The government missed the opportunity in Budget 2017 to build an economy that lifts everyone up—and people had something to say about it.

What they’re saying about Budget 2017
“Just like the recent words of the Finance Minister, this budget tells Canadians to get used to part-time, low-paid precarious work.”
—Alexandre Boulerice NPD Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie

Liberals have chosen tax breaks for wealthy CEOs instead of those who need it
"It is even more important that Canada steps up and increases our efforts on the international stage." —Hélène Laverdière NPD Laurier/Ste-Marie

Federal Budget 2017: Feminist Foreign Policy Needs More Than Rhetoric
On Sunday, four candidates took part in the first NDP leadership debate in Ottawa. Watch now:

NDP Leadership Debate: Ottawa
NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair made the following statement on the passing of former NDP MP Margaret Mitchell:

NDP statement on the loss of Margaret Mitchell
The ability to prevent or delay pregnancy allows women to control their bodies and how they live their lives. Tell the government it’s time to cover birth control:

Support free prescription birth control
It’s more important than ever that we stand together for gender equality.

New democrats fight for gender equity
Canadian women continue to make just 73.5 cents for every dollar a man makes. It’s time for the government to advance gender equality.

Take action: [ Link ]

Gender pay gap a persistent problem in Canada: Statscan data
New Democrats are fighting for gender equality every day. We can’t stop, and we won’t stop.

International Women's Day 2017: It's time for action
"In court documents, the Canada Revenue Agency has also alleged that the KPMG scheme was a "sham" that "intended to deceive" the federal treasury."

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KPMG offshore tax dodge a 'facade' designed to hide money, ex-client says
Do you have a short question for the NDP Leadership candidates? Whether it’s about policy, the party, or their favourite hockey team, submit your suggestion here and it might get asked in the next debate:

NDP Leadership 2017
“It’s time for everyone to pay their fair share so we can invest in health care, job-creating infrastructure, and a more sustainable economy.” —Alexandre Boulerice NPD Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie

Liberals must address tax fairness now
Today is Pink Shirt Day. Help spread kindness and end bullying.

Pink Shirt Day
“New Democrats believe that the government had and always will have a fiduciary duty to protect Indigenous culture and languages.” —Romeo Saganash

New Democrats welcome the landmark ruling in favour of the Sixties Scoop survivors
Do you think it’s fair that Canada’s wealthiest CEOs earned your entire annual salary before you ate lunch on the third day of January? Neither do we.

End tax giveaways to wealthy CEOs and big corporations
Today, hundreds of children will be on Parliament Hill to celebrate Have a Heart Day 2017, and thousands more will be writing Valentine's Day cards to the Prime Minister to ensure First Nations children have access to the services they deserve.

Add your name to end discrimination against First Nations children:

End discrimination against First Nations children
New Democrats are fighting to ensure CEOs & big corporations pay their fair share so we can invest in the things that matter most to your family.

Canada’s top CEOs earn 193 times the average person’s salary
Canadians were told Trudeau would be different.

Trudeau’s alternative facts on democratic reform
“The Prime Minister’s promise to improve our voting system could not have been clearer. Their brazen decision to abandon this promise has angered many of their supporters and breeds cynicism in our politics.” — Nathan Cullen

NDP wants government to apologize for breaking electoral-reform promise
Canadians expect our leaders to back up empathy with action.

Tell Ottawa to help refugees left behind by the Trump ban