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Careers Australia
12/02/2016 at 03:24. Facebook
We've got that Friday Feeling - we hope you have it too!
Careers Australia
12/01/2016 at 03:24. Facebook
We're at the tail end for graduations this year, but this one is for all of our continuing students who are still working so hard to achieve their study goals. You've got this!
Careers Australia
11/30/2016 at 01:30. Facebook
Our Southport & Nerang students celebrate their graduations together tonight! Well done everyone! :)
Careers Australia
11/27/2016 at 23:30. Facebook
A little something we all need to hear on a Monday... #happymonday #upgradetoday
We've heard them all (and used them all) before... what's on your procrastination list? ????
Are your social media profiles affecting your chances of landing that perfect job? We've got the tips you need to know to do a little tidy up! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Spring Clean Your Social Media Profile | Careers Australia

Detours are part of the journey....
Congratulations to the graduating students from our Melbourne campus tonight and our Adelaide campus tomorrow night! We hope each and every one of you enjoys this milestone moment! #careersaustralia #upgradetoday
A certificate is just the beginning - it's the hard work, commitment, and love for what you do that gets you through. We love our students! #earlychildhood #careersaustralia #upgradetoday
And the moment they've all waited for - hats in the air! Congratulations graduates!
Graduation is in full swing. We couldn't be more proud of the 150 students who marked this milestone tonight with huge smiles under the bright lights. Congratulations!
And a huge thank you to our inspiring ambassador, Laura Geitz!
A huge congratulations to our graduating students from Bowen Hills, Fortitude Valley & Salisbury campuses - enjoy your night!
From the lady who made magic happen, a HUGE happy Monday! ⚡ #magic #upgradetoday
On the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we will remember them.
It can be hard to keep up the enthusiasm, but you've got this!
Is it time for some space? (Who's hungry? )
Our Hospitality students are all over it, but are you across the safe handling of food? Read the blog for tips! [ Bit.ly Link ]

It's Australian Food Safety Week - Know Your Tips! | Careers Australia

Anyone else feeling like it's still only February?! #fridayfun
We're excited to share that our Hindmarsh early childhood students are going back to the start - all in the name of learning! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Students Trial Unique Child Care Simulator | Careers Australia

It's that time of year again - where it often feels like stress is coming from every angle. Head to the blog to discover simple ways you can say goodbye to stress today! [ Bit.ly Link ]

5 Tips to Say Goodbye to Stress! | Careers Australia