Maurie Markman, MD discusses what individuals should consider before making the decision to be screened for the BRCA gene mutations. [ Link ]

Who Should Be Screened for the Breast Cancer Gene? - Cancer Fighters Thrive
Cancer Fighters in Birmingham joined Dr. Anita Johnson and Susan G. Komen Komen North Central Alabama at the Circle of Promise Luncheon today! They learned how to transition from survivor to advocate! How are you helping others who were diagnosed with cancer in your community?
Malnutrition affects many cancer patients and can have serious consequences. Learn the common origins of malnutrition and tips that may prevent it: [ Link ]

Treating malnutrition starts by identifying its cause, and taking it seriously | CTCA
Staying committed to your healthy goals can be difficult, these apps are here to help: [ Link ]

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Memory and cognition problems affect almost 75% of cancer patients according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). [ Link ]

Can playing video games help cancer patients?
Katherine Puckett, PhD, MS, MSW, LCSW says this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to show yourself some love by exploring self-care practices to help counteract stress while nourishing your body, mind and spirit. Perhaps a do-it-yourself home spa day or some mediation to allow for a little “me” time.
“I found with Our Journey of Hope, it's more than just sending a card. It's more than just taking a meal to a family who's struggling with cancer.” Rick and Mary Hahn share their experiences attending the Our Journey of Hope training and how it expanded the scope of their ministry. Hear more at [ Link ]

Joining in the Journey of Hope | Health, Hope and Inspiration
Physical activity may help lower the risk of certain cancers, including ovarian cancer. This National Cancer Prevention Month, we encourage individuals to speak with their doctors about creating a simple exercise program. [ Link ]

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with these delicious and healthy dessert alternatives.
Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta and CTCA Cancer Fighters Fighters joined Dr. Daniel Kellman today to learn more about living the Anti-Cancer Lifestyle through naturopathic medicine. Do you know what supplements to take or to avoid during cancer treatment?
Chemo brain affects many cancer patients and makes it difficult for them to concentrate and perform everyday tasks. Learn what a recent study discovered about this cognitive dysfunction and tips that may help alleviate its symptoms: [ Link ]

Study finds chemo brain persists after treatment in breast cancer patients| CTCA
“We can't stop aging. But there are lifestyle choices we can make. That's the most important part.” — Suzi Kochar, MD [ Link ]

Why does cancer risk increase as we get older? | CTCA
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we revisit a study exploring the connection between romantic love and pain relief. [ Link ]

The connection between romantic love and pain relief
“We’re there to bring hope and encouragement to those who are unable to find courage within themselves and within their situation.” Rev. Percy McCray shares important tips for cancer care ministers to help make their hospital visitation experience one that is hope-filled and effective.
[ Link ]

Hospital Visitation Tips | Health, Hope and Inspiration
Added sugar may contribute to excess body weight, which is one of the most significant lifestyle risk factors for developing cancer. Reducing added sugars in meals may help lower the risk for cancer, chronic diseases, and other conditions. [ Link ]

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Attending a watch party for the Big Game? Know which foods to pick and which to skip this Game Day: [ Link ]

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Today is World Cancer Day! Learn how to get involved and join the global effort to raise cancer awareness: [ Link ]

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Navigational bronchoscopy creates a roadmap to help doctors reach a tumor, much like a GPS may help travelers find their way. [ Link ]

Tracking technology helps cancer doctors find their way | CTCA
With the right strategies, relationships can withstand cancer treatment says Michael Uhl, MA, MDiv, LMFT, “A crisis moment in a relationship or marriage is like heat from a welding torch. You can use the heat to either cut a piece of metal apart or bind two pieces together.” [ Link ]

10 tips for keeping relationships strong through the cancer journey | CTCA