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One of the world’s most powerful women has a vision for science and innovation in #Africa

Gurib's vision for science and innovation in Africa - University World News

“Throughout my time in office, I tried to highlight the centrality of human rights. At every turn, our progress would not have been possible without the strong voice and activism of all of you—think tanks, non-governmental organizations, and concerned citizens." Ban Ki-moon, outgoing secretary-general of the United Nations [ Carnegie.io Link ]
Today’s librarians offer a lot more than just books. (Don’t worry, librarians still love books!)[ Carnegie.io Link ]
Petrol politics? Russia's economic challenges, including its dependence on oil? What does this all mean for U.S.-Russia relations?

Petrol Politics: Russia's Quest for Economic Equilibrium

The old order in the Middle East is gone and not coming back. A new report from Atlantic Council shows opportunities, not just challenges for stability in the region.[ Atlanticcouncil.org Link ]

Final Report - MEST

A little Wednesday Wisdom to celebrate the wonderful librarians who will be receiving the #ILoveMyLibrarian Award tonight!
Carnegie Corporation of New York awards Newark Public Library Foundation a $1 Million grant to support family literacy, digitize historic materials and stimulate future fundraising efforts. [ Carnegie.io Link ]

Newark Public Library Foundation Awarded $1M Grant | Carnegie Corporation of New York

In NYT Op-Ed, Chris Daggett (Pres. & CEO, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation) discusses how proceeds from the FCC broadband spectrum auction could benefit the public if used "to build a 21st-century infrastructure for public interest media" [ Nyti.ms Link ]

An Auction That Could Transform Local Media

On this #GivingTuesday, learn more about Andrew Carnegie’s philosophy of giving. Download a free copy of “The Gospel of Wealth,” the philanthropist’s most famous essay!
“To try to make the world in some way better than you found it is to have a noble motive in life." — Andrew Carnegie
carnegie.io/28N12dc #GivingTuesday
Friend, foe, or both? Experts weigh in on the U.S.-Russia relationship and the road ahead for President-elect Donald Trump. [ Ow.ly Link ]

Symposium: Advice to President Trump on U.S.-Russia Policy

What does President-elect Trump’s victory mean for China? How will China’s foreign policy change moving forward? Watch the interview from the Eurasia Group Foundation: bit.ly/2fr3Tgh
Asia’s rising strategic importance cannot be denied. The Asia Foundation latest report offers advice to next administration. [ Carnegie.io Link ]

Asian Views on America’s Role in Asia | Carnegie Corporation of New York

We recently sat down with Springpoint's executive director JoEllen Lynch to talk about the lessons the organization has learned from its work, and about a new guide that provides a roadmap to school design for others looking to do this work. [ Carnegie.io Link ]

Five Questions for JoEllen Lynch | Carnegie Corporation of New York

In celebration of Andrew Carnegie's birthday, we recall his mission of "doing real & permanent good" #philanthropy [ Carnegie.io Link ]
Happy Birthday Andrew Carnegie! Learn more about the father of modern philanthropy in this interactive story: [ Carnegie.io Link ]
Podcast: U.S.-Russia relations are at a tipping point. Do we move the needle toward understanding? Or do we continue on a path (possibly) to Cold War II?

Tempered Expectations

Ketaki Srivastava has been in the U.S. for three-and-a-half years and wants to eventually become a citizen. In the meantime, she is helping immigrants every day obtain their citizenships.
Join in for a conversation on cyber security starting now! Ask our panelists a question in the comments.