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Alex Norgate heads to a forgotten lake in the next part in his Operation Freedom series...

Monstrous carp and postcard backdrops
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Reflecting back on last summer

Picture credit: Harry Waye-Barker
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We ask top fishery owner, Ben Gratwicke, should we break or not break the ice?

Should you break the ice or not?
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Improve a night's fishing on the bank this winter

How to keep gas burning efficiently
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Win two spools of Berkley's new CF600 fluorocarbon!
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Oz Holness is taking over our 'No bullsh*t, just good solid angling series' for the next couple of months over on

How Oz Holness cracked Dinton's White Swan
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Just what is the optimum amount of colour to have on your hookbait? Is less more or should we be a little louder and prouder?

How much colour should your hookbait have?
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Picture credit: Alex Norgate
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Ever look back and think of all those silly mistakes? There are always four to six mistakes that have lost you that extra bite and here’s how to avoid doing it again…

Stop those silly casting mistakes
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Win a set of Kodex rods and IQ backleads!
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In the park, after dark

Picture credit: Oli Davies
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Photography royalty, Oli Davies explains...

How to get the perfect trophy shot
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Plastic corn banned? Here's how to make your own pop-up corn hookbait...
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Simon Scott on how he spawns the next generation of dreams...

The diary of a carp farmer
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A magical moment

Picture credit: Jorn Serre
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Our panel of pros reveal their thoughts when it come to baiting up

When is the best time to bait up?
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It’s all in the detail

Picture credit: Mark Van Balveren