Are your cooking mistakes putting your health at risk? Our experts put the risks in perspective.

Does burnt toast cause cancer?
Tune into Hack on triple j this evening to hear Professor Sanchia Aranda - CEO Cancer Council Australia discuss the impact cancer has on women in their 20s and why support is crucial.

‘My world turned upside down’: what it’s like having ovarian cancer at 21
Ever wondered if tattoo ink could impact your health? See what our experts said.

Does tattoo ink cause cancer?
Renovating this weekend? Before you start, get the facts on asbestos and cancer.

What is the link between asbestos and cancer?
Can you still exercise when you have cancer? Read our booklet to find out more.

Exercise for people living with cancer
“Some people tell me that my cancer story is remarkable. My own thoughts are a bit different.”
Graham has been affected by several cancers, including pancreatic, brain, lung and liver cancer. Join us on 28 March as we hear about Graham’s experience.

Webinar - Pancreatic cancer - navigating the journey
Today is #WorldKidneyDay! If you have questions about kidney cancer or need support, feel free to get in touch - just call 13 11 20.

Kidney cancer - Cancer Council Australia
Today is International Women’s Day! Comment to let an inspirational woman know just how much she means to you.
Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cause of cancer death in women in Australia.
New Cancer Council research published today shows that one in six teenage boys drink 52 litres of soft drink a year.

Soft drink sugar overload the tip of unhealthy teen behaviour
For now, it’s important that Australian women keep having their pap tests every two years. Here’s what you need to know about how things will change in the future…

How Australia’s new cervical screening program will save lives - Cancer Council Australia
"Ovarian cancer has a minuscule 43 per cent five-year survival rate. To compare – breast and prostate cancer have 90 per cent and 94 per cent survival rate after five years. It seems impossible, but it's true."

'They say it's rare, but the mortality numbers aren't rare'
Hosting a morning tea is fun, rewarding and a great way for you to help people whose lives have been affected by cancer.

The official date is Thursday 25th of May 2017, but you can host a morning tea any time during May or June.

Register to be a host at
While undergoing active cancer treatment, it is really important to maintain a healthy diet to help stay strong and recover faster.

How your nutrition can affect your cancer treatment
"Breasts do not define beauty. Breasts do not define femininity and whether you are a woman with your natural breasts altered by a lumpectomy, or have new breasts surgically constructed, no breasts, or even some combination of all of these - you are still you and you are still beautiful."

Breast cancer survivors bare their scars on the runway at New York Fashion Week.
By being physically active, you can help reduce your cancer risk. Do you have trouble staying active at work? #HealthyWeightWeek

4 easy ways to increase your physical activity at work
Cancer Council NSW are holding their next webinar on Thursday 23 February from 7pm-8pm (AEDT). The topic is Fatigue After Cancer Treatment. Don't forget to register!

Fatigue after Cancer Treatment – “What can I do to stop feeling so tired?”
Cancer Council is so lucky to have such wonderful and dedicated volunteers. Thank you Pam!
Eating a healthy, balanced diet helps you to maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of developing cancer. #HealthyWeightWeek

Simple ways you can improve your diet and reduce your cancer risk
"Of course, talking about cancer is difficult. It’s a complex, confronting and emotional topic. Even between loved ones, we often don’t know what to say — so end up saying nothing."

The problem with how we talk about cancer.