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Today was not your day but we will always be #TeamRicciardo #StandByDan
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It's race day. Hold your carsales Daniel Ricciardo masks with pride. Go #TeamRicciardo!
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Come and say hello to us down in Legends Lane this weekend and get a photo with Australia's favourite driver Daniel Ricciardo (on a green screen). Or just relax on our comfy beanbags. #TeamRicciardo
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This weekend in Melbourne will start to reveal what's in store this Formula One season

F1 – So many questions, so few answers
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Rock on Daniel ???? We’re sending good vibes this weekend to our carsales brand ambassador! Go #TeamRicciardo
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More tech. More razzle-dazzle. It sure is Impreza-ive

Review: Subaru Impreza 2017
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Our brand ambassador Daniel Ricciardo answers some of the internet’s most searched-for car questions
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Interested in a new SUV and got a spare minute? Here's this week’s 60-second comparison video: the CX-5 from Mazda Australia versus the Tiguan from Volkswagen
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Are you so-so on soft-tops or are you a believer? Our review of the S5 from Audi Australia may convert you to convertibles

Review: Audi S5 Cabriolet 2017
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Here's our guide to buying a used Holden VE Commodore 2006-09
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