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When someone is diagnosed with cancer, adults are sometimes unsure about discussing the situation with children.

Talking to kids about cancer
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When Michael Mulchrone learned the lung cancer he thought long gone had migrated to his brain and doctors mentioned palliative care in 2015, he was fearful of the journey ahead. A year-and-a-half later, Mike says palliative care was a life-enriching experience.

Palliative care can be a life-enriching treatment
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This year in Australia, it is predicted that 1,550 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and around 1,047 women will die from the disease. Sadly, ovarian cancer survival rates are still low.

Ovarian cancer: what are the symptoms?
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Are you bready for banana bread day today? If not, why not give our tasty banana bread recipe a try! Adding blueberries will make it berry good.

Blueberry And Banana Bread
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Today is world yoga day! There’s a lot of evidence to show the benefits of yoga and meditation for people with cancer.
If you like the sound of yoga then yoga to give it a try!

The benefits of yoga
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Walking an extra 40 minutes every day can reduce the number of days in hospital for Australians over 55 and lower the risk of cancer, new research shows.

Increasing daily step count reduces days in hospital
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"Of course, I knew of, and had experienced, tremendous fatigue during my year of active treatment and I thought I knew all about fatigue. But this was the first time someone used the term ‘fatigue’ to explain what I was currently going through. It was such a relief." - Nicki Polykarpou, breast cancer survivor diagnosed with post cancer fatigue

Fatigue after Cancer Treatment - Free Webinar
"I felt powerful, felt really powerful because I am tired of kind of feeling ashamed of having cancer and not having breasts like a woman"

Breast cancer survivors bare scars in New York charity fashion show
Wake up on the right side of the bed today for Australia's Healthy Weight Week. Try our yummy poached egg with asparagus recipe and you'll be sure to have an eggcellent Saturday!

Poached egg with asparagus recipe
Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Take time today to do something kind for someone else today, even if it's making them smile.
Minister for Health and Medical Research, Brad Hazzard, has announced $11.6 million in funding for cancer research through the Cancer Institute NSW.

We commend the NSW government’s investment into cancer research - research is fundamental to ensuring that the answers to help beat cancer can be unlocked.

NSW government funds search for new cures for childhood cancer
A new study released today has found that children are being exposed to an average of three unhealthy food advertisements every hour that they watch TV during peak periods.

Food industry failing to self-regulate junk food ads to kids
"Thanks to frequent body checks and amazing doctors, all is well. Looks worse with the dressing on than off. I swear! Wear sunscreen."

Hugh Jackman has sixth skin cancer removed
If you smoke, think about how many kisses from a loved one you could be missing. It could be nearly 15,000 over 10 years.

Get more kisses on Valentine's Day
"We are very fortunate to live where we live, and have access to a great vaccination program … but people do slip through the cracks. The preventative is better than the cure"

Why our world class school vaccination system is still letting teens fall through the cracks
The weather is heating up this weekend, but chill out! We've got you covered with our one ingredient pineapple sorbet recipe!

Frozen pineapple sorbet recipe
Our Online Community is a safe and supportive online discussion site to help cancer patients and their loved ones through the realities of cancer.

Cancer Council Online Community
Bowel cancer is one of those topics we don’t like to talk about but it’s something we shouldn’t ignore. So here's a fact dump for bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer - it's not a great dinner party topic
“My wife and I were thinking about starting a family and suddenly to have testicular cancer and the potential to not have children - it’s a hand grenade into your life.”

Cancer survivor’s ‘miracle’ daughters
“This is a call out to all women to check for lumps lying down, as well as standing up.”

Woman with breast cancer tells how she found a lump