tell us on which date you saw her on the page for a chance to win an epic Campworld voucher valued at R1 000.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on 9 December.
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12/01/2016 at 08:00. Facebook
Camp and Caravan SA
12/01/2016 at 08:00. Facebook
Camp and Caravan SA
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From making the big catch to exploring the wine route, whale watching and hiking – tell us about your memorable outdoor adventures.
Don’t just focus on the big five. Observation is a crucial part of wildlife photography – and that often means looking for what most people would overlook.

Take multiple images of smaller creatures to catch those amazing moments.
Getting your kids psyched for a hike can be tricky. Try this:

* Set aside plenty of time for collecting leaves and rocks.
* The key to ending your hike with everyone still smiling is to turn around before the kids get tired – and inevitably cranky.
If you’re still trying to decide where your family’s headed this summer – consider this.

There’s a place where if you’ve heard about it, you want to go at least once. And if you’ve been, you dream of doing it all over again.

Etosha National Park in Namibia is a wildlife paradise with a bounty of campsites and adventures you’ll be talking about for years.
[ Etoshanationalpark.co.za Link ]
Mosquito repellent. Mosquito net. Gin and tonic?

Whether myth or coincidence, there’s no harm in enjoying a few G&Ts while sitting around the fire.
Plathoender met so ‘n skeutjie whisky klink soos kamp-koningskos. Só maak jy:

* Sny die ruggraat van een heel hoender uit, draai hom en druk die karkas met jou hande plat.
* Meng 125 g sagte botter, gerasperde skil van 1 lemoen, ‘n hand vol kruie en knoffel saam. Geur met sout en peper.
* Druk die bottermengsel onder die vel in (lig die vel versigtig met jou vingers).
* Meng die sap van 1...
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Camping with your four-legged best friend this summer? Double check your first aid kit includes:

* Antiseptic/rubbing alcohol (to clean and disinfect wounds)
* Bandages (to close wounds)
* Gauze
* Tweezers (for removing ticks)
* Vet-approved ear and eye drops
* Vet-approved pain medication
Try to get an eye level (or even lower) perspective. This brings the viewer right into the scene.

Remember: in most South African reserves you aren’t allowed to get out of your vehicle, so don’t break the rules.
When word gets out that you mix the best drinks in the resort.
Step up your star gazing adventures with this reflector telescope (valued at R3 495). Ideal for stellar views of the skies, it comes fully equipped with all the accessories you need.

Check it out at Campworld.
How about a fresh summer twist to plain ol’ tomato and onion salsa?

Quick and easy, pineapple salsa is the perfect partner to pork ribs. Mix a tin of drained pineapple pieces, ½ red onion, ½ cucumber (optional) and coriander – all finely chopped. Spoon onto your hot-off-the-braai ribs and enjoy.

Recipe: WegSleep
Stargazing is always a great family or solo city escape activity. Keep these tips in mind:

* Prepare to stare – it’s often colder than you think at night so dress warmly.
* Allow your eyes to adjust and relax for the first 15-20 minutes.
* Stargazing apps, like Sky View or Star Walk, provide interesting info about the night sky.