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See what's on sale this week at your local Safeway store.
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It's Dollar Days this week at Safeway! Super Deals. Super Savings. Super Selection. See in store or flyer for details.
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These delightful Maple Sugar Cookies showcase the subtle flavour of real maple syrup. Grab your apron and try this recipe out!
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Here are some crowd pleasing salad recipes to tuck into your back pocket for when you need to entertain a party [ Link ]
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Tight on time? Here are 5 simple recipes that consist of five or fewer ingredients.
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Protein is an important part of our daily intake but how much should you consume? What are some examples of protein? Find the answers here [ Link ]
What do you eat for protein?
See what's on sale this week at your local Safeway store.
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Happy St. Patricks Day! Here's a delicious stew with an added twist: Oat Dumplings. Check out the recipe here [ Link ]
Not sure what to make for your St Patrick's Day party? Here are some ideas to help you out [ Link ]
Do you know what today's date means? It's Pi day 3.14!
What a sweet coincidence. Get your pie on for pi day and grab from one from in-store [ Link ] or make your own. Check out some pie recipes on our website like this Pecan Pie [ Link ]
Maple syrup is delicious and can be used in so many ways beyond a topper for pancakes or French toast (although, that certainly is a good way to use it). Here are some ideas for incorporating a little more maple syrup into your life. [ Link ]
Sandwiches have long blown past their ‘plain Jane” image and have come into their own the past few years. Restaurants have been based around the entire sandwich concept. Chefs delight in coming up with crazy combinations and with that said, here are some of the most unique and unusual sandwich combo’s that the internet had to offer! [ Link ]
Got a unique one you'd like to share? Comment...
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Here are some snack ideas for a girls night in or for any social gathering. [ Link ]
Making juice at home is a fun, creative and easy way to get in some vitamins and minerals but don’t get stuck in a juicing rut! Here are five recipes that require five ingredients each [ Link ]
The first Tuesday of the month means it's Customer Appreciation Day at your Safeway store. See in store or flyer for details [ Link ]
This recipe lets you load up on the broccoli and chicken for an easy (and relatively inexpensive) family dinner. Check out the stir fry at [ Link ]
Try your hand at baking this delicious Cherry Mango Picnic Cake [ Link ]
Try out this Halibut Poke Bowl recipe. It is a highly flavoured Hawaiian-style raw, marinated fish dish with Asian-style tastes often served as an appetizer. This version of it, which is served over sushi-style rice, is a little more substantial and can make a nice light lunch or dinner meal. [ Link ]
Winter’s not quite over, which means its still chili season! This chili con carne is a real belly warmer [ Link ]
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