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Did you know that over 90 countries use a proportional voting system? Find out more here:

5 things to know about proportional representation

This show of support from New Democrat MPs is part of a worldwide campaign of solidarity with Standing Rock.

‘We stand with Standing Rock’: New Democrats send clear message to Indigenous communities fighting for fairness

Want to help fight for a fairer, more progressive Canada? Visit our new action centre today:

NDP Action Centre

“The question for Canadians is whether a PR system could block a Trump here. The answer is yes, because PR rewards voters with a fair outcome.”

Add your name if you agree with Ed Broadbent:

How to stop a Trump: proportional representation

“It looked to many like an impossible task, but we reached a compromise and recommended proportional representation.” — Alexandre Boulerice NPD Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie

New Democrats help clear path towards a fair voting system

“There is no excuse for turning back now. With a mandate, a new system in hand, and a clear path forward to achieve reform, the government not only has an option but an obligation to make 2015 the last federal election under our outdated, unfair, first-past-the-post voting system.” — Nathan Cullen

Cullen: Electoral reform – now we have a blueprint to make every vote count

“My community will not gamble with our coastline and our economies.” Watch NDP House Leader Murray Rankin stand up for BC in Ottawa:
Today, we made history and cleared a path toward a fair, proportional electoral system—where every vote counts.

Election committee calls for proportional voting, referendum

We’re thrilled to have Emilie Taman as our candidate in the upcoming Ottawa—Vanier by-election. Emilie is a legal expert and former federal crown prosecutor who helped crack down on corporate tax evasion and human smuggling. She’ll be a strong, progressive voice for Ottawa’s families on Parliament Hill.


Nous sommes ravis d’avoir Emilie Taman comme candidate dans l’élection partielle qui...
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Emilie Taman candidate du NPD dans Ottawa-Vanier | Paul Gaboury | Politique

A clear promise to the people of BC—that the Kinder Morgan pipeline review process would be redone with a stronger, more credible rules—has been broken.

‘They were misled’: Mulcair says Kinder Morgan decision breaks the trust of British Columbians

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Canada’s New Democrats

Throughout the consultation process, Canadians were clear: They want a fair, proportional system where every vote counts.

Tell Liberals in Ottawa you expect them to keep their promise on electoral reform:

No electoral reform until enough Canadians want it, Monsef says

“On any given night, more than 350 women and children fleeing violence are turned away because domestic violence shelters are underfunded and busting at the seams. It’s unacceptable.”

Watch Sheila Malcolmson's powerful statement and call to action on this International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women:
Canadians want an electoral system where every vote counts—and New Democrats will keep working to ensure they get it.

What they’re saying: NDP work on electoral reform “may one day be seen as historic”

"We're going backwards instead of being progressive." —
Scott Duvall, NDP Pensions Critic

CPP expansion leaves women and disabled at disadvantage, says New Democrat opposition

New Democrat Trade Critic Tracey Ramsey MP Essex says Ottawa should pursue trade deals that serve peoples' interests over corporate interests. Read more:

Canadians are tired of establishment economics and unfair trade deals

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Exposure to asbestos is the leading cause of occupational death in Canada. Add your name to protect Canadian workers and their families:

It's Time to Ban Asbestos in Canada

"The perverse result of the American presidential election is further evidence that Canada must move to proportional representation before it is too late." Add your name if you agree:

Canadians strongly favour proportional representation | Toronto Star

Canadians want—and deserve—an electoral system where every vote counts. Add your name: