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“It smells, tastes, and feels wonderful.” – Frank S.

The perfect lip care trifecta , thanks to Carmex Comfort Care—restoring your lips’ natural beauty while providing long-lasting moisture for visibly smoother lips.
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How many of us do the same thing when opening a new jar of Carmex?
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Tell your valentine you think they’re dreamy, by tagging them in a comment below! Now orange you glad that you did?

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We’re proud to announce Carmex Comfort Care has been voted Product of the Year Winner for the Lip Care Category through a survey of 40,000 people by TNS!

Which Comfort Care flavor gets your vote? Mixed Berry, Sugar Plum or Watermelon Blast?
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Don’t miss our President Paul Woelbing on MSNBC Your Business this Sunday, Feb. 12 at 7:30 a.m. ET / 6:30 a.m. CST.
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Carmex is a tradition passed down over generations. Who first introduced you to the soothing magic of Carmex Classic lip balm?
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We’re ready for our close-up! This week, “Around the Corner with John McGivern” visits the Carmex facilities. The episode will air statewide on PBS on Thursday, February 9th at 7pm. Live outside of Wisconsin? No worries, it will be available online to view at [! Link ]
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It’s really no secret at all. The reason Carmex Comfort Care is able to sooth and provide such long-lasting moisture for visibly smoother lips is its unique blend of natural colloidal oatmeal and cold-pressed antioxidant rich fruit seed oil.
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Give your lips their daily serving of fruit.

Try Carmex Daily Care in Tropical Colada, Orange Dream and Honeydew Melon.
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Our looks may change through the years, but what's inside never does.
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Whether or not the groundhog sees its shadow, Carmex Daily Care has your lips covered for all seasons.

Find your favorite Daily Care flavor at Walgreens.
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We’ve been crafting our classic medicated lip balms since 1937. Guess you could say Carmex knows a thing or two about providing relief for dry, chapped lips.
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Soothe the itching and pain of cold sores with immediate relief while minimizing the appearance of cold sores.

Fast-Acting Cold Sore Treatment
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Winter provides an amazing backdrop for all sorts of outdoor activities. But it’s important to cover more than just our heads and hands. The Carmex Classic Tube helps to soothe and protect, no matter how you have fun outdoors.
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A long winter takes its toll on your lips. Carmex Comfort Care does more than just taste great—its unique blend of natural ingredients restores long-lasting moisture.

Nature’s Remedy for Winter Lips
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Love that Carmex Classic tingle? The cooling sensation comes from the combination of two natural ingredients: camphor and menthol.

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What are your best secret hiding spots for those in-a-pinch Carmex moments? Show or tell us in the comments!
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How many of our 8 Daily Care flavors have you tried?

Select flavors available at Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and Meijer.

Learn more at
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#2: Drink plenty of fluids—especially water—and stay hydrated.

Top 7 Winter Lip Care Tips
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Carmex Comfort Care brings nature’s most soothing ingredients straight to your lips. Like cold-pressed cranberry seed oil—rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, it hydrates while helping to protect from free radicals to help prevent signs of aging.