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We love being a part of your adventures, thanks to everyone who shared their March Break photos with us!

Here are some of our favs from this great photos submitted this week.
Canon Canada
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It is truly incredible the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of our lenses. It's almost impossible to comprehend the number of components and the time involved in their creation.

Go behind the scenes with DPReview as they go on a special guided tour of the Canon Utsunomiya lens factory, the birthplace of L-series Glass!

[ Link ]

The home of the L-series: We tour Canon's Utsunomiya factory
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Whether you traveled abroad or spent the time closer to home, we want to see the photos you captured. This week share your favourite march break photos!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We can’t help but feel lucky to have so many amazing green photos submitted for this week’s photo challenge. Here are some of our favourites.
#ThrowbackThursday - Sir John Herschel has made numerous contributions to the world of imaging. Not only did he discover a process to "fix" images captured, making them permanent, but most notably he is credited with coining the term "Photography" in 1839.

The name photography comes from the Greek root words "photos" meaning light, and "graphia" meaning writing or drawing. Photography...
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Are you feeling less motivated to grab your camera and capture images that inspire you?

We've all been there, slumps happen. Luckily, our friends at Fstoppers have brought together some great tips to get your photo mojo back!

In a Photography Slump? Five Steps to Breaking Free | Fstoppers
Go Green!

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner we want to celebrate with your photos. This week, share your photos highlighting the emerald hue!

Canon photographer Crystal Provencher captured this lush scene in Proxy Falls, Oregon with a Canon 7D.
Thank you for sharing your views of the six and helping us celebrate Toronto's 183rd birthday.

Here are some of our favourite photos from this week;s challenge.
#ThrowbackThursday - The Canon EF lens mount made it's debut in March of 1987 with the unveiling of the Canon EOS 650. The introduction of EOS (Electro Optical System) launched Canon into a new generation of camera with auto-focus, using technology that has evolved into the highly sophisticated equipment available today!

We are proud to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of EOS...
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We recognize and celebrate the inspiring women at Canon Canada from Vancouver to Quebec City who are making a difference and shaping our future! #InternationalWomensDay
Introducing the Pixma G-Series Printers!

Featuring an innovative refillable megatank ink system, these printers make printing, scanning and copying both easy and cost effective!

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Today is Toronto's 183rd Birthday! To celebrate the busy streets of this bustling city, we want to see your urban photos.

Share your skylines and street photography, we want to celebrate the best views of the metropolis!
We loved your storytelling photos so much, that we thought we would share your photos and the stories you shared! Click through to see the story behind each image, in the photographer's words.
#ThrowbackThursday - In 1895, German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen accidentally discovered X-rays while experimenting with electron rays and vacuum tubes. He called them "X" rays because of their unknown nature. To prove his discovery, he captured an image of the bones in his wife's hand, changing medical imaging almost overnight!

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Location, Location Location!

Finding the perfect place to take a photo can be stressful. Photographer Nicky Hamilton turns his concepts into reality by creating the cinematic scenes for his photos, and building his sets from scratch!

Check out how he always gets his perfect shot, shared by our friends at Fstoppers!

Photographer Spends Three Months Building His Own Sets by Hand for Cinematic Photo Series | Fstoppers
Calling all photography storytellers!

This week share your favourite photo with a story behind it. We love hearing more details about your amazing pictures!

Your photo is worth a thousand words, and we want to share them!
We will follow where you lead!

Thank you to all our Canon photographers who used their leading line photos to take us to so many beautiful places. Here are some of our favourites from this week’s photo challenge.
#ThrowbackThursday - In 1998 the world's first digital radiography system was introduced, using the Canon CXDI-11 flat panel detector. This system made it possible to see an on-screen preview image just seconds after exposure and enabled the sharing of image data over intra-hospital networks.

We know it's what's inside that counts!
What inspires you to create? Photography? Food? Lego? All three?

Polish photographer Michal Kulesza combined his love of photography and the popular building blocks, using Lego in place of everyday items. The resulting images are sure to make you smile!

Photographer Turns LEGO Bricks Into Foods and Things