Captain Morgan
03/26/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
Come on lads it’s Mother’s Day, time to clean up and shave that beard.
Well, if the entire world is claiming Irish roots today... Guinness. Happy St Patrick's Day!
Take a look at our month 3 winners, Unfit United, they're in with the chance to win a trip to Jamaica... You could be too if you #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain.

Be sure to check out my T&Cs: [ Link ]
I’d love to win an award… unfortunately I can’t sing the high Cs
I actually love the Super Bowl, but...
Another winner selected, 2 down and 5 slots left for the Jamaica prize draw... Think you can do better? Then enter #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain

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Today is the day to decide once and for all: which is unluckier?
Old Tenisonians FC you're our monthly winners! You're ALSO in the running to win the holiday of a lifetime because you sure know how to #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain, I salute you.

Do you want to go to Jamaica with your entire team on an end of season trip? Just do what these guys did and you could be in with the chance to win! [ Link ]

Take a look at the T&Cs here: [ Link ]
Going home for Christmas? When your family starts asking questions about your private life, just lie as much as you like ;)
Had it with your friends whinging about the weather? Give them the Captain Morgan ‘Anti-Whinge’ Suit. One size fits all.
Your team may lose tomorrow but you can still win a trip to the Caribbean. Simply upload your goal celebrations to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube using the hashtag #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain and you could find yourself sitting on a sunny beach with a glass of my finest. [ Link ]

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Here’s a couple that everyone would like to see under the mistletoe at the office Christmas party.
Who cares which team wins (well, me) but anyway,.. You can win an amazing trip to the Caribbean when you #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain! Yeah, seriously. You just have to celebrate. I know. Find out how: [ Link ]

Check out the full T&Cs here: [ Link ]
There's really only one decoration I ever consider using at Christmas.
Someone made a Freakshake containing 3 of my favourite things: mince pies, ice-cream and Captain Morgan. Now you can too: [ Link ] Sunday Brunch