Oh hey there, mighty Dryathlete champs! We hope you’re enjoying February after your epic efforts in January. What a way to kick off 2017! Consider this your friendly neighbourhood reminder to collect that all-important sponsorship money from your friends, family, colleagues and distant acquaintances, as every penny really does help in our mission to beat cancer sooner!
It’s World Cancer Day!!!! Dryathlete champions, have you got your Unity Band ready to play your part in one massive #ActOfUnity today? Join us by wearing your Unity Band and sharing your pics across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! And to make a donation right now, visit: [ Po.st Link ]
Calling all Dryathlon champions! Thanks to your awesome booze-free abilities, you’re raising money to fund research that’s saving lives right now. We hope you enjoy a well-deserved weekend. Don’t forget to keep pestering your friends and family for those all-important donations!
Dryathletes, you’ve done it! You’ve absolutely SMASHED your alcohol-free month and raised money to fund life-saving cancer research in the process. Share you badge with PRIDE to let your followers know you’ve conquered Dryathlon, and as a gentle reminder for your friends and family to hand over those final donations! You’ve conquered the original booze-free challenge, and we couldn’t be...
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Februrary is mere hours away! You’ve come this far, and we have faith you can make it one final night! We can’t thank you enough for taking on Dryathlon this January. Tonight we bow to you, mighty Dryathletes!
Just ONE DAY MORE, Dryathletes!!! 24 hours to GLORY – we’re just so proud of your incredible efforts this month! How will you celebrate after midnight tomorrow? Or are you carrying on into February? Let us know in the comments below!
It’s your final weekend on the wagon!!! Make the most of the hangover-free freedom that comes with doing Dryathlon and enjoy all the benefits of having L O A D S of energy! What fun activities have you been getting up to this month? Let us know in the comments below :)
Will you be out and about this weekend to protect and serve your friends who weren’t game enough to take on a January without booze? Share your badge to let them know that while they’re out drinking, you’ll step up to be the designated driver – all while charging them by the mile to raise money to beat cancer sooner!
Make the lonely pint and the weepy wine glass cry by tapping the image until it locks in the middle! Hit like if you get it first time ;)
How did that happen?! There are only SEVEN DAYS LEFT! You’re all TOTALLY nailing Dryathlon January, and the end is now in sight! Don’t lose momentum now, stay strong and sober and keep badgering your friends and family to sponsor you! We have absolute faith you can make it to the finish line without a drop of alcohol – keep going!!!
Every penny you raise really does make a huge difference in bringing forward the day all cancers are cured, so remind your friends to dig deep and sponsor you this month!
You’ve made it through your THIRD weekend on the wagon, and you’re doing incredibly well! The end is in sight, with just nine more days to go – but only one weekend! KEEP GOING, DRYATHLETES, YOU’VE GOT THIS.
Remember to use your sober power for good this weekend, Dryathletes, and help out any mates who might be tempted to drunk text, drunk call or drunk Tinder! Save them from that red-faced morning-after regret if you spot them spending too much time on their phones. OR: enjoy the hilarity that comes with other people doing stupid things, and bask in your teetotal smugness ;)
HAPPY WEEKEND, DRYATHLETES! Who else feels like this when you leave work on a Friday…?
Sound familiar, Dryathletes? Don’t listen to the haters, we have absolute faith that you WILL make it through the month!!!
We’re halfway through, and you’re ABSOLUTELY SMASHING IT! Don’t lose momentum now, you’ve come so far, and you’re a mere 15 days away from glory! You can do this, Dryathletes! Just remember your efforts this month will take us one step closer to beating cancer sooner.
Listen up, Dryathletes! You must fulfil your DUTY this weekend to protect your still-drinking-in-January friends from themselves! Confiscate phones if you have to, just save your mates from that red-faced regret the next morning when they remember texting their ex about how much they miss them. With great power comes great responsibility. You can do this!!!!
IT’S FRIIIIIDDDAAAAAYYYY! Another work week without alcohol down, and now you can enjoy a relaxing weekend without a hangover spoiling it! The weekend is your oyster, what are you going to get up to? Being sober on a night out has its perks - channel your inner Monica or Ross and do a slick routine without alcohol ruining your coordination! ;) A month off the booze will mean that come February...
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Ah, the sponsorship struggle. You put yourself through a whole month without a drop of alcohol (to fund life-saving cancer research, no less), and your mates can’t even cough up a couple of quid to sponsor you. Well, lucky for you our website has plenty of Dryathlon-related fundraising ideas, help and inspiration: po.st/uTcvna. Post your top fundraising tips in the comments below to inspire...
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IT’S DAY ELEVEN! That’s eleven days without a drink, eleven mornings without a hangover, and eleven… OK we can’t think of any more elevens, but you get the idea! Who else is feeling pretty smug right now? You’re doing amazingly well and we hope beating cancer sooner is motivation enough to help you through the rest of the month! Go forth and fundraise, mighty Dryathletes!