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Morning Gloryville is providing our warm up with a 'morning rave' for #March4Women! The founder, Samantha Moyo is a survivor of sexual abuse and oppression, showing that you can 'rebuild your life from whatever circumstance'.

FREE tickets and information here: [ Link ]
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Thinking of taking on a challenge and fundraising for CARE at the same time? We are pleased to announce that we've partnered with @DiscoverAdventureChallenges to offer some new destinations and dates for 2017! Read more: [ Link ]

Discover Adventure challenges
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7 women to inspire you this International Women's Day: [ Link ] #March4Women

7 women to inspire you
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"It's more important than ever to stand together and show our support"

Amazing singer-songwriter Tanita Tikaram will be lending her voice at our #march4women on 5 March!

FREE tickets and information here: [ Link ]
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Bianca Jagger, Founder and President of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, will be leading our #March4Women on Sunday 5 March. Join us, activists and celebrities to march in solidarity with women and girls around the world this International Women's Day.
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02/14/2017 at 18:41. Facebook
CARE International UK is delighted to announce that the #March4Women pre-march warm-up entertainment will be provided by London's unique and adored 'morning rave' company Morning Gloryville!

Join us in dance (coordination not required) from 11:00-12:00 to get ready for a lively day of music, fun and solidarity as we #March4Women through London.

#March4Women will start shortly after at...
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Feminism isn't just for women.

We are excited to announce the legendary Billy Bragg will be raising his voice for women and girls at #March4women! Gender inequality affects all of us, including men, and we welcome ALL feminists to add their voice to the cause.

Come and enjoy Billy Bragg, and our other special guests at #March4Women, starting 12 PM, Sunday 5 March, at The Scoop, London....
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Fatouma Zara Soumana is a #gender in emergencies expert with CARE #Niger. “You might think from the outside that all people need the same: food, water and shelter. However, needs can be quite different. Identifying those differences and incorporating them in our response is one of my main responsibilities."

“In Eastern Niger, CARE supports host communities and refugees from Nigeria who have...
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Between now and CARE International UK's #March4Women we'll be announcing the inspiring speakers and amazing artists joining us in solidarity! First up, we're delighted to announce the incredible V V Brown will be raising her voice for equality. Come and hear her incredible voice and ADD YOURS TO THE CAUSE! 12pm,Sunday 5 March, The Scoop, London
[ Link ]
“We were sitting in our homes, nice and safe, one night, when we heard a noise: the sound of terror."

"We didn’t know what it was, was it thunder or lightning. Then we felt a crash that made the chairs tumble."

Yemen: The suffering and hunger follows us every day
This is Ehsan, one of the participants in a drama therapy session organised for #refugee #women in Greece. During the session participants are asked to close their eyes and travel in their #imagination.
The Melissa Network Center brings refugee and migrant women together to interact, create and support themselves and each other. One of the most successful projects of the Center, currently...
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"My mother knit this glove for my brother, Leith. He always wore it - in summer and winter. It's all I have from him. He was killed in the war. He was only 17." "Two of my brothers were killed in the war. I want to ask the world to not remain silent. They must speak about this war - not play politics with it, but end it." Raneem is a #Syrian refugee from Daraa. She fled with her family and...
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Despite the hardware industry being male-dominated, entrepreneur Linerty (on the right) took the risk of selling hardware supplies. She set up business in an area where farmers, builders and electricians from all 4 corners of Zimbabwe gather in search of durable equipment.

With the help of our micro-financing platform, her business has been so successful that she's been able...
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Keep up the momentum of the Women's March by taking part in #March4Women on 5 March. It's a great opportunity to march for gender equality in solidarity with women and girls around the world – and it's no.1 in Time Out London's list! [ Link ]

Seven things you can do to keep up the Women’s March momentum in London
Batoul, a young #Syrian woman has overcome unimaginable hardship. In February 2016 she started a dangerous journey with her 4-month-old son to reunite with her husband in Germany. They were pictured in Serbia in June.

CARE and partners in Serbia and Croatia are providing food, clothes and hygiene items to #refugees. So far we've helped over 230,000 people.

#syrianrefugees #careinternational...
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Join a global movement of women, men and people of all genders, celebrating power of gender equality. #March4Women: [ Link ]
Chhan Yoeurn works as a #vet in #Cambodia, providing vaccines to animals in her #community. In this photo she is about to vaccinate a buffalo.

CARE works to ensure #women have access to decent #work through ensuring they receive fair terms within their employment, supporting opportunities for women to generate sustainable income at home.

#womensempowerment #trailblazingwomen...
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Since early October, CARE has been providing Syrian refugees in Turkey with special vouchers to buy items to survive the winter – such as coal, blankets and warm clothes.

In this photo the mother of 7-month-old baby Eila puts her in a coat she plans to buy for her.
Inspired by the staggering outpouring of global solidarity for women that shook the world on Saturday? Keep up the momentum! #March4Women on Sunday 5 March in London, and raise your voice for global gender equality.

[ Link ]
Feel inspired by today's global outpouring of solidarity? Keep up the momentum! Join #March4Women on Sunday 5 March!