"In the next decade, the number of people in Saskatchewan diagnosed with diabetes will increase by 35 per cent." Read more in Weyburn This Week: [ Weyburnthisweek.com Link ]

Diabetes numbers expected to grow by 35% in next decade

"Two new studies show how diet soda doesn’t help with weight loss and may actually contribute to weight gain and obesity." Read more at Diabetes Daily. #type2 [ Diabetesdaily.com Link ]

Diet Soda May Lead to Weight Gain, Not Weight Loss

Whether or not you're living with diabetes, you'll hopefully find these seven tips for meeting your 2017 resolutions helpful. [ Diabetesdaily.com Link ]

7 Tips for Meeting Your 2017 Resolutions

Keeping a food journal can help you manage your weight. Let the CDA's own Joanne Lewis tell you more. #type2 [ Diabetescarecommunity.ca Link ]

Keeping a food journal can help you lose weight in the new year

Big thanks to divine.ca for choosing Clothesline as one of "four ways to give back" in the new year ([ Divine.ca Link ]. From now until March 31, every donation you make through Clothesline’s free home pick-up gives you a chance to win a $5,000 travel voucher that can be used anywhere around the world, or one of 10 $500 VISA gift cards! Book today at [ Diabetes.ca Link ].

New Year, New You: Four Ways to Give Back | divine.ca

Today is Global Pulse Day! Visit Pulses.org to learn more ([ Pulses.org Link ], check out Pulse Canada for tips, ([ Pulsecanada.com Link ], and search our online recipe file for plenty of healthy options ([ Diabetes.ca Link ]. #GlobalPulseDay
"Manitoba needs to make immediate changes in "critical areas" to support the growing number of diabetes patients in the province, says the Canadian Diabetes Association." [ Cbc.ca Link ]

Urgent changes needed to help patients with diabetes: association

"When was the last time a doctor took a real close look at your feet? Likely never, right?" Read more in the Vancouver Sun. [ Vancouversun.com Link ]

Specialized foot care saves limbs, but patients pay out-of-pocket to get it

From now until March 31, 2017, you can participate in Clothesline’s contest for a chance to win a $5,000 travel voucher that can be used anywhere around the world, or one of 10 $500 VISA gift cards when you donate your reusable clothing. Visit [ Diabetes.ca Link ] for contest details!
Today is the first day of National Non-Smoking Week! Read the CDA's official position on smoking (Spoiler: We think it's bad and we don't want you to do it). [ Diabetes.ca Link ] #NNSW2017
"A new report shows that diabetes rates in Saskatchewan are still on the rise." Learn more on the CBC website. [ Cbc.ca Link ]

Diabetes rates in Saskatchewan continue to climb

For those of you who haven't yet seen it, more than forty of Canada's MPs came together to film the following joint video message about healthy living in 2017. Watch it on our YouTube channel, give these tips for healthy living a try, and stay tuned to our social channels as we continue to share individual messages! [ Youtu.be Link ]

Canada's MPs Share Their Healthy New Year's Resolutions

More than forty of Canada's MPs came together to film this joint message about healthy living in 2017. They know it isn't easy for people with busy jobs, bus...

"The Canadian Diabetes Association says the number of Manitobans diagnosed with the disease is expected to grow to almost 10 per cent of the province's population this year." Learn more on the CTV News website. [ Ctvnews.ca Link ]

Immediate action sought to stem rising tide of Manitoba diabetes cases

It's time to make #PumpsForBC accessible to all people living with type 1 diabetes in the province! Send a letter to your local MLA at [ Pumpsforbc.ca Link ].

“People with type 1 diabetes in Alberta and Ontario are not faced with the same age limit restrictions on their provincial insulin pump program or the financial burden of out-of-pocket costs," says Natalie Woods, 29, of Burnaby. "This...
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This year's Team Diabetes events are coming up sooner than you think! Get the jump on your training with these winter running tips from our archives. [ Diabetes.ca Link ]

5 Essential Tips for Winter Running

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Many thanks to the good people at the Hope Standard for spreading the word about the Clothesline program! [ Hopestandard.com Link ]

Donating to Clothesline helps diabetes patients around Canada - News

The CDA's Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jan Hux, spoke with Ontario's Finance Minister this morning as part of the government's pre-budget consultations. Our call for improved support for the 4.6 million Ontarians living with diabetes and prediabetes includes improved access to medications, devices and supplies; help to prevent amputations; and a policy for kids in school. For more on these three...
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Report indicates urgent changes by government are needed to support people with diabetes in Ontario

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