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Left your tripod at home? A bridge will do!

First tip of being a successful photographer: be resourceful.

(Image © Claudio Melis)
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The mother of all flat lays.
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Where's your favourite spot to set up your DSLR?

(Image © Rebecca Greenaway)
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With its iconic rock arch and beautiful beach, Durdle Door is a photographers haven – and it’s not hard to see why!

Show us your shots from this great British location in the comments below.

(Image Stephen Norman Photography)
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We'd like to introduce you to the three newest members of the EOS family – the vloggers choice: the EOS M6, the beginners essential: the EOS 800D and throwing a curveball into the mix… the advanced EOS 77D.

Which one is on your kit wishlist?
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#CanonTip Add interest to your images by finding a natural leading line.

Show us your best in the comments below.

(Image © Asad Iqbal)
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We're so interested to see where you've all been with your camera in tow...

Share with us your best shots of your camera, and we'll feature our favourites across Facebook next month!

(Instagram image © Ostandage)
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Tackling a challenging, new landscape is one of the ways we strive to better our technical ability. How do you like to challenge yourself?

(Image © Toby Butler)
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Feeling creative? Try capturing light trails using a tripod and a slow shutter speed.

(Image © @levanterman)
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Where are you planning on taking your camera this weekend?

(Image © Rebecca Greenway)
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Now this is what we call a line up...

(Image © Chris Winterphot)
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And our last photo challenge of the month is all about winter...

Share with us your coldest, crispest shots from the last few months, and inspire others by telling us all how you took the shot itself.

(Image © Martin Davies)
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We're curious... if a friend asked you for your advice on which lens they should add to their kit bag, which one would you choose?

(Image © Giuseppe Foti)
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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still"

(Image © André Alexander)
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Photo challenge number five is all about cityscapes...

Be it from above, below or just a great wide angle shot, we'd love to see an interesting perspective of your favourite city. Post yours in the comments below!

(Instagram image © Quattro80)
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"You don't take a photograph, you make it"

(Image © Terry Conroy and bird handler Kevin O'Dea)
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It's time for photo challenge number four...

Tonight, we want to see your best dramatic pose. Be it a landscape or a portrait, a macro shot or a night time composition, share your most thrilling pieces of work with us in the comments below.

(Image © Toby Butler)
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#CanonTip When capturing wide angle landscapes, look for a subject within the frame to add a sense of scale.

What would be the first tip you'd give to a new photographer who wanted to try shooting landscapes?

(Image © Baz Anderson)
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It's that time again - photo challenge number three is here...

This time, we want to see your camera in action. Show us your partner in crime in situ and share with us where you've both been together.

(Image © Maksym Gryshchenko)
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01/09/2017. Facebook
It's photo challenge time, and next up - it's all about travel.

Show us your best travel shots of 2016. We want to uncover hidden gems, stunning landscapes, friendly people... the world is our oyster!

(Image © Beautelicieuse)