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In India, more than 6 million young girls are deprived of the opportunity to study, and unwillingly forced into lives of misery. This National Girl Child Day, let’s put an end to this phenomenon by sending every deserving girl to school and helping her build a bright future-
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In India almost 30 children out of every 1000 born, die within 28 days of being born. Every mother deserves more than just 28 days with her child. Help save life. Donate to CARE-
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As per the National Family Health Survey, the rate of children dying within 28 days of birth is at 46.3% for Scheduled Castes, and 39.9% for Scheduled Tribes, primarily due to Lack of proper medical care. Come forward and support CARE India in changing this. Let’s ensure that every innocent child has the same opportunity to survive-
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Project #Udaan is CARE India’s initiative to provide every young girl an opportunity to go to school. You can be an #AuthorofChange and help our girls study-
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India suffers from the highest rate of maternal deaths in the world with more than 200 MMR (Maternal Mortality Ratio) for every 100,000 births, primarily due to lack of proper medical care. Step forward to help CARE India provide required maternal care to every expectant mother and help save lives-
Be the reason for a brighter and happier life. Be the change. Donate to make a girl's life brighter and happier. Click [ Link ]
A small contribution of INR 5000 can ensure infant warmers for 20 babies to keep them warm and secure. Help CARE India provide them with they require to survive-
INR 2500 can meet health and sanitation requirement for 25 girls at an UDAAN school. Help CARE India provide marginalized girls with healthy environment to study-
Through its Girls Education Program, CARE India has positively impacted the lives of more than 200,000 girls. However, more needs to be done to ensure that every girl receives equal opportunity to study-
In India only 22.3% of pregnant women consume the required amount of iron and folic acid supplements for 90 days. The figure is less than 10% among marginalized women. Your support can help us provide pregnant women the required maternal
Economic loss for not providing equal education opportunities to girls is estimated at US$ 92 billion. Help, CARE India provide equal education opportunity to every deserving girl and build a stronger nation, be an #AuthorofChange-
CARE India is working towards providing every young girl with the opportunity to go to school. The Girls Education Programme addresses multiple issues related to helping potential students to stay at school and receive the Education they deserve. Join us, and be a part of creating a brighter Future for our nation and it’s
Your contribution of INR 10,000 can ensure safe maternal and child care services for two expectant mothers and their new born babies. Support us and ensure that every child lives beyond 28 days of being born-
A small contribution of INR 5000 will help CARE India build a small community library and bring a smile to her face. Be an #AuthorofChange and support girls education-
The health of the pregnant mother determines the health of the child. In India, the percentage of pregnant women suffering from anaemia has increased from 50% to almost 58%, due to insufficient education on maintaining a healthy standard of living. CARE India, and you, can help improve the status of expecting mothers from marginalized communities, so they and their children have a fair chance...
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16-year-olds Radane Dandsena and Mamita Dandsena are the first two girls from Sargiguda village, Kalahandi district, Odisha to attend college. Their achievement did not come easily.

The village’s belief system, deeply entrenched in gender-based stereotypes, consider marriage and domestic labour as a girl’s ultimate destiny, and aim to get girls in the community married early on in their...
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An alumnus of one of CARE India’s supported KGBVs from Mankapur, Uttar Pradesh, Shabnam battled against many odds to go to school. Despite her family’s strong reservations, Shabnam was always focused on getting educated. Currently, she is preparing for her Class 12 exams.
Shabnam is passionate about ensuring that other girls do not drop out of school and speaking up against the evils of child...
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Raised in a broken home, Shweta was deprived of the chance to have a normal childhood. She watched her mother struggle through an unhappy life with an alcoholic husband, after being forced to marry him at the young age of 12. Seeing this, Shweta realised the value of going to school and vows to not get married until she has received the Education she deserves and is respectably employed - a...
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