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03/17/2017 at 00:54. Facebook
Looking forward to speaking at the National Review Ideas Summit this evening.

2017 Ideas Summit: America's Best Conservative Speakers & Thinkers
What a fantastic idea! Yes, we can live without our devices for a few hours! Maybe even live better. Technology is wonderful, but so is genuine human interaction.

At your next show or party, you may find your phone sealed in a bag. Enjoy the freedom.
Enjoyed the opportunity to speak at Regent University yesterday about leadership and unlocking the potential in others.
It was great to join Pat Robertson for the 700 Club today and talk about the important issues facing us a nation.

Carly Fiorina: Speaking Truth to Power
There are wonderful things going on at Colonial Williamsburg. Thank you to Mitchell and Elisabeth Reiss for hosting Frank and I yesterday.
Arthur Brooks and I had a great conversation at #CPAC on Friday. If you want to watch it in full you can do so here. Would love to hear your thoughts.

CPAC 2017 - A conversation with Carly Fiorina and Arthur Brooks

Join the conversation with #CPAC2017

One of the best parts about running for President is getting to meet and know so many wonderful people. State Rep. Yvonne Dean-Bailey is certainly one of those people. Enjoy this great profile of her.
"...if Snowden is turned over to the United States, and certainly Russia should turn him over, that he is tried for treason. Because he is a traitor."

Watch the rest of my interview w/ @MariaBartiromo here:

Maria Bartiromo Interviews Carly Fiorina (02/12/17)

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“Leaders are made, not born. No one is a born leader, but everybody can lead. Everyone has the potential to lead and everyone has the potential to make a positive difference. In the end, leadership is a choice. In the end our families, our communities and our world are better off when more of us choose to lead.”

Fiorina gives lesson on leadership
The context of leadership has changed in an “unprecedented and revolutionary” world, but the nature of leadership hasn’t changed at all, Carly Fiorina told a crowd Wednesday evening

Fiorina gives lesson on leadership
Looking forward to joining Maria Bartiromo tomorrow on Sunday Morning Futures. Hope that you can tune in!
Betsy Devos will be a transformative Secretary of Education- helping all students. Read why I support her.

Carly Fiorina: Betsy DeVos Is The Transformative Leader Our Nation's Students Need
2016 has been a year of up and downs but I feel blessed each and every day by good health, a loving husband and family, and the knowledge that the future holds many great things. I hope that you and your loved ones have a 2017 filled with faith, joy, love and prosperity.

At the end of each year I take stock of how I've spent my energy and I think about the future. I thought it would be fun...
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Enjoyed speaking at the Heritage Foundation about the challenges the nation faces, both domestic and abroad, and the great opportunity conservatives have with our new leadership. Thank you for having me!
Enjoyed speaking with the business and community leaders of the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce earlier today! Thanks to all who made it.