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Do you work in transfusion or transplantation medicine? Got a bright idea on how to share knowledge? Apply for BloodTechNet funding to bring it to life.

Each year, our Centre for Innovation funds innovative projects aimed at delivering educational tools and resources that support the development of skills, knowledge, and expertise of health professionals in the transfusion, cellular therapy,...
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Canadian Blood Services
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The 12th Annual Transfusion Medicine Education Videoconference, “Blood and Guts: Management of the GI Bleed”, is a professional education event of particular interest to healthcare professionals who order, issue or transfuse blood and blood products and those interested in further developing their transfusion skills.

Presented by ORBCoN and Canadian Blood Services, this event takes place...
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Blood and Guts: Management of the GI Bleed | Canadian Blood Services
Canadian Blood Services
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Today, we celebrated shipping the third unit from our cord blood bank. It will go to a Canadian patient. The cord blood bank was made possible by the generous financial donors who gave to the For All Canadians campaign.

To celebrate, Dr. Graham Sher, our CEO, and Dr. Heidi Elmoazzen, the Director of the Cord Blood Bank and Stem Cell Manufacturing, rang a bell donated to us by Mackenzie...
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In the summer of 2016, Scott Adams was in a serious accident and received 40 units of blood. While he was recovering in the hospital, his friends and family would often ask, “how can we help?” He and his wife, would always answer, “give blood!”

Last week, Scott visited our Victoria clinic to say “thank you” for saving his life.
Platelets -- or thrombocytes -- are spherical cells (shaped like "plates"), and are much smaller than red or white blood cells. They come from megakaryocytes in the bone marrow, which release these tiny cell fragments into the blood stream every single day.

Learn more about platelets and how they help patients in this week's RED blog post [ Link ]

A primer on platelets | Canadian Blood Services
Congratulations to Patrick, who made his 100th donation this week in Kelowna, BC. Thank you for being part of the movement to #GiveLife!
Our CEO, Dr. Graham Sher, contributed to Longwoods’ open letters from health-care leaders series. [ Link ]

Challenging the orthodoxies of health system design and management
John Evelyn began giving blood at age 17. He was inspired by his father, a medic who gave blood on the battlefields of WWII. You might say giving is in John’s blood. John's family is also full of blood donors, including his wife, son and daughter.

What's your story?
How are you doing with your new year's resolution? Make a resolution that's easy to keep. #GiveLife today! Book at: [ Link ].
People receive blood transfusions for many reasons including surgery, injury, cancer and blood diseases. In fact, one in ten hospitalized patients will receive at least one transfusion. But are all of these transfusions necessary?

Dr. Kathryn Webert, recipient of a 2016 Intramural Research Grant, is leading a project to look at optimizing red blood cell transfusion practice in two provinces....
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Supporting vital research through our Centre for Innovation: Part 2 |...
100K new donors needed!

Make 2017 the year you become a new donor, or bring in a new donor, or tell at least ten friends why they should join you and become blood donors themselves. [ Link ]
“Monty’s parents’ first act on their son’s behalf was to donate his umbilical cord to the Canadian Blood Services. Donated cord blood can help with stem cell transplants and is used to treat certain forms of cancer, other diseases and for research.”

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Meet Montgomery, B.C.'s first baby of 2017
We were very proud to provide Ruby Sahota, Member of Parliament for Brampton North, with a tour of our Brampton facilities this morning.
We're not kitten around... Blood donors needed meow! Please book an appointment to #GiveLife at [ Link ].
There are 100,000 new donors needed in Canada this year! We challenge you to book an appointment to #GiveLife and recruit at least one friend to do the same. Join the challenge at [ Link ]
Never donated before? Activate your power to #GiveLife in 2017! Create an account at [ Link ] and book your first appointment.

Create an Account!
However you chose to #GiveLife in 2016, thank you for your support. Happy new year from Canadian Blood Services!
Today is the LAST DAY to make a charitable tax donation for 2016. Make a lifesaving donation and get back: [ Link ]
Are you an Aneg? You can help any patient with A or AB blood! Aneg donors needed AsAp. Book now at: [ Link ]
Twenty members of the Barrie Rugby Football Club filled our clinic on Dec. 24.

As they said: "Blood is an amazing gift to give, and since it is the time to give gifts, we at Barrie RFC were happy to be involved."

Get your club or group involved too! Now is the time. Giving Life is the reason.