What can you do if you witness bullying?

You can make a difference! When people get involved and intervene in a situation where someone is being bullied, more than 50% of the time, the bullying will stop in 10 seconds or less. That’s pretty amazing!

• Don’t laugh or cheer on bullying—refuse to go along with it. There is nothing funny or cool about bullying.
• If your friend starts to gossip...
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Being bullied may leave emotional damage that can last the rest of your life. That is why it is important to put a stop to bullying. If you are being bullied, there are things that you can do to effectively deal with the bully.

Are you being bullied?
• Remind yourself that you do not deserve to be bullied or harassed. Everyone does not have to like you, but you deserve to be respected
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Bullying is not the same as friendly teasing.

Teasing can easily cross the line and turn into bullying, even if the initial intent was not to harm the other person. Whatever the intent, deliberate or unintentional, the end result of bullying is the same and the consequences can be serious, even fatal.

Being involved in bullying, either as a victim, or as a witness, or as an aggressor,...
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The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is the largest funder of health research in Canada, supporting over 13,000 world-class researchers from all pillars of health research and from all regions of Canada.

CIHR in Numbers 2015–16 - CIHR

Canadian and Dutch researchers to work together to develop targeted therapies for childhood arthritis.

Government of Canada invests in new international research network -...

Researchers begin clinical trial for rare yet devastating condition among pregnant women.

Researchers begin clinical trial for rare yet devastating condition...

It’s International Childhood Cancer Day. DYK Child cancer survival rates have increased from 71% to 82% over the last 30 years? Early detection and proper treatment is the key. Keep fighting! [ Ow.ly Link ]
International Childhood Cancer Day is held annually on 15 February to raise awareness about #childhoodcancer and to express support for children and adolescents with cancer, survivors and their families.

The Day spotlights the need for better treatment and care for all children with #cancer, everywhere. While childhood cancers represent a small fraction of total cancers, more than 150,000...
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Snowy days, and the day after snowstorms, lead to a spike in heart attacks in men, a new study confirms.

Men Beware: The Dangers of Snow

Data on heart-attack deaths, hospital admissions and volumes of snow are linked in new Quebec study.

Why heavy snowfall raises heart health warnings

The Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) is developing a series of videos on patient partnerships in health research. This is the first one on Colleen McGavin. For the past several years as a volunteer with the BC Patient Voices Network, Colleen has been drawing on her personal experience as a cancer survivor and family caregiver and giving voice to the unique needs and concerns of...
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Patient Stories in Health Research: Colleen McGavin, Patient Partner


Canadian government launches campaign to get more women in STEM.

Canadian government launches campaign to get more women in STEM

Quebec scientist Sylvain Moineau wins prize for role in gene-editing breakthrough.

Quebec scientist Moineau wins prize for role in gene-editing breakthrough

Dr. Janet McElhaney's appointment to the Institute Advisory Board on Indigenous Peoples' Health is recognition of her international stature as a leader in geriatrics clinical care and research. #womeninscience

Where compassion and sensibility collide, you’ll find Dr. Janet McElhaney

Reducing South Sudan’s high maternal and child mortality rates by raising the profile of community health workers.

Improving outcomes: Social enterprise models are improving health care...

A Laurentian University researcher has spent years studying the effects of hydrogen sulfide on human physiology, and believes the stinky gas could serve several medical purposes

How a ‘fart pill’ could potentially do wonders for human health