Carl Hester
yesterday at 13:09. Facebook
Barney and Alan are on their way to Omaha for the World Cup Finals, the packing took two days, mine will take a lot less!
Carl Hester
03/19/2017 at 09:12. Facebook
When Barney met Nip Tuck and, no, he didnt spook at it! The very talented and generous Kate Spratt is auctioning this wonderful print, signed by me, to raise funds for one of my favourite charities helping rehome/rescue dogs in Cyprus. It would be great if you could bid, you may end up having Barney hanging on your wall! THE HIGHEST BIDDER CAN COLLECT THE PRINT PERSONALLY FROM ME AND MEET...
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Carl Hester
03/17/2017 at 18:03. Facebook
Carl Hester
03/17/2017 at 17:04. Facebook
I have chosen the rider list for my upcoming clinic in Del Mar. Congratulations to all of the riders, I look forward to seeing you all soon!
Not long now until my clinic in California! Really looking forward to seeing some of you there. For VIP and general admission
Sunny Monday and the team and I are hacking in our Kask hats. I feel confident we all benefit from the best head protection, and we all love how stylish they look. Please everyone always wear a correctly fitting hat, accidents take a split second to happen and can have devastating results.
Fun photoshoot with our new sponsor and bedding supplier Natural Flake. There are 24 reasons we love this bedding; 20 comfortable and content horses and 4 happy staff ,who rated Natural Flake over the other shavings they tested! [ Link ]
A successful trip to Doha but the freestyle was exhausting! Safe travels home Wanadoo!
Hot competition today in Doha, 6th place in the GP for Wanadoo and 7th for Spencer and Super Nova, tomorrow is another day!
Wanadoo and I are looking forward to the GP in Doha tomorrow!
Thrilled to have such a great "home" international this summer! Get your tickets, no excuses not to come and watch top horses and riders in a fabulous setting!
Mariel is working on her seat and position today, I don't think Willow is too impressed!
Delighted to announce that after my clinic in New England in October, I'll be heading to Toronto for a two day masterclass at Caledon Equestrian Park, which was home to the 2015 Pan American Games. Really looking forward to meeting some of you there and exploring Ontario! The ticket line is now open and full details can be found on the poster below.
Carl Hester on why he has been riding Valegro, and how he's looking forward to his first World Cup Final in 12 years.

Carl Hester: 'I'm to blame if Valegro doesn't go well' | H&C TV (UK)
A fantastic farewell from Valegro in Holland!
Playing the generation game! Gold medallist Valegro posing with his father Negro, and Negro's owners, ahead of tonight's farewell ceremony!
This weekend Valegro is back in Holland to say goodbye to his homeland and his Dutch fans. I think he knows those cameras are for him!
The Olympic team gold medal partnership of Isabell Werth and Weihegold OLD just off a career high 90+ per cent performance remained atop the world rankings at the end of January while Carl Hester moved up to No.

Carl Hester At No. 4 on Nip Tuck Moves to Highest World Ranking in 5 Years
Very happy to announce that I will heading to California in April for a two - day teaching clinic in hopefully some sunshine!! All details are below and I look forward to seeing some of you on the West Coast in a few months!
Happy team in the Amsterdam World Cup qualifier today . Barney was superb to ride and finished second to an amazing performance from Isabell Werth! Hopefully the final in Omaha is becoming a reality!