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1 in 3 16-24 year-old lads have admitted to spray tanning! Is your lad/mate a #SecretTanner? Rat them out here...
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MASSIVE thanks to Laura's Little Bakery Cake & Cupcake maker in Liverpool for making our 1st Birthday extra special with this incredible cake!
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BEST way to celebrate reaching 11m insta followers Rita Ora
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Excuse me but WHERE is Kendall Jenner's second leg please?!
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The lad Gemma is seeing just admitted he ENJOYS Mrs Browns Boys TV Show - thats a massive #DealBreaker

What one thing would make you bin somebody off? ????
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What do we make of Jesy's new hair colour? Get in, Little Mix - they're confirmed to perform at the #Brits next month! ❀
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Adam stepped up to the plate and ate his chocolate-covered onion... LOOK AT HIS FACE!
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Klopp passed a note to Sturridge for him to show around at the game last night... WHAT COULD IT HAVE SAID?! ????????????
What do you think, Liverpool? Could it happen?!? β˜ƒ #SnowDay
Have you seen that MOOOON this morning?! SO big!
Check out Ed Sheeran covering 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' on Roman's's amazing!
Adam saw this in John Lewis Liverpool yesterday... Are we agreed tht this is TOO SOON!?
Today's the day you're most likely to get cheated on! Know any of these?
The dirtiest breakfast show in Liverpool
Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran & Martin Garrix take centre stage in our latest ad #OnlyOnCapital
#SatsumaSkills ... can't believe this just happened