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Captain Morgan
12/10/2016 at 22:06. Facebook
Holiday party season has arrived. All aboard the eggnog train, which is totally a real thing and tickets aren’t that expensive.

Eggnog Recipe:
1 oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
4 oz. Eggnog
Mix together
Add 1 Pinch of nutmeg
(Serving size: 1)
Captain Morgan
12/08/2016 at 22:08. Facebook
When friends come over to party, use ALL the lights. And make Mulled Morgan’s.

Mulled Morgan Recipe:
1 oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
3 oz. Red Wine
0.5 oz. Cinnamon syrup
0.75 oz. Honey
Orange peel garnish
Captain Morgan
12/03/2016 at 21:30. Facebook
When the going gets cold, the cold get Toddies.

Blasted Toddy Recipe:
1 oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
0.5 oz Cannon Blast
3 oz chai tea
0.75 oz honey
1 wedge of lemon
Unless a snowman is your bartender, keep that Cannon Blast in the freezer. And if your bartender is a snowman, DM us with the name of the bar. ❄❄❄
From one Captain to another, happy birthday Chrissy Teigen! #WCW
What doesn’t fit in your glass... can go into your cake. Try our Spiced Rum Cakes for a little extra something something. #CaptainMorgan

Cupcake mix of your choice
Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl
Add 3 oz. of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
Mix and bake
Serving size: 24 Cupcakes
When your Friendsgiving guests bring more Captain than turkey #Winning #Leftovers
The turkey’s stuffed and so are you, time to chill out and watch some football. #TeamCaptain

Team Captain Recipe:
1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
2 oz. Orange Juice
Top with Soda Water
Garnish with lime.
Here’s to hometown bars filled with old friends (even if you like some more than others). Get home safe! #CannonBlast
That’s how Captain does #Friendsgiving.
Say goodbye to pumpkin season -- it’s been a Blast. #CannonBlast
What if we allowed under 35s to be President? Hear what people thought about the #UNDER35POTUS movement in this documentary hosted by Akilah and created by JASH
Cold on the outside + warm and citrusy on the inside = ❄ #LILCHILL #CannonBlast