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Have your matric certificate but still looking for work? Try this.

8 jobs you can do without a degree
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“My role is to forecast sales of active products within the company using history as a guide,” she explains.

Meet Simoné Le Grange, Trainee Demand Planner
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Have you seen our latest TV advert? Watch it here NOW!
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Get your foot in the door!

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South Africa's top companies are looking for new employees. Are you good enough?

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How to further your education when you don’t have the time or money.

For the Ambitious But Broke
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Who needs varsity when you have online courses? This guy is self-taught and building an amazing career for himself! [ Link ] #CareerPride

Meet Tyran De Beer, Media Planner
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6 online institutions you need to pick-up new skills in 2017

Upskill with these 6 institutions
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Find out if you're being paid enough. Compare your salary with the market average.

Find out your market worth
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1/3 Meet Simoné Le Grange, Trainee Demand Planner. She works for a large South African retailer where she’s responsible for forecasting activities associated with the company’s customers and products.

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These following tech courses can be a great way to boost your skill set – and learn new skills or trends in the tech industry. What’s better, they cost close to nothing!

5 tech courses you can do for under R350 (and one free)
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Your boss wouldn't want you to know this but we couldn't help ourselves...
Plan your holidays more efficiently in 2017 by using LESS annual leave while securing MORE days off!

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Answer the questions correctly and we'll give you a score out of 9.

Are you smart enough?




Congratulations to Belinda Robinson, who scored an amazing 9/9!

The correct answers were:

a) onomatopoeia
b) conscience
c) than
d) theirs
e) your
f) effects, affect
g) lose, accept
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Everyone loves these and you will too.

The top 5 most popular Careers24 articles of 2016
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Make Friday the 13th your lucky day! Your dream job is just one click away: [ Link ]
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Have you already had an unlucky Friday the 13th?
Here's how to make it a little better: [ Link ]
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Begin your career with Liberty: [ Link ] #Graduates

Graduate Opportunities at Liberty
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Are you the person who everyone vents to? These are the signs that make you the official office 'toxic-handler: [ Link ]