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Captain Morgan
01/12/2017 at 06:00. Facebook
When the ship’s in service #LikeACaptain
Gon’ Fishing.

150ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold
360ml Coconut Water
60ml Lime Juice
120ml Soda Water
60ml Lemon Barley Cordial
60ml Blue Triple Sec

Grab a punchbowl and combine the Original Spiced Gold, juices, fruit, and cordial. Stir. Share. Enjoy responsibly.

Serves 6. Approx 1 standard drink per serve.
Thar she blows! Here’s to 2017!
Fireworks, Captain style. #NYE
Tis the season to treat your crew.
Who knew treasure came in buckets?
Captains orders: No man gets left behind. Drink responsibly.
When the crew is on point. #MannequinChallenge #LikeACaptain
After the seven seas, uni was a breeze. #LikeACaptain
Talk about a fresh catch! Get on board with the new Captain & Cola Stubby this weekend.
Take your pick. #MelbourneCup #LikeACaptain
The real horror is that it’s Monday. #HappyHalloween #LikeACaptain
Like the high seas in a storm, make Halloween a real frightful delight!
The Captain for #Bach2017
Captain's orders: Never go overboard. Drink responsibly.
Clank your tanks – the Captain’s on Deck.
Who’s the Captain now? #UniGames