Caribbean Passion
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Make way for a whole lot of happiness. Welcome to the CB Foods Family, Happy Foods! ❤
Caribbean Passion
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Start the Tuesday turn-up with a delicious and easy-to-make Mix Sausage Canapé. Click here for full recipe from our #SoEasy series: [ Link ]
Caribbean Passion Corned Pork and Ackee? Talk about the perfect breakfast. Here’s an easy recipe from our #CookUpJamaica series: [ Link ]
Looking for something that’s quick and easy to prepare and is absolutely delicious? Take a look at this #CaribbeanPassion Corned pork and Fried rice Recipe from our #SoEasy series : [ Link ]
Dice up your #CaribbeanPassion Chub Ham and whip up something delicious today. What will you create?
Making the perfect meal always comes down to having the perfect ingredients. Take at look at these colourful essentials : pineapples, sweet peppers, ripe plaintains and of course #CaribbeanPassion Chub Ham.
Get in the grilling mood this weekend. Here’s an easy Chinese BBQ Caribbean Passion Ham and Pineapple Skewers recipe to get you started: [ Link ]
We’re heading back down memory lane with this Chub Ham Salad recipe from our #SoEasy series. Wanna know how to recreate this dish? Follow this link: [ Link ]

Chub Ham Salad - #SoEasy Recipe

Too tired to find food after the gym? Just prepare this #SoEasy Chub Ham Salad from before and store for when you're done sweating it out....

For the person who’s always on the go, #CaribbeanPassion Chub Ham is the perfect ingredient for creating quick and easy meals.
Do you remember our #CookUpJamaica series? Well, allow us to refresh your memory! Recreate this flavourful red peas soup w/ #CaribbeanPassion Chub Ham recipe and dig in before dinner!
Mix rice [or quinoa], green peas, fried eggs and #CaribbeanPassion Chub Ham for a delicious combination. How do you shake things up with your Caribbean Passion Chub Ham? #Yummm
We believe that Ham is best served ALL year round and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Here’s one- a delicious #CaribbeanPassion Chub Ham and Sweet Corn Fritter: [ Link ]
Reliving the delicious moments from our #SoEasy series with Chef Alexa Von Strolley. Wanna know how to recreate this delicious corn fritter recipe? Click here: [ Link ]
Always the right time to have chub ham. #CaribbeanPassion Chub Ham at that. Wouldn't you agree?
Caribbean Passion Chub Ham is the perfect addition to your Corn Fritter recipe wouldn't you agree? Check out the quick and easy recipe here: [ Link ]
Flavourful, fully cooked and absolutely delicious! #CelebrateWithFlavour
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Pork lovers we have what you've been craving for! Jamaican Corned Pork and yes it's fully cooked :) See you soon at Loshusan Barbican/New Kingston.

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Need a high-protein, nutritious post-workout snack? Check out this #SoEasy Chub Ham Salad: [ Link ]
We're in the mood for another flashback to our #SoEasy recipes with Alexa Von Strolley. Using our delicious chub ham, you can make this fresh Chub Ham salad in a flash after working out, or even for a light lunch.

Chub Ham Salad - #SoEasy Recipe

Too tired to find food after the gym? Just prepare this #SoEasy Chub Ham Salad from before and store for when you're done sweating it out. INGREDIENTS ¼ cup ...

Happy Fri-yay Caribbean Passion fam! What are you cooking up for dinner later with your flavourful chub ham?
Take a trek down memory lane with us as we remember this delicious red peas soup with Caribbean Passion Chub Ham from our #CookUpJa series