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What's one thing you want to learn this month? We have a great lineup of Canon Collective workshops to help you out:
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If anyone knows the importance of photographing your babies, it's mum of quintuplets and wonder woman, Kim Tucci
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No One Sees It Like: Gavin
Explore this album to see how budding photographer and Canon Collective member, Gavin Clark sees the world.
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"While I love going outdoors and exploring new places for my photography, it's important to have fun. Don't just go somewhere for a photograph, but also go for an experience. I make it a priority to capture at least one image that reflects this.

My #CanonChallenge is to get outdoors. Head to your favourite place and capture people enjoying their environment." Mcguigan Visuals
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Monet eat your heart out. Check out these works of art from #CanonChallenge .
Meet eight talented photographers who like to capture the world a little differently.
No One Sees It Like: Warren
Explore this album to see how ocean photographer, Warren Keelan sees the world.
"I've been fascinated by creating less traditional forms of photography simply by playing around with a camera. Some people love the results and others hate them. I fell in love with the impressionistic style, or any style that makes a suggestion of an image and is often rather unexpected.

My #CanonChallenge is: paint a picture in an impressionistic style. Use your camera to push the...
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Krystle Wright asked what being bold meant to you, for our latest #CanonChallenge. Here's a taste of some of the responses.
Watch what happens when a portrait becomes truly personal.
Fly high with one of the OG's of Aerial Photography, Aquabumps
'As an adventure photographer, I'm often reminded to break boundaries and push myself to new limits. Being bold is a constant challenge as I find ways to evolve as a photographer and artist.

My #CanonChallenge is: Show me what being bold means to you. What limits have stopped you recently and what challenges can help you break new barriers?' Adventure Photographer, Krystle Wright.

Image by...
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Focus your eyes on these zoom landscapes from #CanonChallenge
'It was a nice summer day when all of sudden (in true Melbourne fashion) it poured with heavy rain. I was sheltering under a bridge and when it stopped I looked down to see big reflection puddles. I could see the reflection of people and when I saw the bike coming, I decided that was the shot.

I aimed to catch the lower bike wheels but more importantly the reflection of the bike and rider....
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No One Sees It Like: Di
Explore this album to see how Di Lymbury sees the world.
Your #CanonChallenge this week is ‘Zoom Landscapes’ and is created by community member, Ben Wawn.

"Take a landscape shot utilising the full extent of your zoom lenses. Shoot through the trees or ferns to give a sense of depth and distance to your image."
10 Self Portraits which challenge the Modern-Day #Selfie.
Images chosen by Andrea Francolini Photography
Get up close and personal with the giants of the underwater world.
Images by Thurston Photo
What happens when portraits become truly personal?
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This week's #CanonChallenge is by community member Andrea Francolini Photography and it's 'Self Portraits.'

"A self portrait or any portrait should captivate you and give you some sort of emotion. It can make you laugh, smile, be sad or think. It can be close-up or have the main subject situated in a location to help tell their story.

It can be a selfie or a proper portrait. It can be your...
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