Captain Hook
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See if your quizzing skills are as on point as Hook's brow game:

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Don't know what to wear for New Year's Eve? Take a tip from Captain Hook!

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Hooked on the holidays.
Here's your first look at Harry, Captain Hook's son in Descendants 2:

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Identify the inkblot image and find out if you’re most like Captain Hook:

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Here’s your chance to see Captain Hook in person in the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular at Walt Disney World:

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Walk the plank and watch these seriously spooky (and amazing) Tokyo Disney Resort videos:

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If you’re excited to see Captain Hook’s son, here’s another reason to be thrilled:

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See Hook from Once Upon a Time in this amazing behind-the-scenes video:

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It's a pirate's life for this young actor! Find out who's playing Hook's son in Descendants 2:

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Are you basically the same as Captain Hook? Walk the plank and find out:

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He may be a villain, but Captain Hook sounds a lot like another Peter Pan character:

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Get a look at that hook—and other fashionable Disney Villain accessories:

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If Captain Hook were an emoji, which one would he be? Find out:

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Captain Hook's colors are perfectly suited for a handbag:

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What type of ring would Captain Hook wear? Find out:

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Get the inside scoop on why Disney fans love Dapper Day:

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The most fashionable guests walked the plank down Main Street for Dapper Day at Disneyland:

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These boots are Hook's perfect match:

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