Not only does diabetes seriously impact your life and health, it also has profound emotional effects. Visit [ Link ] today, and check out our new Facebook group at [ Link ]. #EndDiabetes
From our newsroom: "Canadians with Diabetes Deserve a Life Free of Fear" [ Link ]

Canadians with diabetes deserve a life free of fear
A message from Diabetes Canada Senior Manager Ryan A. Moffat. [ Link ]

Join the End Diabetes Movement
Diabetes requires constant day-to-day management, but it can also cause serious long-term health compications. Visit [ Link ] to donate today, and check out our new Facebook group at [ Link ]. Together, we can end diabetes.
"Why the hype about diabetes and hypertension?" A very important read, especially during Heart Month. What are your thoughts? [ Link ]

Why the hype about diabetes and hypertension?
In case you missed it, Diabetes Canada was proud to take part in last week's official Carrot Rewards launch in Ontario. Visit their website to learn more and download the app. [ Link ]
"What we’re trying to do is create more focus, more energy, more awareness about diabetes." Our own Lisa Matte spoke with CTV Atlantic about our new name, our new approach, and the realities of diabetes. [ Link ]

Lisa Matte of Diabetes Canada
The End Diabetes movement has just released the latest in a series of 30-second PSAs. Visit [ Link ] today to watch the full video, and to join the movement. #EndDiabetes
Tomorrow is #PinkShirtDay, which is a national day to combat bullying and stigma. if you're not already following #EndDiabetes on Twitter and Instagram, make sure you join us; we'll be talking about the challenges faced by young people living with diabetes. We want to hear from you! [ Link ] / [ Link ]
Today marks the passing of Dr. Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, who died in service to his country on February 21, 1941. Here are five things you might not know about Dr. Banting, from the January 2015 edition of our Diabetes Current email newsletter. [ Link ]

5 Things You Didn't Know About Sir Frederick Banting
Join the movement to End Diabetes. Visit [ Link ] today, and check out our new Facebook group at [ Link ]. #EndDiabetes
"Diabetes Canada and the movement to End Diabetes": a message from our own Russell Williams. [ Link ]

Diabetes Canada and the movement to End Diabetes
Are you a parent or caregiver of a child living with type 1 diabetes? Are you currently experiencing any challenges with a lack of guidelines in school or daycare? On the new End Diabetes Facebook page, we're asking parents like you to get in touch with us! Please send us an email at Thanks in advance! [ Link ]
“Today there are 11 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. That’s one in three of us." Our own Sheila Kern spoke with News 1130 about our new name, our new campaign, and the realities of diabetes in Canada. [ Link ]

New name, new campaign for the Canadian Diabetes Association - NEWS 1130
"The Canadian Diabetes Association is now Diabetes Canada!" A message from Mapy Villaudy, Chief Development and Marketing Officer for Diabetes Canada. [ Link ]

The Canadian Diabetes Association is now Diabetes Canada!
Many thanks to the Globe and Mail for their support this week. Check out our full-page ad in today's edition. #EndDiabetes
"We may find that the disability tax credit becomes a refundable credit, meaning that the credit can produce a tax refund if it's high enough to go beyond just eliminating any taxes owing. Expect to see the term 'disability' expanded to include those regularly required to administer insulin." Read the Globe and Mail's report on what to watch for in the next federal budget. [...
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What to watch for in the coming federal budget - The Globe and Mail
Our own Janice Daniels, representing our office in Saskatoon, spoke with "CTV Morning Live" this week about our new direction and the #EndDiabetes movement. [ Link ]

Diabetes Awareness in Saskatoon
Many Canadians cannot take their medications they need because of cost. This happens even more frequently for people living with diabetes. We need a new approach to support access to medications. [ Link ]

How quickly can Canadians see a doctor? Study shows we lag behind other nations on timely access​
"Diabetes can take an enormous toll on a person’s physical health, but often what’s not talked about is the emotional impact it can have." Read more in the Regina Leader-Post. #EndDiabetes [ Link ]

Ending the blaming and shaming of diabetics