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With extremely cold temperatures in Greece, see how the Red Cross is working to help displaced people, who are living in tents in camps there:

Red Cross working to help migrants in Greece as conditions worsen - Canadian Red Cross
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Like all Canadian rivers, Manitoba’s Red River rises significantly each spring, as its waters are swollen by melting snow. Every so often, rising waters turn into disastrous flooding, as in the memorable spring of 1950. This book, Call 320 (Manitoba Division Red Cross, 1950), documents the Canadian Red Cross’ role in the epic evacuation and relief effort that unfolded that spring. Learn more: ...
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Help us gather information on common emergencies and if first aid was provided - with or without first aid skills - in this short online survey:

Join in the first worldwide survey on first aid - Canadian Red Cross Blog
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Learn how you can be a part of the Canadian Red Cross:
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Make your phone really smart with these tips and apps that could save lives, even your own, and help you be prepared for emergencies:

Tech Talk: Make your phone smart enough to save lives - Canadian Red Cross Blog
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Some helpful information about Zika for Canadians planning vacations south this winter.

For Canadian travellers planning winter getaways south, Zika precautions remain - Canadian Red Cross
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If you're enjoying ice activities, ice colour may indicate its strength: blue ice is strong, white ice is not as strong and grey ice is unsafe. Learn more about ice safety with these tips:

Ice Safety - Canadian Red Cross
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Feeling a little under the weather? Check out these tips for feeling better.

5 things I’ve learned about having the flu - Canadian Red Cross Blog
Every week, Red Cross volunteers assist the most vulnerable people here and around the world. Here are some of the most beautiful photos of the week.
Red Cross responders around the world learn from one another through training exercises such as this recent mass-casualty simulation held in Ecuador. Read about how it helps Red Cross be better prepared for disasters at home and abroad.

Learning from the Red Cross Movement how to be better prepared - Canadian Red Cross Blog
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Seven years on, we continue to work to empower local communities in Haiti as they recover from the 2010 earthquake. Read more about our efforts.

Haiti: Seven years after the earthquake and three months after Hurricane Matthew - Canadian Red Cross Blog
Be prepared for winter storms and other emergencies with these tips and resources:

8 ways to be ready for winter storms and other emergencies - Canadian Red Cross Blog
Read about the benefits of adapted aquatics, modified swimming techniques to give people of all abilities the skills they need for independent swimming and water safety.

Adapted aquatics program includes people of all abilities - Canadian Red Cross Blog
Even if you check to see if ice is safe enough for winter activities, emergencies on the ice can still happen - here's what to do if you or someone else goes through ice:

Emergencies on the ice - Canadian Red Cross Blog
Planning to take advantage of this freezing winter weather on the ice? If you're planning activities this weekend such as skating, hockey or snowmobiling, be sure to know if ice is safe to enjoy:

Is that ice safe? - Canadian Red Cross Blog
The actions and decisions of the Canadian Red Cross are based on Fundamental Principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality. You may have heard us refer to these principles before, but have you ever wondered what they mean and how they guide our programs and activities? Here, we start with Fundamental Principle #1: Humanity

Red Cross basics: The principle of humanity - Canadian Red Cross Blog
During the Second World War, the Canadian Red Cross expanded into the field of first aid instruction, in response to the wartime situation. Although today’s kits are often plastic rather than metal, wartime first aid kits contained much the same sort of items as today: bandages, gauze, and iodine (or today, antibiotic cream), and other basic supplies. These kits were (and are) an important...
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2017 resolution: assemble or update your family's emergency kit. Check out this list of essential items to include.

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