Need help applying for citizenship? Go to a Dominicanos USA workshop!
Dancer, actor, choreographer, artistic director | 100 Days of #GreatImmigrants | "The America I love welcomes people of all nations, all religions, and supports all forms of human expression. America welcomed me, an immigrant, and that welcome has made my life possible,” Mikhail Baryshnikov told “Politico” in 2016. Admired for the grace, purity, and technical brilliance of his dancing,...
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How do former Lord’s Resistance Army soldiers—men, women, and children who have used the Bible as a weapon of war—learn to reread the scriptures once they return home? This is the puzzle facing researchers from Uganda and Cambridge. [ Link ]

The Bible as a weapon of war
Sharpen your historical and archival instincts! … It’s Throwback Thursday! In 2000, six African universities joined with the Rockefeller Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Carnegie Corporation of New York to help strengthen African universities. Drawing from seven decades of foundation efforts, important lessons were learned. FAILURE resulted: 1) when university leadership...
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The Value of Foundation History and Archives | Carnegie Corporation of New York
Here’s how we’re working on higher education Africa, including supporting MA and PhD programs fostering the next generation of academics, connecting centers of higher education and academics across Africa and the diaspora, and more: [ Link ]

Higher Education and Research in Africa | Carnegie Corporation of New York
Are you ready? Up for a challenge? OK! SSLF is calling the next general of public school leaders! The School Systems Leaders Fellowship's mission is to attract, develop, and support leaders from diverse backgrounds to be the catalysts for transforming public education to ensure that all students across the country have access to excellent educational opportunities. [ Link ]

How Districts Are Joining the Fight to Close a Troubling Training Gap Among America’s School Leaders
Parents! Are you ready for the test? Q&A with David Park of Learning Heroes gives parents practical tools they can use to help ensure their child’s success in the classroom, including solutions and resources to get their children ready for the annual state test. [ Link ]

A discussion on the challenges facing Hispanic education today
Parents! Get ready for the test! Along with grades and classroom work, the state test is another measure of how well your child is meeting grade-level expectations in math and English language arts. Even if your child gets good grades, pay attention to their state test results—they can serve as an early warning sign that your child may need more support with specific skills.

Don't stress!...
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Here’s how we’re supporting the preparation of every child for college, work, and life: [ Link ]

Education | Carnegie Corporation of New York
Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) Robert Carlin: "to kick aside diplomacy (with North Korea) because of a gross misunderstanding of history is a grievous mistake...another war on the Korean peninsula will be violent on a scale never before seen"

The Ultimate Failure in Korea | 38 North: Informed Analysis of North Korea
Expedited removal? What is it? What do undocumented immigrants need to know? What are the concerns? [ Link ] via @immcouncil

A Primer on Expedited Removal
Undocumented immigrants? What do they need to know? What are the concerns? Expedited removal? What is it? [ Link ] .@immcouncil

A Primer on Expedited Removal
The goal of our International Peace and Security Program? Build a more secure, peaceful, and prosperous world through independent analysis and action addressing critical global challenges: [ Link ]

Grants Database | Carnegie Corporation of New York
Andrew Carnegie: “The reign of Democracy means ultimately nothing less than the reign of peace on earth, among men of good will.” Learn more about how we are implementing Carnegie's vision: [ Link ]

Democracy | Carnegie Corporation of New York
The goal of our Democracy Program? Foster a pluralistic, vibrant democracy through the civic integration of immigrants, support for nonpartisan voter registration and education, and voting rights: [ Link ]

Grants Database | Carnegie Corporation of New York
High school students share their solutions to environmental problems in their communities with IREXWorld Smarts STEM Challenge!
Actor | 100 Days of #GreatImmigrants | “I just can’t be one person, it’s ridiculous,” Tracey Ullman told “IndieWire.” “I just love this [sketch comedy] form, and every seven years or so it seems, I get it together and I impersonate the age group around me that gets old with me. I enjoy being different people.” Comedian, actor, and best-selling recording artist in her native England, Ullman was...
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IREX hold World Smarts STEM Challenge — an initiative that pairs high school students and teachers in the U.S. and Ghana to develop science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) solutions for environmental problems in their communities. [ Link ]

D.C., Ghanian STEM students team up for challenge
Learning Heroes: Every spring, your child takes a state test in math and English language arts. The results are an important measure to see how your child is gaining the skills needed to succeed in the next grade.

Help your child feel confident and ready with these helpful resources: [ Link ] #bealearninghero