Captain Planet
Captain Planet
05/20/2017 at 01:18. Facebook
Did you know there are more endangered species than ever before? The list has almost doubled in the last twenty years! #endangeredspeciesday
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Davin Peterson
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Stephanie Prpa
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TFW your friend puts on an episode of Captain Planet...
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Don't believe the hype! We must protect the Earth we have. There is no Planet B!
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Captain Planet hit the pavement in Atlanta for the Earth Day 5K! Go Planet!
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Happy Earth Day!
Earth by Erik Olson
Happy Earth Day
Earth by Erik Olson
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Who better to explain climate change than Tim Curry?
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Every episode available for digital download for the first time ever!
Every episode available for digital download for the first time ever
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Happy Birthday Maurice LaMarche!
Happy Birthday Maurice LaMarche
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Millions of tonnes of trash enter our oceans every year. Deadly plastic pollution kills sea life and leaches toxic chemicals into our oceans! So this World Water Day, lets reduce the amount of plastic we use! The Power Is Yours!
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Forests provide clean air, water AND energy! Let's protect our forests and plant new ones. The Power Is Yours! #InternationalDayofForests
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A good day to go green! #stpatricksday
A good day to go green stpatricksday
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Kwao Otu II
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Marine biologist. Computer genius. Spirit Of The Earth. Superheroes! #internationalwomensday
Marine biologist Computer genius Spirit Of The Earth Superheroes internationalwomensday
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Happy International Women's Day! Like Wheeler, we can ALL do our part and support efforts to make equality a reality, making sure girls all around the world receive the same education and opportunities to make their dreams come true!
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The power of heart is inside ALL Planeteers equally! #pride #mardigras2017
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March 1st is National Pig Day! What better way to celebrate than with everyone's favorite polluting porkaloin - Hoggish Greedly! What's your favorite Greedly moment?
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Our very own Sting (aka Zarm) performs at The Academy Awards 2017
Our very own Sting aka Zarm performs at The Academy Awards 2017
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PLANETEER ALERT: Poachers have killed two rhinos during a vicious attack on an animal orphanage in South Africa. Rhinos Impi and Gugu had their horns taken after a gang of poachers took staff hostage at the Fundimvelo Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in KwaZulu-Natal on Monday night. Find out ways you can help on the orphanage's Facebook page: Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage
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Our dolphin friends deserve to be free not held captive for entertainment. A new restaurant is being planned which will lock up these precious sea mammals for nothing more than a few photos. Join the St. Lucia Planeteers and sign the petition to stop this happening: [ Link ]
The Power Is Yours!
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