Carl's Jr. India
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Can't go out? Order now at or call us at 74002-74002
Carl's Jr. India
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Happy safe landing. You still have a mile high to go. #MileHighBurger
Carl's Jr. India
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Congratulations! Suman Sablok on being #HolierThanThou. You have won the food voucher worth Rs. 1000 to enjoy with your gang!
Carl's Jr. India
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Creating perfection with perfection. #KormaMuttonBurger
Carl's Jr. India
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This Mutton Burger comes with a hint of mint. #MintMuttonBurger
If you want them to be by your side for a long time, eat one at a time.
Your favourite Juicy Burgers and Crispy Legs & Wings are now just a call away!
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The mess is custom designed to be #HolierThanThou!
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No matter, how juicy I am inside, I am always crispy in the eyes of a beholder! #BoneInChicken
Wanna meet the super meaty? #BoneInChicken
Thank goodness Carl's Jr. India have brought out a mutton offering. Here, my lunch of a mutton and onion burger, which had a thinnish mutton patty and a crisp, fried onion ring or two within. The BK Whopper still rules, though this is an interesting diversion. Coolpad
And, the hunger flew away with Chicken Wings!
Because, real hunger doesn’t waste time in thinking… Order now at
Big, Juicy Burgers from California now in Gurgaon at One Horizon Center, Golf Course Road.

Burger Biggie Carl's Jr Makes Its Way To Gurgaon! | Little Black Book, Delhi
Mint, Lemon & Ice! Drink wise.