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When the bride can't find her Carmex, her crew be like..." -Carla M., AKA Carlamex (as her bridesmaids refer to her)

From your day-to-day routine to life’s biggest milestones, Carmex is here for you. Cheers to many years of happiness and soft lips!
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Trusted to soothe and protect dry, chapped lips for generations.
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When we’re comfortable with ourselves, we’re more at ease with who we are. It empowers us to explore and pursue new things. Maybe it’s finally trying that open mic at the local coffee shop. Or confidently sitting down to dinner for one at your favorite restaurants. When we expand our own comfort zone, we grow too.

We would love to hear stories of you expanding your own comfort zone. Share...
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Happy first day of spring! Wishing you a flavorful start to the season.

Find refreshing Carmex Daily Care flavors at Walgreens.
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Three-year-old Levi is one of Carmex’s youngest fans, and we are so happy to be able to brighten his day! Levi was diagnosed with an extremely rare muscle disease in 2014. Although he requires physical assistance in every area of his life, his sweet smile can light up any room. The Carmex family sends our best to Levi and his family!
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Lucky for you, Carmex specializes in kissable lips.
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Comfort means something uniquely different to each of us. The one constant being the more comfortable we are, the more confident we feel.

When your lips are comfortable, what crosses them can be more naturally, authentically … you. And that’s when you find your true voice.
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Spring break is right around the corner. We know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun’s rays, but the same applies to our lips. Give your lips a similar much needed break with the SPF 15 protection of Carmex Daily Care.
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Don’t forget that daylight saving time routine.

Set those clocks ahead. Change your smoke detector batteries. And replenish that Carmex supply.
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Cold sore pain? Reach for benzocaine.

Carmex Cold Sore Treatment
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Smoothes. Soothes. Softens.

Now how refreshing is that?
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✓ Bag
✓ Books
✓ Balm

Go into the new week with confidence and naturally beautiful lips.
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The weekend’s here, so why not relax with a soothing and sweet Daily Care treat? Your lips will thank you.

Available at Walgreens.
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Carmex already covers your lips. Now let’s cover the globe in Carmex! Snap a photo of you and your Carmex in different states, countries and continents and share them with us.

Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica
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Every day can be National Strawberry Day when you use Carmex Classic Lip Balm in Strawberry.
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“Honeydew you have any lip balm?”

We’ve got you covered.
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Carmex Cold Sore Treatment works on contact to help soothe and conceal cold sores. Claim your coupon and try it today.

Instant Cold Sore Relief
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“It smells, tastes, and feels wonderful.” – Frank S.

The perfect lip care trifecta , thanks to Carmex Comfort Care—restoring your lips’ natural beauty while providing long-lasting moisture for visibly smoother lips.
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How many of us do the same thing when opening a new jar of Carmex?
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