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In June 2013, Holden set a world record - the fastest ute to lap the famous Nurburgring circuit. The time set was 8:19:47, and Holden reckons it can do better.

Holden Commodore Magnum: New record breaking Nurburgring lap time still on the cards | CarAdvice
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BEASTS! Holden isn't playing around with these ones. With level 3 track certification, the lion's new specials should be taken seriously.

New Holden Commodore Magnum, Director and Motorsport are level 3 track-certified | CarAdvice
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FIRST LOOK! Holden production is nearly done, so three VERY special new track-ready models have been launched. These are sure to be collectors' items. Tell us what you think!

REVIEW: 2017 Holden Commodore Motorsport, Magnum and Director - Race-certified Commodores driven
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The new Commodore livery for the Red Bull Holden Racing Team has been unveiled, with its drivers Jamie Whincup and Shane van Gisbergen.
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The new Kia Australia Stinger is going over well with CarAdvice readers, and it looks like the experts are digging it too.

2018 Kia Stinger lands EyesOn Design award | CarAdvice
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The head of HSV - Holden Special Vehicles says, while the end of local manufacturing in Australia is a loss, itโ€™s part of wider industry changes that, with the right mindset, represent opportunities.

Demise of local manufacturing represents opportunity, says HSV head | CarAdvice
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The Mazda Australia CX-3 range is extensive, with a model grade for seemingly everyone. Here, we've tested the sTouring grade to weigh up whether the higher price makes sense.

REVIEW: 2017 Mazda CX-3 2WD sTouring | CarAdvice
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The chief of HSV - Holden Special Vehicles says the brandโ€™s 2018 vehicle line-up will be more diverse and focussed on attracting new customers โ€“ but not at the cost of excitement.

2018 HSV range to be broader, but not boring: โ€œIf we do a boring product, weโ€™re deadโ€ | CarAdvice
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To upgrade, or not to upgrade? That is the question. Wardy considers whether an SLK55 owner should consider moving to the newer SLC43.

Mercedes-AMG Old v New: 2015 SLK55 AMG v 2017 SLC43 | CarAdvice
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The Ford Australia Mustang has a new look! Which do you prefer? 'Like' for new, 'Angry' reaction for old! (long-press 'like' button to get angry option.)

2018 Mustang details: [ Link ]
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It's finally arrived in Australia and today Trent is driving the Mazda Australia MX-5 RF. Probably a little too warm to have the roof off in NSW today too...
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Over 2000 people have registered interest for the limited edition Holden Commodores โ€” but, will there be enough supply? Full details tomorrow:

Holden Commodore limited-edition models garner over 2000 registrations of interest | CarAdvice
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Oh, Renault, just reveal the car already! (We all know how it's going to look, of course.)

Are you excited for the return of the Alpine badge?

Alpine โ€˜A120โ€™ teased with new aluminium chassis | CarAdvice
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Family-car-sleeper, the same hot 206kW turbo-four from the Golf R and a semi-prestige, value-for-money hero compared with the bottom feeder variants from the German luxury car manufacturers - what's not to
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The sixth-generation pony car has only been with us since 2015, but already a facelifted and more powerful 2018 Ford Australia Mustang has been revealed. There's a LOT going on with this update.

REVEALED! 2018 Ford Mustang goes official with new face and more power | CarAdvice
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The Toyota Australia Kluger was already a well-packaged and strong SUV before this latest update, so does the 2017 Kluger push the game forward? Mike Stevens jets to California to find the answer.

REVIEW: 2017 Toyota Kluger | CarAdvice
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A replacement for the long-servicing Suzuki Australia Grand Vitara is on the way, the company has confirmed. It seems we can expect some changes, though...

Softened new Suzuki Grand Vitara coming | CarAdvice
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As the rear-wheel-drive fun machines from Holden and Ford make their exit, could Kia's Oz-bound Stinger be the new suburban Aussie fave? A pair of steelies, a pointless Chev badge (just for kicks), and you're away!
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Have a Ford Australia Mustang on order? You may want to see these pics of the updated car. Details and pics in the link below.

2018 Ford Mustang update leaked | CarAdvice
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Good news! The confirmed successor to the much-loved Suzuki Australia Jimny Sierra will retain the famed off-road ability and toughness, the company says.

New Suzuki Jimny Sierra to remain a hardcore ladder-frame 4ร—4 | CarAdvice