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1/2 I find that most people know to go to Cancer Council for help and guidance throughout their cancer journey. Their brand presence is so vast – it’s almost common sense to reach out to them when you’ve been diagnosed or are in need of support during treatment.
When you’re a mum and you’re having to look after kids whilst undergoing treatment, seeking support and information online is simply...
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Cancer Council NSW
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Never give up on hope.
Cancer Council NSW
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“I have 8 years experience in advocacy and wanted to retake advocacy training as it had probably changed. I also thought that I might be able to help others with their advocacy aspirations.
Having the knowledge to address different situations gave me confidence to proceed. I realised the training I had previously helped me so much in my advocacy work and doing the refresher training helped...
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Cancer Council NSW
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“I attended the two day advocacy workshop to hear about how to make changes and how to make a difference in the community, particularly in palliative care. I come from a background of nursing so I have had plenty of experiences of seeing both bad deaths and good deaths. My drive to make a positive difference comes from there – also my dad had prostate cancer and a number of family members have...
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Cancer Council NSW
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"I believe anybody, not just someone who survives cancer, can achieve anything." - Zac Hulm, leukaemia survivor.

Read more of Zac's story at [ Link ]
Cancer Council NSW
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3/3 I had a bone marrow transplant. Three days afterwards one of the doctors came and said this is the quickest anyone’s had these sort of results. At this rate, you are going to break every record in this hospital.
Then there was four days of high dose chemotherapy and ten days, morning and night, full body radiation.
Never at any point did I say I wanted to have a break, or that I wanted to...
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Cancer Council NSW
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2/3 Initially they thought I had a virus. At one point they told my mother that she’d have to take me home and that I’d die. Then as I was being wheeled out of hospital a neurologist stopped me and told the doctor that she’d figured it out. I’d had a brain injury. It would take a long time to heal but it would get better. I was being put to bed in nappies. I couldn’t understand what was going...
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1/3 At no point in time did I ever think that I wasn’t going to make it. I might even have been a bit arrogant about it. I had a lot more things in life to achieve, and I hadn’t achieved them yet, so it wasn’t my time to go.
Of course I was shocked when I got the diagnosis. The doctor said he’d do everything he could. And I remember saying, “Well, I hope it’s good enough.
Then I went into...
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"I think it's important, when parents think it's appropriate, being able to actually start a conversation about what cancer is, what it isn't, the fact that it's not contagious in a classic sense, the children will not become sick, and the fact that many times, if detected early, it can be treated and it can be cured."

How Jo Wallace explained her cancer to her 7yo son
Getting back to a healthy lifestyle after cancer is one of the most important things you can do for your health.
Here are our tips for making, and keeping, healthy new year resolutions.

7 tips for sticking to New Year goals
Kerry’s daughter, Stephanie died after an aggressive brain cancer immobilised her. She was aged 22. During Steph's last days, there were no palliative care doctors available.

There is a shortage of palliative care doctors and nurses across NSW. Take the pledge to help end this shortage, so all our loved ones can access the best possible care when they need it the most. [ Link ]
A promising new drug that "melts" cancer cells has been approved for use in Australia.

"As a scientist what you dream of is that what you do and work on the bench will make a difference for patients" - Professor Huang, one of the developers of the drug.

Hope for leukaemia patients after cancer-melting drug approved by TGA
"The key message from our study is a little is better than nothing" - Professor Stamatakis of the research published.

Exercising once or twice a week can help reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer
To give you an idea of the vaccine's impact - in the first 4 to 5 years after the program started, we saw a 77% decrease in the number of 18-24-year-old women with HPV.

An Australian success story: the HPV vaccine
Today surgery is the mainstay of treatment and, in Australia, 95 per cent of men diagnosed with prostate cancer are alive five years later.

Prostate cancer: how treatment has improved over 30 years
Looking for ways to treat the kids this summer? Try our banana ice cream! No sugar and dairy, just 100% fruity goodness. They'll go bananas for it!

Get the recipe at: [ Link ]
No one should face cancer alone. Having a support network and talking to someone about your experiences and feelings can be helpful, reassuring and encouraging.

Join our supportive online community to connect with others affected by cancer. [ Link ]
"I never thought that when I was 35 I would have to absolutely change the way I dress because I don't have any breasts"

Leave Me Breastless: Cancer survivor's fashion inspires others
"I’ve been in on countless diagnoses conversations and even had to give the news myself on plenty of occasions, but being the person the doctor is talking about is surreal."

To Every Cancer Patient I Ever Took Care Of: I’m Sorry. I Didn’t Get It.
The New Year is the perfect time to start eating healthier but if you’re cornfused about how many fruit and veggies you should be eating, we’ve got the pearfect guide!

How much fruit and vegetables should I be eating?