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On the anniversary of the devastating Cyclone Winston, we check in on those affected by the storm.
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“My main worry is our roofing. Right now it’s only a tarp… It would be easily damaged in another cyclone. In heavy rain I have to sleep somewhere else because it is not waterproof.”

Mere and her sons survived Tropical Cyclone Winston by hiding together in their sturdy toilet block as their home suffered significant damage.

They still can’t afford to complete the repairs on their house...
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CARE Australia
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"Bev was quite a special person." John's cousin Beverley left a gift in her will to CARE Australia. "She was a firm believer in giving charity to those less well off than you. She took giving very seriously.”
CARE is supporting a different kind of therapy for refugee women in Greece. The Melissa Network provides a home for refugee women to interact with the local community and create art for therapy, all while supporting themselves and each other.
Kids should be allowed to be kids. CARE is working with partners in Syria to welcome the evacuees from Aleppo and provide support to kids to recover from what they've been through, including these lovely balloons.
“I’m interested in justice and have a concern for people who are doing it tough. I’m interested in enabling women to become self supportive and to grow their self worth. I would hope the gift in my Will would continue the work that is being done at the moment."

- Elizabeth Stroud, CARE Australia Supporter.
Discover what happens when we recognise how we are the same, rather than focus on how we are different.
Zemey (46) is a member of a Farmer Field group in Southern Madagascar where CARE teaches modern agricultural techniques to help people survive the effects of El Nino.

"We work together to prepare the land and meet to split into groups and rotate for different planting activities. We share all the proceeds and use new techniques of cultivation and how to treat the land."
Across the drought zone in Mozambique there has been a growing number of girls dropping out of school.
Francis, 36, cycles 15km to his nearest clinic for his son’s health check-up.

Francis says it is now normal for men in his community to take their children to the clinic, a chore which was once the responsibility of women. He is happy he is able to support his wife while ensuring his son receives essential treatment. CARE’s programs in southern Zimbabwe are challenging traditional gender...
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In many places, water and education go hand in hand. These schoolgirls in Tanna wash their hands at a new hand washing station installed by CARE. Toilets including private washing facilities so school girls can manage their menstrual hygiene discreetly were also installed.
CARE streaming LIVE from New York, showcasing projects that will change lives.
Discover the powerful ideas changing lives across the globe as CARE celebrates the first ever Scale X Design Challenge.
Forced out of school to become brides or housewives, many girls from Mozambique dream of going back to school.
As Australian kids head back to school, around the world there are still 31 million school aged girls being denied education.
The 10 biggest emergencies you never heard about in 2016.

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Our CARE Australia team member John will be heading to Zimbabwe to tell the stories of the people impacted by CARE's work. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates!
This winter will be the hardest for many fleeing the violence in Syria, like Talal and Hafetha in Jordan.

Ordeals of winter - CARE Australia
“Our life in Syria was difficult. We had to leave, because of the bombing. It was a very hard journey. When my mother heard about this class, she sent all of us so that we could learn to protect ourselves in difficult situations. People think girls are like glass and if you touch her, she might break. I want to be a taekwondo coach! Then I’ll teach all girls to protect themselves." - Rayan,...
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With cyclone season upon us, spare a thought for our Pacific neighbours. Learn more about our work in regions like Vanuatu here: [ Link ]