Remember to use your sober power for good this weekend, Dryathletes, and help out any mates who might be tempted to drunk text, drunk call or drunk Tinder! Save them from that red-faced morning-after regret if you spot them spending too much time on their phones. OR: enjoy the hilarity that comes with other people doing stupid things, and bask in your teetotal smugness ;)
HAPPY WEEKEND, DRYATHLETES! Who else feels like this when you leave work on a Friday…?
Sound familiar, Dryathletes? Don’t listen to the haters, we have absolute faith that you WILL make it through the month!!!
We’re halfway through, and you’re ABSOLUTELY SMASHING IT! Don’t lose momentum now, you’ve come so far, and you’re a mere 15 days away from glory! You can do this, Dryathletes! Just remember your efforts this month will take us one step closer to beating cancer sooner.
Listen up, Dryathletes! You must fulfil your DUTY this weekend to protect your still-drinking-in-January friends from themselves! Confiscate phones if you have to, just save your mates from that red-faced regret the next morning when they remember texting their ex about how much they miss them. With great power comes great responsibility. You can do this!!!!
IT’S FRIIIIIDDDAAAAAYYYY! Another work week without alcohol down, and now you can enjoy a relaxing weekend without a hangover spoiling it! The weekend is your oyster, what are you going to get up to? Being sober on a night out has its perks - channel your inner Monica or Ross and do a slick routine without alcohol ruining your coordination! ;) A month off the booze will mean that come February...
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Ah, the sponsorship struggle. You put yourself through a whole month without a drop of alcohol (to fund life-saving cancer research, no less), and your mates can’t even cough up a couple of quid to sponsor you. Well, lucky for you our website has plenty of Dryathlon-related fundraising ideas, help and inspiration: Post your top fundraising tips in the comments below to inspire...
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IT’S DAY ELEVEN! That’s eleven days without a drink, eleven mornings without a hangover, and eleven… OK we can’t think of any more elevens, but you get the idea! Who else is feeling pretty smug right now? You’re doing amazingly well and we hope beating cancer sooner is motivation enough to help you through the rest of the month! Go forth and fundraise, mighty Dryathletes!
Have you heard? Dryathlon is on WhatsApp! Simply add 07704 213372 to your contacts, then send us a message with your name + ‘DRYATHLON NEWS’ to receive lots of fundraising tips and motivation straight to your phone! Head to your phone’s app store to download WhatsApp if you don’t already have it, and bask in that feeling of JOY when you get your first message from us :)
IT’S DAY EIGHT AND YOU’RE DOING AMAZINGLY WELL EVERYONE! Stay strong, stay positive, and stay AWESOME as you raise money to fund life-saving cancer research by staying dry this January! Share this badge to let your friends know you’ve made it to the first milestone, and don’t forget to remind them for that all-important sponsorship!
Well, Dryathletes, you’ve made it to your first weekend, and now the real challenge begins. We know it’ll be hard to resist temptation over the next two days, but we have utter faith that you can do it!!! Practice saying “No thanks, I’ll have an orange juice,” and take the opportunity to sneak some donations out of your mates while they’re on their fifth beer of the night! YOU’VE GOT THIS.
Who else needs this little dog on day 5 of Dryathlon?!
It’s day three of Dryathlon January, and we know the struggle is very real! Stay strong, Dryathletes, we have complete faith that you will smash your booze-free challenge. Back by popular demand, here’s your Dryathlete badge for you to share so all your friends and family know you’re raising money to fund life-saving cancer research! Oh and by the way, it’s still not too late to sign up: [...
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Are you in need of some #MondayMotivation to help you get cracking with your fundraising? Remember, the whole of the Dryathlon January team are behind you! Head to our website for tips and inspiration [ Link ], and post your top tips for getting people to donate in the comments below. We’re rooting for you!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, DRYATHLETES! We hope you enjoyed the array of fireworks all across the country last night which signalled the start of Dryathlon 2017! It’s great when the whole country gets behind us isn’t it?! If you’re suffering today, just think about that awesome feeling you’ll have in 31 short days when you’ve completed a month off the sauce!
Just a few hours left before the most epic of fundraising challenges begins… Dryathlon January is merely hours away! For those who have signed up and are raring to go, YOU’VE GOT THIS! For those who are still toying with the idea of taking on 31 booze free days, there are no excuses! What could be a better way to start 2017 than giving up alcohol and raising money to fund research that’s...
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The clock is ticking, Dryathletes! Two days to go! Have you been sweeping the house for all traces of beer? Giving post-Christmas bottles of wine as generous “presents” to your friends to get rid of them? You’re going to be GREAT, we have faith in your booze-free abilities! And for those who are being all elusive (the kind of people that leave EVERYTHING to the last minute) and haven’t signed...
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QUICK, FUTURE DRYATHLETES, HURRY! There are still a few days left of December, and therefore plenty of time for 2016 to throw something more at us. BUT it also means there’s still time to sign up to Dryathlon! 31 days of no alcohol, all to fund the research bringing forward the day all cancers are cured. RUN LIKE THE WIND and sign up to Dryathlon now: [ Link ]
Are you a booze-free force to be reckoned with? Do you have a will of steel? Or are you susceptible to temptation and easily persuaded by your mates? Whatever way you challenge your willpower this January, Dryathlon will use up every ounce of it, but the feeling of achievement you’ll get at the end of the month will make it all worth it! Take our willpower test to prepare yourself for our epic...
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The Boxing Day hangover: that feeling of being so full from yesterday’s indulgence of food and drink, yet when it comes to a leftover sandwich, all is mysteriously forgotten. Sound familiar? Whilst you’re struggling to move from the sofa, and swearing you’ll never eat and drink that much again, how about holding the whole family to their word and encourage them to join you for Dryathlon this...
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