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Sometimes the highlight of our day comes right at the end. #SunsetSunday
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Another great thing about #CruisingAfterDark is there’s no need for sunscreen.
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What’s the best way to spoil your appetite before dinner?
The only bummer is having to wait 24 hours for an encore. #SunsetSunday
It’s good to get outside your comfort zone every once in a while. Which activity is a sure way to get the pulse pumping?
Mother Nature: the original inventor of mood lighting. #ValentinesDay
Want to put your mambo moves to the test? Carnival's going to Cuba. For more info visit [ Link ] #CarnivalGoestoCuba
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Hey Football fans, We’ve got
Tony Gonzalez here talking about the big game…or show? Ask questions and say hello and he'll give you a shout out! #LSBCarnival
Think a $500 Carnival gift card might help you get where you’re going this year? Let’s find out — enter for a chance to win! [ Link ] (T&C's in our notes tab)
You know the best way to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day? On one of our ships. While eating a chocolate cake. #NationalChocolateCakeDay
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Not sure what this dude has on us but he sure likes to leave us hangin’. Someone should text him... 786-261-0296
Get ready to sing your heart out...silently. Lip Sync Battle is coming to Carnival! #LSBCarnival
We want to know what destination has the most opportunities for epic adventures. Tell us in the comments which port gets you energized.
What’s better than this magnificent sunset? Being here to experience this magnificent sunset. #SunsetSunday