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As Australian kids head back to school, around the world there are still 31 million school aged girls being denied education.
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The 10 biggest emergencies you never heard about in 2016.

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Our CARE Australia team member John will be heading to Zimbabwe to tell the stories of the people impacted by CARE's work. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates!
This winter will be the hardest for many fleeing the violence in Syria, like Talal and Hafetha in Jordan.

Ordeals of winter - CARE Australia
“Our life in Syria was difficult. We had to leave, because of the bombing. It was a very hard journey. When my mother heard about this class, she sent all of us so that we could learn to protect ourselves in difficult situations. People think girls are like glass and if you touch her, she might break. I want to be a taekwondo coach! Then I’ll teach all girls to protect themselves." - Rayan,...
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With cyclone season upon us, spare a thought for our Pacific neighbours. Learn more about our work in regions like Vanuatu here: [ Link ]
Are you a midwife looking to volunteer overseas?

Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) is seeking a Midwife Clinical Quality Advisor Volunteer to work with CARE International in Cambodia to improve the equity and quality of health service delivery. Find more details here: [ Link ]
Adulaleem, a Syrian refugee living in Jordan, talked to us about his plans for the new year: “I would like to regain my dignity and be able to take care of my family by myself. I no longer want to have to depend on others."

Living in peace: the New Year’s wish of a Syrian father - CARE Australia
Three months since devastating Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, more than 175,000 people are still out of their homes and living in temporary shelters. You can donate to our Global Emergency Fund to help provide shelter, clean drinking water and more.

Hurricane Matthew Emergency - CARE Australia
Children fleeing Syria are at their most vulnerable. CARE has seen an increase in child weddings and child labour. Kids should be allowed to be kids.
From all of us a CARE Australia, we thank you for a great 2016 and look forward to 2017!
With your help in the last financial year, through our Australian-funded programs, we gave primary school education to 4,818 children (including 2,284 girls). Thank you.
It might not seem like much, but goats, like some of this year's CAREgifts, can change lives.
The CAREgifts you purchased this Christmas, like these goats, will help people in need. Thank you.
In the last financial year, with your support, we helped hundreds of thousands of people access clean water. Thank You.
Three years after the onset of civil war, this is the story from South Sudan's survivors.

Toddler had to flee home
"In this day and age the world is so interconnected and we can't just look out for ourselves - we have to look out for others too.” - Jennifer, who has left a gift in her Will to CARE.

Learn more about leaving a gift to CARE in your Will today. [ Link ]
Last week, a huge magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Indonesia. CARE’s Emergency Response Manager in Indonesia, Wahyu Widayanto, assesses the impact on Aceh and its people.

Indonesia Earthquake: “I am afraid to go home”
Today marks 3 years since the beginning of civil unrest in South Sudan which has led to widespread insecurity, hunger, and exploitation of women and girls.

In a country of only 12 million, there are 5.1 million people in need of aid. CARE is delivering lifesaving food and medical care to families in desperate need. We are also distributing seeds, tools and fishing kits to help families...
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An inside look into the chaos: "The situation has never been worse here in Aleppo."

This is truly horrendous.