Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
05/20/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
Sarah Mack
Christine Sabourin
Aaron Sloan
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
05/18/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
Rack it up #LikeACaptain. View the full recipe: [ Link ]
Mike Marceau
Barb Trottier
Derek Campbell
Rum o’clock #LikeACaptain
Barrie Martin
Richard Roblin
Justin J. Surette
Tea time #LikeACaptain #RumAndIcedTea
Chris Duke
Samantha Lee Ann Knoblauch
Nathan Phillips
Solve it #LikeACaptain. Comment below for a chance to win a Captain Morgan Rum tankard.

*No purchase necessary. Contest is open to residents of Canada (excluding Quebec). Must be legal drinking age to enter. 2 Captain Morgan mugs available to be won (ARV $10 each). Contest closes on May 11 at 12:00PM EST. Odds of winning depends on number of entries received. Math question must be answered...
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Solve it LikeACaptain Comment below for a chance to win a Captain Morgan Rum tankard
Talon Fire Bird
Fritz Cameron
Kaitlynn Arnott
Sinead Elizabeth Froese
David Lavictoire
Jordan F Carter
Brett Sheppard
Brett Hawke
Sean Paine
Mathieu Lortie
Joanne Badine
Shawn Zipay
Why not skip the cream filling #LikeACaptain
Why not skip the cream filling LikeACaptain
Nick Gallant
Dustin Entz
Courtney Tafelmeyer
Matthew William
Kristi Somerville
Chabely Cancino
Always a 5-star rating. Get your Captain delivered #LikeACaptain
Terry-ann Avery
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Shake up your shaker game #LikeACaptain. Use an old mason jar as an impromptu cocktail shaker for a quick save.
Kari Bodin
Mathew Spendelow
Nathan Threewolves
Danny Weeks-Morgan
Makayla Mast
Ken Reynolds
Go from dark to light #LikeACaptain #DaylightSavings
Go from dark to light LikeACaptain DaylightSavings
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Charles McGinnis
Eli Goads
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