“What I love about being a Trade Commissioner? Helping women entrepreneurs find hidden business opportunities and the right resources!”
"Most memorable moment as Trade Commissioner? Being recognized by WEConnect International for connecting business women with tools they need to succeed!"
“What I love most about being a Trade Commissioner? The fact that we can & do make a real difference!”
Minister Champagne welcomes the minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic on 1st visit to Canada & discusses ways to further cooperate on #trade, #investment & #energy.
“Most memorable moment as Trade Commissioner? Meeting CEO of major Canadian global company & meeting a tech start-up…all in the same day!”
#DYK #Mexico is Canada’s third largest trade partner? Read about Canada-Mexico relations at [ Ow.ly Link ]
#DYK that more than 2 million Canadians travelled to Mexico for vacation or business in 2015?
Canada and #Mexico share a vibrant, multi-faceted relationship that spans 70+ years [ Ow.ly Link ]
Our #GGICanada program could give you $ to help minimize risk associated with commercializing new #tech #innovation. [ Ow.ly Link ]
#DYK Chile is Canada's largest supplier of frozen raspberries, blackberries, mulberries & loganberries?
Celebrating 20 years of free trade with #Chile #CCFTA
#DYK that Canada’s merchandise exports to #Chile reached $725 million in 2016? Check out our top exports!
Read Minister Champagne’s speech to Commonwealth colleagues on Canada’s progressive approach to trade: [ Canada.ca Link ]

Address by Minister Champagne at the Inaugural Commonwealth Trade...

Minister Champagne continues to push for trade and investment during trips to Chile and Mexico: [ Canada.ca Link ]

International Trade Minister continues to push for trade and investment...