Carly Fiorina
02/20/2017 at 01:27. Facebook
"...if Snowden is turned over to the United States, and certainly Russia should turn him over, that he is tried for treason. Because he is a traitor."

Watch the rest of my interview w/ @MariaBartiromo here:

Maria Bartiromo Interviews Carly Fiorina (02/12/17)

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“Leaders are made, not born. No one is a born leader, but everybody can lead. Everyone has the potential to lead and everyone has the potential to make a positive difference. In the end, leadership is a choice. In the end our families, our communities and our world are better off when more of us choose to lead.”

Fiorina gives lesson on leadership
The context of leadership has changed in an “unprecedented and revolutionary” world, but the nature of leadership hasn’t changed at all, Carly Fiorina told a crowd Wednesday evening

Fiorina gives lesson on leadership
Looking forward to joining Maria Bartiromo tomorrow on Sunday Morning Futures. Hope that you can tune in!
Betsy Devos will be a transformative Secretary of Education- helping all students. Read why I support her.

Carly Fiorina: Betsy DeVos Is The Transformative Leader Our Nation's Students Need
2016 has been a year of up and downs but I feel blessed each and every day by good health, a loving husband and family, and the knowledge that the future holds many great things. I hope that you and your loved ones have a 2017 filled with faith, joy, love and prosperity.

At the end of each year I take stock of how I've spent my energy and I think about the future. I thought it would be fun...
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Enjoyed speaking at the Heritage Foundation about the challenges the nation faces, both domestic and abroad, and the great opportunity conservatives have with our new leadership. Thank you for having me!
Enjoyed speaking with the business and community leaders of the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce earlier today! Thanks to all who made it.
It was a pleasure to join Independent Women’s Forum Annual dinner earlier this week. I was honored to be named this years Woman of Valor along side Cheryl Bachelder as Outstanding Woman in Business and Ed Gillespie as the Gentleman of Distinction. Thanks for a wonderful evening!
Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President of the United States—and that’s as true today as it's always been. She cannot be trusted, and she must be defeated.

The American people have one last chance to stop Hillary Clinton. Make your voice heard today.
The mainstream media and the political establishment decided that it's Hillary Clinton's "turn" to be President. But the American people get the final say—and tomorrow, we will stop her.
Honesty matters. Integrity matters. Hillary Clinton has a fundamental lack of both.

In 2 days, we must show her what difference that still makes.
Hillary says one thing and does another. We can't trust her with the White House—and in 3 days, we must stop her.
Hillary likes to talk about her support for human rights, for women’s rights—but actions speak louder than words.

Just 4 days left to stop her from winning the White House.
I’m endorsing Tom Garrett for Congress in Virginia’s 5th District—and I hope you’ll stand with him too!

Tom began his service to our country with 6 years in the U.S. Army—fighting to keep American families safe.

And while serving the people of Virginia in Richmond, Tom continued to fight for us: by expanding liberty, advocating fiscal responsibility, and shrinking the size of government...
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I’m excited to endorse Dr. Roger Marshall for Congress in Kansas.

As a doctor, Roger knows firsthand that our healthcare system doesn’t work for American families—and he knows that ObamaCare has only made the problem worse.

As a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves, Roger understands that our government must do more to keep our troops safe in battle, and make sure our veterans are cared for...
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For two years, I've been telling the American people: we must not let Hillary Clinton win the White House. There are 5 days left to stop her: