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Since early October, CARE has been providing Syrian refugees in Turkey with special vouchers to buy items to survive the winter – such as coal, blankets and warm clothes.

In this photo the mother of 7-month-old baby Eila puts her in a coat she plans to buy for her.
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Inspired by the staggering outpouring of global solidarity for women that shook the world on Saturday? Keep up the momentum! #March4Women on Sunday 5 March in London, and raise your voice for global gender equality.

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Feel inspired by today's global outpouring of solidarity? Keep up the momentum! Join #March4Women on Sunday 5 March!
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Show your support for gender equality and be part of our movement for change by joining the #March4Women in London on Sunday 5 March.

March4Women - London march for gender equality

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Help improve women's rights - join us to #March4Women and help make a more equal world >> [ Link ]
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Many #children and adolescents in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) know nothing but #conflict. The country has been in a state of #humanitarian #crisis for more than two decades.
As a result, 7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance and 1.8 million people are displaced.

CARE has responded to various emergencies and crises in DRC since 1994. Our programmes continue to...
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Suffering in silence: The 10 most under-reported humanitarian crises of 2016

"These humanitarian crises are not simply forgotten. They are wilfully ignored and neglected by world leaders"

Find out more – read our report: [ Link ]
Ever wondered how your support and #UKAid are helping fight disease? CARE's mobile health teams bring health care to some of the most remote communities in South Sudan. The team of eight people stays in each location for five days, providing key health services including nutrition screening, immunisation, ante-natal care and in-patient wards. Here's a day in their life. [ Link ]

A day in the life of a CARE mobile health team
Children playing in the #snow in Adasevci refugee camp.
Winter in the Balkan region means that over 7,000 #refugees spend day and night in snowy conditions with temperatures as low as -10 degrees.
Despite the border closures in spring 2016, the Balkan route continues to be a passage for thousands of people seeking safety and asylum in Northern Europe.

In Adasevci, the biggest #refugeecamp...
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"The few past years have been very difficult. But the most important thing is that my children are safe. I do not want them to be hurt or to hurt anyone," says Adulaleem.

In order to protect his family Adulaleem decided to flee Syria in 2013. The New Year marks the continuation of his exile. Adulaleem hopes that it will be better for him and his family.

"I would like to regain my dignity and...
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Mohammed Fahad Asaadi, 1, was brought to the nutrition center at Madhrukh hospital in Bani Majiah village, #Yemen.

On testing, he was found to be acutely malnourished - showing red on the measuring tape. Mohammed’s mother explained that this was as a result of their extreme #poverty.

CARE is distributing food to families in need in Yemen. We also distribute cash vouchers so that families can...
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Over half the population of South Sudan do not have regular access to medical care – but CARE’s mobile health teams are bringing health care to some of the most remote communities of northern Unity State.

Gabriel Wadar Chieng, a nurse and leader of the CARE mobile health team, gives an insight into what it’s like to be a part of this team.
Mandela: Overcoming poverty is not an act of charity it is an act of justice. [ Link ]
Mother of three, Dana, fled Syria with her boys after her husband was kidnapped.

This web comic by Positivenegatives brings to life her journey.
Over half the population of South Sudan do not have regular access to medical care – but CARE’s mobile health teams are bringing health care to some of the most remote communities of northern Unity State >>

A day in the life of a CARE mobile health team
"We can’t do anything to prevent the mattresses from remaining damp all night. The roof of the tent is waterproof but the water leaks from the sides."

Barsha and her family might be safe from the Syria conflict but they still have to face a freezing winter.

Syria crisis: "We dread this time of year"
Do you really know what humanitarian aid is? This article from The Times and The Sunday Times will make you think again >>
Here are the 2016 results for our work with the private sector. It has a critical role to play in reducing poverty.

We engage with companies to make sure that poor and marginalised people are no longer excluded from the opportunities provided by business.
Read the latest feature of CARE International in the The Times and The Sunday Times as part of their Christmas charity appeal

Gifts of hope for starving children of Yemen