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What happens when portraits become truly personal?
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Canon Australia
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This week's #CanonChallenge is by community member Andrea Francolini Photography and it's 'Self Portraits.'

"A self portrait or any portrait should captivate you and give you some sort of emotion. It can make you laugh, smile, be sad or think. It can be close-up or have the main subject situated in a location to help tell their story.

It can be a selfie or a proper portrait. It can be your...
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Canon Australia
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Our Monday was made a little brighter thanks to these shots from #CanonChallenge
No One Sees It Like: Ben
Explore this album to see how volunteer firefighter, Benjamin Wawn sees the world.
This week, #CanonChallenge is all about adding a splash of colour to your image, set by community member Stu McKay Photography.

"My first recollection of colour splash being used was in the film Schindler's List. There is a scene where you see a little girl in the red coat walking through all the chaos of the German raids on the Jews which is really confronting. Just like the film, adding...
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Newbies and vloggers rejoice! So much new gear for activities.
Six special places connected through the power of photography.
Enjoy these images from #CanonChallenge personally chosen by Serena vs World.
No One Sees It Like: Skye
Explore this album to see how underwater photographer, Skye Migan sees the world.
This week's #CanonChallenge is by Community Member, Serena vs World

"The focus of my photography is about my relationship with the land, so my challenge is to create an image that tells the story of your connection with your own special place."
'The image is of my pup Dash, in this photo she is a 8 week old Kelpie pup. It was taken on our farm near Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. The aim was to get some farm photos of her while she was still a pup, but she was so inquisitive that she was more interested in seeing how the camera worked. The camera in the photo is my secondary camera which is a 5D Mark III with a 85mm Lens.'

Image by...
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Nothing beats reminiscing over holiday photos.
Enjoy these highlights from #CanonChallenge
Take flight with Aerial Photographer, Josh Smith and experience what it's like to shoot Rural Australia from above.
No One Sees It Like: Serena
Explore this album to see how travel and adventure photographer, Serena Ho sees the world.
The holidays may be over but the memories won't fade. This #CanonChallenge, share a highlight from your summer break.
What makes #Australia so special?
Have a look at these beauties from #CanonChallenge and see for yourselves.
Prepare to see Rural #Australia like you've never seen it before.
In celebration of #AustraliaDay, your #CanonChallenge is to show us what makes #Australia so unique.
"The force is strong with you."

Thanks for sharing your creative shots for #CanonChallenge — your imagination took us further than we expected.
No One Sees It Like: Roz
Explore this album to see how Roz Zito sees the world.
This week, #CanonChallenge is by our creative community member AliC Photography and the task is to use a toy as the subject of your image.

"Bring a toy to life, remove that 'plastic-feel' to it and make it more human. Tell a story — you're limited only by your imagination."