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Are you overlooking these tax deductions? By claiming them, you could save thousands [ Link ]

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Did you know that the fatality rate of night driving triples that of daytime driving? These 3 tips could save your life [ Link ]

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1 in 10 Canadians don't have a credit history. If you need a loan and have no credit, these tips will help increase your likelihood of getting approved [ Link ]

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Want to save $30,000? All it takes is a little love and some elbow grease [ Link ]

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Should you pay cash or finance your next vehicle? We did the math, and there's benefits to both options [ Link ]

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Car insurance isn't cheap. These 3 insider tips will help you save on your monthly payments! [ Link ]

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Happy Valentine's Day!
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Car, SUV or Truck โ€“ What would YOU choose?

Canada Drives helps thousands of Canadians get the vehicle they love โ€“ regardless of their credit score. Apply Here โ€“ [ Link ]
Handling money isn't a skill that we're taught in school. These 3 tips are psychologically proven to stop you from overspending right now!

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Canada, letโ€™s settle this once and for all. Who is the best?
(Your next car loan, made simple! >> [ Link ] )
Are you thinking about opening a joint bank account? Before you do, ask yourself these 3 questions [ Link ]

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Happy Chinese New Year!
Canada's paving the way for self-driving cars, and you won't believe how it could affect your everyday life [ Link ]

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Have you considered owning a hybrid vehicle? Not only are these cars good for the environment, but they could also put an extra $10,000 in your pocket. Here's how: [ Link ]

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Only 10% of Canadians who file for bankruptcy are actually approved for it. If you're unable to qualify, these 3 alternatives can help [ Link ]

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These 3 automotive trends will change how we drive in 2017 [ Link ]

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