Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
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Bring Your Own Bloodies. #LikeACaptain

Bloody Morgans:
1 oz Captain Morgan White Rum
6-8 oz tomato juice
0.25 oz fresh lemon juice
4 drops hot sauce
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp pickled horseradish
Salt and pepper to taste
Garnish with celery
Lesley Payne
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
05/27/2017 at 18:41. Facebook
If this is summer love, we’re ready to pop the question. New Captain Morgan #LocoNut is the hottest bottle on the beach this Memorial Day.

Loco Rocks:
3 oz Captain Morgan LocoNut
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
05/26/2017 at 20:17. Facebook
When everyone thinks you have a new movie premiering today and you have to tell them it’s the OTHER pirate...
Geoff Andrews
Mary Warren
Julia Tomeva
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
05/25/2017 at 21:23. Facebook
Spend Memorial Day Weekend #LikeACaptain with a fresh take on your backyard bbq.

Captain’s Keg serves 10:
15 oz Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
30 oz Watermelon juice
5 oz lime juice
5 oz sugar syrup
Jon Schultz
Sarah Kate
Zach Maas
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
05/25/2017 at 18:11. Facebook
When Rob Riggle’s behind the bar, things are bound to get loco. Check out how he’s serving up LocoNut this Memorial Day Weekend with the help of some friends from theCHIVE.
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
05/24/2017 at 21:22. Facebook
This Memorial Day Weekend, remember: hats are for passing. Morgan Mules are for cheersing.

Morgan’s Mule:
1 part Captain
2 parts Ginger Ale
Garnish with lime
*1 part = 1.5 oz
Dan Hart
Michelle Johnson
Kevin Pittsley
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
05/23/2017 at 21:34. Facebook
When you pour from a coco, things are bound to get loco. #LocoNut.

Loconut Rocks:
3 oz Captain Morgan LocoNut
Abigail Linhardt
Brandon Lee Koreyva
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
05/22/2017 at 21:30. Facebook
Perks of having your own spiced rum. Order #LikeACaptain.
Iain Ó Murchadha
Steve Ruckman
We sent theCHIVE some #LocoNut. Then things got loco. Watch the full video here: [ Link ]
Trini NoTa
It's electric! Boogie woogie, woogie!

Electric Shark (serves 8):
4 oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
8 oz. blue curacao
16 oz. pineapple juice
Top with ginger beer
Nancy A Mikkelson
Bill Trujillo
Michael Cornicelli
What happens at a bachelor party, stays there. Everything except Captain Morgan LocoNut. We’re bringing our newest blend home.

Loconut & Chill:
1.5 oz Captain Morgan Loconut

Add into a shaker with ice. Shake, strain into a shot glass, and enjoy!
Christy Curcio Shepard
Robert Anthony
Catherine Davis Miller
The weather’s got us loco. Drink accordingly. #LikeACaptain #LocoNut

Miami Vice:
Combine 1.5 oz Captain Morgan LocoNut with 1.5 oz coconut water. Separately, combine 0.75 oz Captain Morgan White Rum, 1.5 oz strawberry daiquiri mix, and 0.75 oz water. Fill a plastic freezie sleeve halfway up with strawberry daiquiri mixture. Then, top with Captain Morgan LocoNut mixture and freeze overnight...
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The weather’s got us loco Drink accordingly LikeACaptain LocoNut
Kristine Baiardi Terpstra
Christina Morrison
Destiny Lynn Halvorson
Captains have more fun. It’s time we all start living #LikeACaptain.
Sue Covey
Marty Olson
Suzanne Heldebrandt
REMINDER: Today is #MothersDay. You’re welcome.
Oretha Johnson
Pack your red bathing suits. Tomorrow we’re taking #LocoNut to the Baywatch Movie premiere! #baywatch
Pack your red bathing suits Tomorrow were taking LocoNut to the Baywatch
Julia Tomeva
Kevin Lee
Jonathan Haberle
Put the loco in the coconut (water) and shake it all up. Feast your mouth on this tasty Captain Morgan #LocoNut cocktail.

Loco & Coco:
3 oz. Captain Morgan LocoNut
4 oz. Coconut Water
Put the loco in the coconut water and shake it all up
Myleka Crockett
Jeff Ralston
Danielle Marie
Randy Marsh
Rudy Clarke
RJ Wood
Kevin Lee
Drake Knight
The Morgan Mule’s invitation to race this weekend must have gotten lost in the mail, but we still want to see how you’re watching #LikeACaptain. Share an eligible picture of yourself doing the Captains Pose using #MorganMule through 5/6 and we’ll donate $1.00 to charity (up to $10,000).

PS: Our money is on the horse with one eye–he’s got some serious pirate style.
The Morgan Mules invitation to race this weekend must have gotten lost
Lawrence Bruce
Darrin Hook
Tom Staebell Jr
No spiced rum = no fun. Swap in some spiced rum for tequila this Cinco de Mayo to shake up your celebration.

Morgan’s Marg (serves 8):
12 oz Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
4 oz triple sec
8 oz fresh lime juice
8 oz simple syrup
Kim D Newman
Kathy Dillon
Jared Dawson