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03/23/2017 at 20:08. Facebook
Now this is what we call a kit bag! #swoon

(Image © Nige Levanterman)
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03/21/2017 at 12:20. Facebook
Over the last couple of days, we've been posting some of the highlights from our Canon Live Stage at The Photography Show.

The ever-inspiring Canon Explorer Cliveboothphoto captivated the audience during his talk, and we couldn't resist sharing one of the many highlights from it with you all!
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03/20/2017. Facebook
Right from the heart of the Canon Live Stage at The Photography Show, Canon Explorer Andy Rouse Photography has been sharing his favourite shots from the last twelve months with us.

Which shot is your favourite? We're finding it almost impossible to choose from that incredible line up...
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03/19/2017. Facebook
What an inspiration!

Live at The Photography Show: Lara Jade Photography, and her invaluable insight into fashion photography.
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03/17/2017. Facebook
We're so excited to be able to share our latest launch with you all... Canon merchandise! [ Link ]
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03/16/2017. Facebook
This weekend, Team Canon will be taking Birmingham by storm at The Photography Show.

We have an incredible itinerary for you all: Sebastião Salgado - Genesis, Andy Rouse Photography, Lara Jade Photography, Clive Booth, Jeff Ascough, Eye Jogia Photography, T-Two Photography and Nige Levanterman will be inspiring us with their expertise on the Canon live stage: [ Link ]

Who's going to...
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03/15/2017. Facebook
"Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment"

(Image © Matt Hardy Photography)
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03/10/2017. Facebook
#CanonTip Using the LCD screen (with its nifty gridlines) is a great way to ensure that your landscape shots stay deadly straight.

(Image © Ed Holbrook Photography)
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03/07/2017. Facebook
We love seeing photos of interesting architecture.

Inspire us, and show us the incredible sites you've visited that have left you in awe.

(Image © Ryan Howard)
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03/05/2017. Facebook
Today, we want to see your favourite iconic landmarks from around the world.

Inspire us, and show us where you have a soft spot for in the comments below.

(Image © Tim Sonmez Photography)
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03/03/2017. Facebook
Who else loves heading out on a night shoot as much as we do?

Show us your best efforts of capturing the night sky and put us in awe!

(Image © Dan Struthers Photography)
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03/01/2017. Facebook
Today, we're celebrating the big 3-0! EOS is officially 30, and on this date in 1987, our world renowned EOS System was born.

Happy birthday EOS! #EOS30years
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02/26/2017. Facebook
Left your tripod at home? A bridge will do!

First tip of being a successful photographer: be resourceful.

(Image © Claudio Melis)
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02/24/2017. Facebook
The mother of all flat lays.
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02/22/2017. Facebook
Where's your favourite spot to set up your DSLR?

(Image © Rebecca Greenaway)
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02/19/2017. Facebook
With its iconic rock arch and beautiful beach, Durdle Door is a photographers haven – and it’s not hard to see why!

Show us your shots from this great British location in the comments below.

(Image Stephen Norman Photography)
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02/15/2017. Facebook
We'd like to introduce you to the three newest members of the EOS family – the vloggers choice: the EOS M6, the beginners essential: the EOS 800D and throwing a curveball into the mix… the advanced EOS 77D.

Which one is on your kit wishlist?
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02/13/2017. Facebook
#CanonTip Add interest to your images by finding a natural leading line.

Show us your best in the comments below.

(Image © Asad Iqbal)
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02/12/2017. Facebook
We're so interested to see where you've all been with your camera in tow...

Share with us your best shots of your camera, and we'll feature our favourites across Facebook next month!

(Instagram image © Ostandage)
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02/08/2017. Facebook
Tackling a challenging, new landscape is one of the ways we strive to better our technical ability. How do you like to challenge yourself?

(Image © Toby Butler)