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03/23/2017 at 23:01. Facebook
Clinic supervisor Ken Bowes took time last week to #GiveLife during the Miscouche PEI mobile clinic. Donation #25 for him. Thanks, Ken!
Canadian Blood Services
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A HUGE thank you to Brady's family and friends who were part of a larger team that swabbed 1100 people in one night! [ Link ]
Canadian Blood Services
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Four ways your organization can partner with Canadian Blood Services to #GiveLife [ Link ]
Thank you to the crew of the HMCS Queen Charlotte who set anchor at the Charlottetown blood donor clinic this week to #GiveLife.
Please #GiveLife this St. Patrick's Day weekend. Your donation could be the treasure someone's been waiting for. Book your appointment at [ Link ]
We are looking for five new Board Directors from anywhere in Canada for our fall 2017 election. Applications are due on April 21, 2017. Find out more at: [ Link ]

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"We’d never argue that our model was an exact predictor of the future, but it will give some idea of trends and solution scenarios, and helps the organization make evidence-based decisions for donor recruitment."

Meet John Blake, our in-house engineer. His research hub works on technical challenges we face in a variety of areas: inventory and logistics, clinic scheduling, collections, stem...
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Thank you to Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi for your Kindness Week challenge to Ontario MPPs and for your generous blood donation last night!
Don’t forget! #SpringForward your clocks tonight because Daylight Saving Time starts at 2 a.m. in most of Canada. #GiveLife
Thank you to the Brock University ultimate frisbee team who #GiveLife in St. Catharines, ON.

You can Give Life too! Book your appointment at [ Link ]
O-negative donors, we need YOU now. Lots of you! Book your appointment to #GiveLife today at [ Link ]
More donors from the Trinity Church in Kelowna, BC, working towards accomplishing their goal of filling 300 appointments. Every donation counts! Book your appointment today at [ Link ]
We are fortunate and proud to celebrate the many women among our leaders and colleagues who inspire us every day. #InternationalWomensDay
Did you know that Canadian Blood Services is a registered Canadian non-profit? Two ways to make a lifesaving financial gift: call 1 888 2DONATE and ask for fundraising, or donate online at [ Link ]. If you have a creative idea for a fundraiser, you can make a DIY event page here: [ Link ]
Please note that we do not currently solicit financial donations door-to-door.
March is Kidney Month. Learn about living donations through Canadian Blood Services at [ Link ]
Important update! Starting today, male donors will be required to measure 130 g/L on the hemoglobin test (an increase from today’s 125 g/L). [ Link ]
Thank you to the Trinity Church in Kelowna, BC, for setting a goal of filling 300 appointments. Todd donated as part of the team!
Six reasons your organization should partner with Canadian Blood Services to #GiveLife. [ Link ]
Thank you to the Royal Military College Hockey Team, RMC paladins, who adopted the Kingston Blood Donor Clinic this week.

The great news is that they've re-booked for September, before the next hockey season begins!
Dr. Heyu Ni is a scientist with the Canadian Blood Services Centre for Innovation. His research team has developed a “designer antibody” that targets an important protein in platelets: β3 integrin. β3 integrin is essential for platelets to clump together and form a blood clot. Learn more in RED, our research, education and discovery blog. [ Link ]

Developing safer drugs for heart attack and stroke patients | Canadian...