I just finished
#This_love_that_feels_Right . . .

The best part is the conversation between Naina and Manvika is absolutely amazing. I agree with Manvika more. Being true to someone about your feeling is important. The kind of love Aarav and Naina have is beautifully described.

You never disappoint ur readers !

And you are the top one from my favourites author's list..

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Hey Ravin I m from Delhi, finished your book last night , I gifted this book to myself on my recent birthday :p (17th january ) but due to exams and busy schedule I didn't get chance to read this story. This is kindle edtion hence sharing the snapshot :)
Coming to the review part
I really enjoyed reading this , I learnt so many things but 1 thing that I have understood is nothing is wrong or...
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for him: love happen twice...
for me: love happend with his books...
thankyou #ravinder singh for that lovely speach...
and intaraction...
never in my wildest dream thought that i will chat with you about your book...
but it happend...
thanks a ton...
this will edge in my memory for long time...
My readers at ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival
Enjoyed signing all the books they got along with them.
My readers at ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival
Enjoyed signing all the books they got along with them.
Hi Ravin Sir :) before writing the review my request to u is please come Patna :)

Now coming to the review... I can describe this story by saying that "Money is not everything"....

Manvika supported Naina a lot but I disagree wid Manvika on the point of her thought of marriage .... If u r in a marriage relationship it doesn't make any sense to be wid any other person .

All that Naina felt...
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I am coming to #NewDelhiWorldBookFair on 12th Jan, Thursday, 5 pm. Hall 11, PenguinRandomHouse stall 483-522
#Reunion (cont...previous post)
And the next day Happy joined us in Australia. (That's our group at the Great Ocean Road)

We drove about 1000 kms from Sydney to Great ocean road via Melbourne.
One cannot review this book as good or bad because that will directly imply if the person could really understand the subject matter or not.
You kept the reader engaged till the end thinking about the fact that, whether Arav and Naina will be together in the end,
But you ended it up in an unexpected and Right way...
To be precise, this
Book is a revolution
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Just ended up dis awesome story ????
I love dis story n enjoyed some point it brought tears to my eyes...I'm totally agree wid #manvika....& I love aarav's character also????...wi8ing for u r next story.....
❤Yours fan❤❤
Usually your books makes me cry but this time it made me Think!
Unique perspective of Love❤
Naina- can't disagree with her :)
Manvika - harsh, bold but yet very strong character rather she is a mouthpiece of author. ????
Aarav- had to fallen in love with him ????
* There is a scope for part 2????
Ended up reading your book
I loved the story.....when ever I read your book I don't read the story...I live the story
Thanks a lot for this beautiful story
### your fan ##