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Love that Carmex Classic tingle? The cooling sensation comes from the combination of two natural ingredients: camphor and menthol.

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What are your best secret hiding spots for those in-a-pinch Carmex moments? Show or tell us in the comments!
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How many of our 8 Daily Care flavors have you tried?

Select flavors available at Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and Meijer.

Learn more at
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#2: Drink plenty of fluids—especially water—and stay hydrated.

Top 7 Winter Lip Care Tips
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Carmex Comfort Care brings nature’s most soothing ingredients straight to your lips. Like cold-pressed cranberry seed oil—rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, it hydrates while helping to protect from free radicals to help prevent signs of aging.
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Carmex Daily Care Tropical Colada: It’s a day at the beach for your lips. Available at Walgreens.
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Mom’s right. You should always bundle up for winter. This bundle is available at Walmart while supplies last.
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✓ Soothes
✓ Smoothes
✓ Softens

Carmex Comfort Care helps restore your lips to their natural beauty using a blend of ingredients straight from nature.
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Step 1 – Light the fireplace.
Step 2 – Apply Peppermint Frost Carmex Daily Care to lips.
Step 3 – Sip hot cocoa.
Result – Instant peppermint mocha.
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Lip moisture that will have you singing its praises. Thanks for the love (and the impressive harmonizing), Airynn!
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Look for Carmex coupons today in your Sunday paper!
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Whether you’re cuddling up with your cat or next to someone special, reach for Carmex Comfort Care for kissable lips at midnight!
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Carmex Classic fans, we want to know: Are you Team Jar, Team Tube or Team Stick?
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Happy holidays from the Carmex family!
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First day of winter got us like ⛄ ❄. Bring in the season with the refreshing and cool flavor of Carmex Daily Care Winter Mint Stick.
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Could it be a cold sore? Learn the symptoms and how to treat an outbreak so you don’t miss a beat this season.

Cold Sore Care and Prevention
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Visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads? Stuff their stockings with new, natural Carmex Comfort Care in Sugar Plum.
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What’s your Carmex Daily Care holiday flavor obsession? Sweet Cupcake Batter, Crisp Apple Cider, icy Peppermint Frost or yummy Sugar Plum?
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“It feels silky and smooth! And hubby says it’s very kissable friendly, too (so big points from him)!” – Erin F.
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We need your involve-mint, Carmex friends! In the comments below, tell us which of these mint flavors you’d be most likely to buy year-round. Is it Winter Mint, Fresh Mint, Cool Mint, or Wintergreen? To show our gratitude, we’ll reward five random participants with special Carmex “Care” packages.