Today is Pink Shirt Day. Help spread kindness and end bullying.

Pink Shirt Day
“New Democrats believe that the government had and always will have a fiduciary duty to protect Indigenous culture and languages.” —Romeo Saganash

New Democrats welcome the landmark ruling in favour of the Sixties Scoop survivors
Do you think it’s fair that Canada’s wealthiest CEOs earned your entire annual salary before you ate lunch on the third day of January? Neither do we.

End tax giveaways to wealthy CEOs and big corporations
Today, hundreds of children will be on Parliament Hill to celebrate Have a Heart Day 2017, and thousands more will be writing Valentine's Day cards to the Prime Minister to ensure First Nations children have access to the services they deserve.

Add your name to end discrimination against First Nations children:

End discrimination against First Nations children
New Democrats are fighting to ensure CEOs & big corporations pay their fair share so we can invest in the things that matter most to your family.

Canada’s top CEOs earn 193 times the average person’s salary
Canadians were told Trudeau would be different.

Trudeau’s alternative facts on democratic reform
“The Prime Minister’s promise to improve our voting system could not have been clearer. Their brazen decision to abandon this promise has angered many of their supporters and breeds cynicism in our politics.” — Nathan Cullen

NDP wants government to apologize for breaking electoral-reform promise
Canadians expect our leaders to back up empathy with action.

Tell Ottawa to help refugees left behind by the Trump ban
“Millions of Canadians are counting on us to ensure their votes and voices are heard.” — Nathan Cullen

Let's not give in to cynicism—it’s more important than ever to keep fighting for a fair voting system
“Progress has been made in the fight against prejudice, discrimination and inequality, but there is much more to do. We will continue to work towards a more just, equal and inclusive Canada for all.” — Rachel A. Blaney MP for North Island - Powell River

New Democrats join Canadians in celebrating Black History Month
Canadians across the country are feeling betrayed by this decision—and we share their anger. But don’t give into this cynicism. Let’s keep fighting for a fair electoral system where every vote counts:

Trudeau government abandons promise of electoral reform
Canadians expect their leaders to speak out—and take appropriate action.

4 concrete ways Canada can help refugees left behind by Trump’s ban
"A tweet is very good – it sends a clear message about where we should be. But following that we need concrete actions to go with it.” — Jenny Kwan

Canada needs 'special measures' to respond to Trump travel ban, NDP MP says
Canadians cherish their role as global citizens and defenders of human rights. It is our duty to respond to these extraordinary events.
“The terrorist attack at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec last night has shaken this country.

In this moment, families are mourning the loss of their loved ones, and praying for those who are injured and fighting for their lives.

To our Muslim brothers and sisters, we mourn with you, we pray with you, and we promise that we will stand united and fight against the forces of hatred,...
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« L’attentat terroriste perpétré hier soir au Centre culturel islamique de Québec a ébranlé notre pays.

En ce moment, des familles pleurent la perte de leurs proches, et prient pour ceux qui sont blessés et qui luttent pour leur vie.

À nos frères et sœurs musulmans : nous partageons votre deuil, nous prions avec vous et nous promettons que nous resterons unis pour lutter contre la haine,...
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"I think the implications could be far-reaching." — Jenny Kwan

NDP Wants Emergency Debate On Trump Muslim Ban
"Canadians cherish their role as global citizens and defenders of human rights and as their elected representatives it is our duty to respond to these extraordinary events." — Jenny Kwan

NDP calls for Emergency Debate to address Trump immigration ban
On behalf of New Democrats, we wish Chinese Canadians a joyful celebration and a healthy and prosperous year ahead.
“Only New Democrats are focused on building a fair economy that lifts everyone up, not just the few at the top.” — Tom Mulcair

‘A fair economy that lifts everyone up’: New Democrats outline priorities ahead of new session