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The Liberian government has partnered with an environmental group to launch a new effort at curbing illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing โ€“ and so far, theyโ€™ve made arrests on three poaching vehicles. The Sea Shepherd organization has been patrolling the West African waters off Liberia f...

Secret illegal fishing mission off Liberian coast nets 3 boats | Africa Times
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The BOB BARKER is busting poachers off the coast of Liberia in West Africa. Operation Sola Stella. AT SEA.

The SAM SIMON and the FARLEY MOWAT are busting poachers and confiscating gill nets and longlines in Mexico's Sea of Cortez. Operation Milagro III. AT SEA.

The MARTIN SHEEN is doing research into microplastics off the West Coast of Mexico. AT SEA

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Happy Birthday to Captain Alex Cornelissen, the International Director of Sea Shepherd Global.
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Please add your comments at the end of this article for surfers who want to protect and defend sharks.

Kelly Slater Apologises For Shark Cull Comment, Capt Paul Watson Reveals - Surf Europe
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Eco-Watch published my article about Kelly Slater editing the original somewhat.

Kelly Slater Is Not an Enemy of Sharks
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Once Again the DFO Got It Wrong!

Last summer, Sea Shepherd together with Dr. Alexandra Morton launched Operation Virus Hunter with our sailing MARTIN SHEEN along the coast of British Columbia.

We were hunting for a virus that the DFO (Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans) was adamant did not exist primarily because they were not interested in looking for it.

Now a recent study...
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Study Confirms Deadly Disease in BC Salmon Farms | The Tyee
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No more than 30 vaquitas are left in Mexicoโ€™s Gulf of California. Experts propose keeping some in captivity as a last resort.

Before Vaquitas Vanish, a Desperate Bid to Save Them
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Kelly Slater Is Not An Enemy of the Sharks

By Captain Paul Watson

What caused Kelly Slater to so radically change his views about sharks?

Or perhaps he did not change his views after all.

In 2014, Kelly was quoted in the Australian media saying in response to Premier Colin Barnettโ€™s plan to kill sharks in Western Australia:

โ€œI think itโ€™s kind of silly. Humans want to control everything....
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Sea Shepherd's BRIGITTE BARDOT is Touring Italy


The Sea Shepherd "Brigitte Bardot" arrives in Savona photogallery
The vessel sailed from Loano Marina: on board during the trip transfer was the president dell'Anmi Savona Luca Ghersi

Savona . And 'it arrived this morning in Savona, after setting sail from Loano Marina, the "Brigitte Bardot", the famous trimaran Sea Shepherd...
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La "Brigitte Bardot" di Sea Shepherd arriva a Savona -
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The STEVE IRWIN receives an incredible welcome in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Support boost for activists
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"The results of this large scale fisheries is not only the devastation of a fish population, but other animals who are also at risk and targeted by this frenetic activity, including the shy and elusive vaquita marina. This small porpoise only lives on the coast of San Felipe, in the Gulf of Californ...

Gill Nets Push Species to the Brink of Extinction
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Check out this incredible intro to a magnificent film by Tony Meyer and Pierre Robert De LaTour. I had the great pleasure of being interviewed for this film last year in Paris.

They would like to get this film in a movie festival contest and they need Youtube likes to help them. Itโ€™s only a one-minute intro but the underwater shots of the Orcas are...
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Sea Shepherd and I have navigated into the ice into the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1979, 1981, 1982,1983, 1994,1995,1998, 2005 and 2008. That was nine times between 1979 and 2008. Never did I see the area so free of ice as it is now.

Two decades ago the idea of clear ice free sailing trough the Gulf was simply not possible. It took us days to break...
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A few people have been asking me over the last month a question that I have had to avoid or deflect.

Where is the BOB BARKER?

I just answered that it was off the West Coast of Africa. Many people knew that Sea Shepherd has been working with Gabon with Operation Albacore to stop poachers in Gabonese territorial waters.

However for the last month, the BOB BARKER has been...
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Sea Shepherd Global - Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Sola Stella with the Liberian Ministry of National Defense
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The STEVE IRWIN has arrived in Dunedin, New Zealand. One of the harpoon boats followed it all the way back to New Zealand waters.

The OCEAN WARRIOR is still chasing the NISSHIN MARU and is being hunted by a second of the three harpoon vessels.

The Japanese whalers have doubled their kill area and reduced their kill quota. This makes them harder to catch with...
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