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Bottoms up to sundown. #SunsetSunday
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03/24/2017 at 15:45. Facebook
Carnival Horizon's coin ceremony is in the books and the coin had quite the Journey. Watch till the end and catch a glimpse of our newest ship. Good things are on the Horizon. #ChasingCarnivalHorizon #CarnivalHorizon
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03/23/2017 at 16:46. Facebook
We've opened a wormhole to your vacation future. Hop in. #Minifuncation.
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Is it just us? Or did these Cruising Canines go all out for #InternationalPuppyDay? All sorts of #YASSSSS going on here...

This Puppy Fashion Shoot Will Give You Vacation Style Goals
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03/22/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
Good travel year? Or the best one ever? Either way, a $500 Carnival gift card in 2017 would go a long way. Enter for a chance to win! [ Link ] (T&C's in our notes tab)
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Alright Carnival fans, we want to hear it from you. Which destination has the most unforgettable food? Tell us in the comments.
Front row seats to the world's largest light show, included. #SunsetSunday
Live from Carnival Horizon! Watch as she gets her coin. #ChasingCarnivalHorizon
Yup... that's Carnival Horizon and tomorrow's a big day for her! Tune in tomorrow as we Facebook Live the official coin ceremony! #ChasingCarnivalHorizon #CarnivalHorizon
You voted, and here he is! Check out Facebook’s Most-“Liked” Cruise Director Eric Brouman, and catch him onboard Carnival Glory!
Hey guys, we're Live backstage with Chris Tucker aboard Carnival Splendor for a surprise show! Let us know what questions you have for him... #ChrisTucker #CarnivalLIVE #CarnivalSplendor
Ellen sent her friend Kathy on a Carnival cruise to have some hidden camera fun with unsuspecting vacationers!

Kathy's Hidden Camera Pranks!
We’re LIVE with Tim McGraw asking him all our burning questions. Anything you guys want to know about Tim? Let us know below! #TimMcGrawCarnival #CarnivalLIVE
It’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday, so what do you say?
Story-Time, brunch, hugs, or play! #HappyBirthdayDrSeuss
Join us tomorrow on FB live with Tim McGraw! We'll be interviewing him before his big #CarnivalLive show! 8:305pm EST) #TimMcgrawCarnival
Play the all new Wheel of Fortune Slots game for a chance to win a cruise….specifically, a FREE cruise! [ Link ]
Sometimes the highlight of our day comes right at the end. #SunsetSunday
Another great thing about #CruisingAfterDark is there’s no need for sunscreen.
What’s the best way to spoil your appetite before dinner?
The only bummer is having to wait 24 hours for an encore. #SunsetSunday