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From power walkers, to casual strollers, to those who’ve dragged the dog along – our Walk All Over Cancer challengers have been striding towards beating cancer sooner! With one week to go, and the end in sight, head over to our website for some last minute fundraising tips and inspiration [ Link ]
Carolyn Robson
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Cancer Research UK
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“Steven sadly died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in June of last year. In life, he was a very active individual who took on many challenges, not least during his time in the British Army on tour in Afghanistan. He also enjoyed taking on the challenges on offer in the Scottish highlands. So this weekend, several of Steven’s family and I will attempt to hike Scotland’s Arrochar Alps – Ben Arthur, Ben...
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Steven sadly died of nonHodgkin lymphoma in June of last year In
Sarah Eckert
Susan Watkins
Lara Brown
Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK
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Right now, your tick is one of the most important tools in the fight against cancer. From 1 July, we’ll no longer be able to contact you with news of our latest appeals, breakthroughs and ways to get involved unless you tell us that you want to hear from us. So please visit our website to give us your tick and help beat cancer sooner: [ Link ]
Right now your tick is one of the most important tools in
Sue Byrne
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Cancer Research UK
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“I was the only person finishing radiotherapy that day. At first I didn’t want to ring the bell - I felt embarrassed at the thought of people watching me - but I can’t explain the wash of emotion I felt when people started clapping. It felt like an acknowledgement of what we were all going through together. That final radiotherapy treatment marked the end of my physical journey, but I didn’t...
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I was the only person finishing radiotherapy that day At first I
Helen Drinkwater
Tara Coyle
Mayumi  Sugihara
Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK
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“The picture on the left is from 2013, the first time my dad met my daughter, Ariana. Days later he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I felt my whole world fall apart. He said he would fight it, and the picture on the right is of Dad meeting my second daughter, Siera, in 2015. He died a week later. He had held out to meet his second granddaughter. Losing my dad was heartbreaking, but I...
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The picture on the left is from 2013 the first time my
Helen Ferguson
Gemma Clitherow
Janet Green
Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK
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“My dad was quite a classy guy and he loved his cars. When I look at this picture, I always remember how much he loved me because I was his little girl. After he died of mouth cancer in 2008, it really put my life into perspective and how I am with my kids. I had the upmost respect for my dad and miss him terribly.” Thank you to Sam Bailey for sharing your story and this lovely photo. This is...
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My dad was quite a classy guy and he loved his cars
Yvonne Cartwright
Pauline Bennetts
Michelle Bollas
On 1 November 2015, Alison’s dad, Alan, was diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer and told he would only have one more Christmas. “My dad was given a couple of treatment options to extend his life, one was to remove his bladder and fit him with a permanent urostomy bag. He decided to take that option and had the operation on 6 April 2016. Afterwards, the surgeon called us into a little room,...
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On 1 November 2015 Alisons dad Alan was diagnosed with advanced bladder
Cath Byrne
William Darren Nichol
Angela White
“I’m lucky that I’ve been hugely supported by my family circle throughout everything. The physical side of cancer is difficult, but the mental side is just as hard. I wouldn’t have been able to face that without my family.” Sean, from Derry in Northern Ireland, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma as a child, and bladder cancer twice as an adult. Along with his family, he formed Team Hix Mix to...
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Im lucky that Ive been hugely supported by my family circle throughout
Una Barrow
Fiona Nash
AL Smith
In July 2015, following appointments with his GP and a specialist, Rob was told there was a tumour on his left kidney. “Our son Jake, then only five, and my daughter Abbie, aged nine, were too young to understand the word cancer, and I didn’t have a clue how to explain it to them. Thankfully, Cancer Research UK’s forums were really helpful for things like what to say to your children. To make...
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In July 2015 following appointments with his GP and a specialist Rob
Natalie Callaghan
Sandra Cooper
Tracy Fellows
“I do know now that after all the saving up and planning… I’m now thinking to myself, just live a bit, Harry. Just live a bit. I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in May 2016. I’ve had chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, and my consultant is optimistic I’ll go into full remission.” We filmed Harry as part of our Right Now campaign. Our researchers are looking for kinder...
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I do know now that after all the saving up and planning
Susan Rhodes
Stephen Rawlins
Linda Dinsmore
“While I was recovering from a brain tumour and a stroke last March, I took part in Walk All Over Cancer. I’d had brain surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and I’d been told my cancer was life limiting. The stroke also meant any kind of movement was difficult for me. It was such a horrendous time. On the second day of my treatment, I got a dog – a fluffy pug called Betty. She was...
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While I was recovering from a brain tumour and a stroke last
Pamela Douglass
Amy Thist
Fatinha Do Bento
As part of Cervical Screening Awareness Week, we answered your questions and discussed the common myths and fears that surround cervical screening. To learn more, visit our blog: [ Link ]
June Stubbings
Jen Caragh
Elaine Gunn
It’s Cervical Screening Awareness Week, so at 6:15pm this evening we’ll be live, right here, talking about all things cervical screening. We’ll be joined by Jasmine from our health information team, as well as Jean, one of our cancer information nurses, and Sarah, who’s just about to have her first screening examination. They’ll be answering your questions, so make sure you tune in!
Its Cervical Screening Awareness Week so at 615pm this evening well be
Kamaljit Kaur Dhillon
Jenny Stocks
Ruth Twigg
“This is how I visualise Dad’s cancer - a big, black balloon hanging over us that could pop at any minute.” Ellie’s dad was diagnosed with terminal stomach and liver cancer in March, after feeling unwell for a few months. “It has been a huge shock to the family. In times like this, I think it’s important to go to what you love. For me, that’s drawing, as it relaxes me and helps me process...
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This is how I visualise Dads cancer a big black balloon hanging
Sofia Zarar
Joanne Richardson
Michelle Pledger
In the third and final of our stories today, cancer survivor, Thea, talks about her experience... “I try not to think about my cancer now and just want to get on with my life. At the time I was diagnosed I was six years old and had very little understanding of what was happening. I knew I had been poorly but took it all in my stride. Now I’m at college studying Health & Social Care - I hope to...
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In the third and final of our stories today cancer survivor Thea
Jonathan Leech
Nasir Chaudhry
Graham White
"I consider myself very fortunate to be a cancer survivor after I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2000 and then in 2004 – when I got to my 50th birthday I made sure it was a big one and had three parties so that I could see all my family and friends. I take every opportunity to talk about cancer to help raise awareness. I’m passionate about the work of Cancer Research UK, so I...
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I consider myself very fortunate to be a cancer survivor after I
Faheem Feemzy Hazza
Kath Culbert
Kim Batts
Over the last 40 years, cancer survival has doubled -half of those diagnosed now survive. Today, we'll be sharing three stories of people who've survived cancer, starting with Yvonne... “Having cancer has changed my outlook on life is so many ways, I always try to stay in the moment and stay positive. Sometimes I forget that I had cancer, as life goes on. When people get in touch with me who...
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Over the last 40 years cancer survival has doubled half of those
Jane Riley
Sherry Church
Sherry Church
“As a doctor and a scientist, I get to see discoveries move from the research stage to being used to treat patients. It’s seeing those drugs actually benefiting patients that gets me up in the morning.” Professor Johann de Bono is one of our researchers working at The Institute of Cancer Research, specialising in prostate cancer. “I’ve been involved with around 100 potential new drugs and some...
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As a doctor and a scientist I get to see discoveries move
Kamaljit Kaur Dhillon
Stephen Rawlins
Gillian Archibald
“When I was told I had lymphoma, I didn’t actually know what it was, so I had no idea I’d been diagnosed with cancer. It was a huge shock when a nurse I spoke to used the word cancer.” 18-year-old Roisin decided to Walk All Over Cancer and do 10,000 steps a day this month after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma two years ago. “I had six months of chemotherapy, followed by radiotherapy,...
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When I was told I had lymphoma I didnt actually know what
Marco Alfonso Alessi
Susan Rhodes
Pam Johnstone
Planning a wardrobe clear-out this weekend? We’ve got a suggestion for those wearable clothes you no longer want – drop them into your local CRUK shop as part of the Big Slimming World Clothes Throw! Now in its fifth year, the campaign has raised over £5m for our life-saving research, and with your help we’d love to bring that to £8m this year. So bag up those unwanted threads and visit our...
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Planning a wardrobe clearout this weekend Weve got a suggestion for those
Sarah Carlin
Carole Morris
Chris Jolly