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Turns out the Huracan performante isn't the only Lambo that likes to snag records.

Here's How To Get A Stock Huracan To Set A New Quarter Mile Record
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The G90 blew our expectations out of the water. Genesis' 5 Series fighter? Not so much.

Genesis G80: Hyundai's Luxury Brand Isn't Quite There Yet, But It's A Start
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The hypocrisy meter is high with this one because Chery has copied other automakers' designs before.

Oh The Irony: Chinese Automaker Suing Mercedes For Trademark Violation
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David Coyne Photography | CarBuzz
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It's not just the spellbinding speed that’s surprising about the Bugatti Chiron.

First Ever Bugatti Chiron Review Proves It's As Epic As We Hoped
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We like the direction Toyota is starting to head in.

Could The Next-Gen Toyota Supra Or Lexus LC F Get A Supercharger?
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A recall. Then more recalls. And now another one.

What The Hell Is Going On With Maserati?
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Chris Benny Imaging | CarBuzz
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This BMW X Pickup render looks the business.

This Is The Pickup Truck BMW Needs To Make
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Does the new 812 look better than this?

N-D Photography | CarBuzz
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If you thought the Porsche 911 GTStreet R was mad enough, try the convertible model.

This 720-HP Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio Will Make Wind Smack Your Face
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This should give the Ford Focus RS a few sleepless nights.

Listen To The Menacing Growl of The Civic Type R In Honda's Latest Teaser
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Top Gear wouldn't be the same without the iconic test track.

Don't Worry, The Top Gear Test Track May Not Be Demolished After All
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The love story between FCA and Volkswagen continues, this time with a happy ending.

Now FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne Is Pursuing A Volkswagen Merger
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We all love a car that leaves us speechless, but what about when it leaves a veteran auto journalist unable to review it?

It's Hard To Review An Aston Martin Vantage GTE When It Leaves You Speechless
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The Sports Series is gearing up to be a real money maker for McLaren.

McLaren Wants To Copy Porsche By Offering Expensive MSO Options